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Nitrogen News

Gulf of Mexico's 'dead zone' to be biggest on record this year

The oxygen-poor dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is expected to be the third largest ever this year, doubling in size to cover an area of the northern Gulf roughly the size of the state of New Jersey.

Essential Science: Why nitrogen is a key driver for gut health

Researchers have moved closer to connecting diets and dieting strategies and a healthy gut. This fits together with the need for having the right balance of microorganisms, and here nitrogen plays a key role.

Fertilizers could harm native plant species

Dublin - Fertiliser use is creating a situation whereby native plant species are battling more exotic plants, according to a new study.

Pluto may have polar ice caps and nitrogen snow

NASA scientists are describing images of Pluto coming in from the New Horizon spacecraft as "incredible" and "stunning." The photos seem to show that the planet has ice caps, something which astronomers hadn't predicted.

Making smelly slurry smell better

A new aeration technology has been used to make slurry smell better and to become more hygienic. The method also allows for the recycling of manure nutrients.

Environmental impact of fertilizers

Nitrogen from fertilizers may persist in soil for 80 years, according to a new report. This means that fertilizer applied today could still be around in 2093.

How microbes helped clean up Deepwater Horizon

Bacteria living in the Gulf of Mexico beaches were able to "eat up" the contamination from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. This finding could help with tackling future oil spills.

Hay meadows are less polluting than farmed fields

New environmental research suggests that traditional hay meadows are less polluting than intensively farmed fields. This relates to the levels of nitrogen released.

Woman has stomach removed after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail

Lancaster - A teenager on a night out in Lancaster, UK required a life-saving operation to have her stomach removed after drinking a cocktail which contained liquid nitrogen at a local night spot popular with teenagers.

How tropical forests are fertilized by pollution

Smithsonian Institution scientists previously researched the ways humans disrupt the nitrogen cycle in tropical forests; new studies at two remote Panama and Thailand sites have provided evidence of long-term nitrogen pollution effects in tropical trees.

Rare Trace Element Responsible for Rainforest Health

A team of researchers led by Princeton University scientists has found for the first time that tropical rainforests, a vital part of the Earth's ecosystem, rely on the rare trace element molybdenum to capture nitrogen fertilizer.

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Liquid nitrogen used for making ice-cream
Liquid nitrogen used for making ice-cream vortistic
Figure 1. Response ratios for overall mean and individual biomes exposed to nitrogen fertilizer. A r...
Figure 1. Response ratios for overall mean and individual biomes exposed to nitrogen fertilizer. A response ratio of 1.2 indicates a 20% relative growth increase; mean and 95% C.I. responses are shown. The response ratio (R) is calculated as the ratio of plant growth in fertilized to control plots, and statistics are performed on the natural log of this ratio. Thus, when the 95% CI does not intersect the R=1 line, we consider the response significant. Non-overlapping CI are significantly differe

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