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Nintendo wii News

Nintendo Switch to beat Wii U's lifetime sales in its first year

The Nintendo Switch is continuing to experience unprecedented worldwide demand. During its fiscal earnings call, Nintendo revealed the new console could outsell the lifetime sales of its predecessor, the Wii U, within its first year of availability.

Mojang surprises, Minecraft for Nintendo Wii U coming this month

It has been confirmed that hit sandbox game Minecraft will be available on the Nintendo Wii U from later this month with the same features as its other console versions. The platform is one of few which developer Mojang has left out so far.

Viral video: Super Mario pop anthem parody

Los Angeles - Five guys known as The Warp Zone released their latest production: a Super Mario parody set to OneRepublic's hit "Love Runs Out." Check out "Lives Run Out" here.

Nintendo Wii Mini hits United States mid-November

Nintendo's Wii Mini, which was launched as an exclusive to Canada back in December 2012, will be launching to the United States in the middle of this month.

Nintendo ends production of the Wii

Nintendo announced this morning that it is officially ending production of Wii console. This particular gaming system was the first of its kind and allowed the Japanese company to get back into the console gaming wars.

Video: Video game releases for January 2013

For the video game crowd, January 2013 marks the start of new titles to come. Currently, there are a couple of game titles due out for release this month.

Nintendo Wii U's TVii service launches on December 20

On December 20, Nintendo Wii U owners in North America will be able to utilize Nintendo's TVii service which integrates your current cable, satellite, and on-demand services.

Nintendo Wii Mini to hit stores in Canada on December 7

On December 7, the Nintendo Wii Mini will be available in stores across Canada. However, there is no backwards compatibility with the Gamecube.

Shiguru Miyamoto of Nintendo celebrates his 60th birthday

Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo celebrated his 60th birthday. He is iconic for creating memorable franchises such as "F-Zero," "Super Mario Brothers," and "Donkey Kong."

Video: 'Scribblenauts Unlimited' trailer for Wii-U and 3DS

The game trailer for "Scribblenauts Unlimited" is available for viewing. It is due for launch on November 18 as one of the titles to be launched with the Nintendo Wii U.

Op-Ed: Is Nintendo Sexualizing Our Children?

There is a new raunchy game for the Nintendo Wii that has parents up in arms, claiming it promotes orgies and lesbian sex to children as young as 12.

'Wii-hab' may enhance Parkinson's treatment

The Nintendo Wii may help treat symptoms of Parkinson's disease, including depression a Medical College of Georgia researcher says. It's new-age rehab, or "Wii-hab" at work.

MadWorld: most violent computer game ever warns UK paper

MadWorld, a new computer game claimed to be "the most violent ever", is being launched on the Nintendo Wii console. MadWorld has already caused controversy abroad, being banned in Germany. The Telegraph writes that it's a viciously violent game.

Japanese Police Use Nintendo Mii Avatar To Find A Wanted Suspect

It seems that there are “interesting” and “creative” ways to use the Nintendo Wii’s Mii channel. In this respect, the Japanese police have used it to track down a suspect.

Marriott hotels offer Nintendo Wii video game systems in rooms

You want to have some fun when you travel on the road and would rather spend it on the hotel room, then Marriott hotels offers Nintendo Wii video game systems in some rooms.

Nintendo Donates Wii Units to Children's Hospitals

Nintendo and Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation unveiled today their new Fun Centers, now including Wiis. These gaming stations are donated to the Foundation and then distributed to children’s hospitals around America.

Watch Out Wii and Guitar Hero, New 3D Camera Tracks Body Movements Sans Controller

Nintendo Wii took the world by storm when it allowed gamers to freely swing a remote to wield a sword, or chip a golf ball onto a virtual green. But imagine a video game world where you needed no devices, no controllers. Wii, watch out.

Digital Journal's Picks for the Top Video Games & Accessories

Video games are like movies — sometimes you prefer buying ones that people recommend. To that effect, Digital Journal gives you our top picks for the best games and accessories of the year to make your gift-giving sessions less stressful.

Nintendo's Wii See Record Sales

Nintendo to see record breaking sales of their Wii Game Console...

Sony Misses 2006 PS3 Targets

Sony Missed its 2006 PS3 targets

UK to get 30% of PS3 European Launch Consoles

UK gamers finally get their PS3s.

Hacking Videogame Consoles

Making Portable Ataris, xbox 360 Laptop & More!

Woman Dies Trying to Win a Nintendo Wii Video Game System

Woman dies in Water Drinking Contest Dies, hard to see that coming!

What to do, what to do ... PS3, Wii or XBOX 360?

Is Wii the best choice right now?

Why You Shouldn't Get Worked Up Over the Expensive PlayStation 3

Digital Journal — If the cost of the PlayStation 3 is the biggest thing holding you back from picking up one of these black beauties, you might not have to wait long until Sony lowers the price.

PS2 still ahead of sales

Consider Microsoft's Xbox 360. The console has now been out for almost a year, and yet it is still struggling to beat grandpa PS2 at retail, selling 2.28 million units through October of this year.

Software Rules for Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii is hoping to have the same outcome as they did for the Nintendo DS, by developing games for novice players whch is in fact the same concept that fact helped the DS outsell Sony's PSP (Playstation Portable).

Nintendo Creates a Wii Problem for Sony With Production Exceeding Expectations

Digital Journal — If the Nintendo Wii is exceeding production expectations, is it primed to win over the gaming public?

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