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Nintendo News

Virus again delays Japan 'Super Mario' theme park opening

Apo - The opening of the first ever "Super Mario" theme park has been delayed again as Japan battles a surge in coronavirus cases, Universal Studios Japan said Thursday.

Wow-ser: Japan 'Super Mario' theme park to open in Feb

Apo - The first ever "Super Mario" theme park will open in February, Universal Studios Japan said on Monday.

Nintendo says 300,000 accounts breached after hack

Apo - Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has admitted that hackers have breached 300,000 accounts since early April, gaining access to personal information such as birthdays and email addresses but not credit-card details.

US trade commission probing Nintendo Switch patent complaint

Apo - Shares in Nintendo fell Thursday after the US international trade commission said it was investigating alleged patent infringement involving the Japanese firm's hugely popular Switch game console.

Gamers beware: 160K Nintendo accounts breached Special

Nintendo has confirmed that 160,000 Nintendo Accounts have been breached. With this, a number of the impacted accounts were reported to have purchased digital items without owner consent.

Tencent, Nintendo to launch Switch console in China

Shanghai - Chinese internet giant Tencent and gaming titan Nintendo on Wednesday announced plans to launch the Japanese company's popular Switch console in China from next week.

Gotta catch some shuteye: Pokemon unveils 'sleep game'

Apo - Having trouble waking up in the morning? Not getting enough sleep? The company that brought you Pokemon Go may have a solution: a game "played" by sleeping.

Nintendo's Game Boy was first released 30 years ago today

On April 21, Nintendo's Game Boy celebrated a very special milestone: its 30th anniversary. It was first released in Japan, and thanks to its commercial success, it became an international phenomenon.

Let's a not go! Nintendo wins Japan court battle over Mario street karting

Apo - Nintendo said Thursday it has won a court battle against a popular go-kart operator that allows drivers to dress up as Super Mario and other game characters to zip through the streets of Japan.

Cloud play on the horizon in changing video game world

Los Angeles - Console makers long at the center of the video game universe are adapting to an exploding constellation of ways to play, with the cloud looming on the horizon.

Super Mario ready for leap into anime film

Toukyo - Japan's Nintendo on Thursday said it was working on an anime movie starring its iconic video game character Super Mario in collaboration with the US studio behind the "Despicable Me" series.

Nintendo doing better than in years, but it has one huge problem

Nintendo's doing better than it has in years. The Japanese game company's newest console, the Switch, is surpassing even the loftiest sales expectations from analysts.

Nintendo Switch gets its biggest software update yet

Nintendo is rolling out a major update to the Nintendo Switch's software. It includes improvements to the user interface, a streamlined way of adding friends from older Nintendo consoles and the ability to physically locate lost controllers.

Nintendo Switch Online won't launch until next year

Nintendo has confirmed that it will launch the full version of its upcoming online subscription gaming service at some point next year. The awaited service will let Switch users invite friends to gaming sessions and chat online. It will cost $20 per year.

Nintendo fears 'customer tantrums,' to increase Switch production

Just two months after it reportedly doubled its output, Nintendo is said to be further increasing production of its new Switch games console. As sales remain far higher than anticipated, the company is preparing to stockpile units ahead of the holidays.

Microsoft brings Minecraft to the Nintendo Switch

Minecraft has officially launched on the Nintendo Switch, exposing one of the world's most popular games to even more players. The Switch Edition of the game comes with specially modified features from Minecraft's other console versions.

Nintendo Switch to beat Wii U's lifetime sales in its first year

The Nintendo Switch is continuing to experience unprecedented worldwide demand. During its fiscal earnings call, Nintendo revealed the new console could outsell the lifetime sales of its predecessor, the Wii U, within its first year of availability.

Nintendo's wildly popular NES Classic has been discontinued

Nintendo has officially discontinued production on the NES Classic, its incredibly popular $60 game console — at least in North America.

Nintendo wanted the Switch to run Android

Nintendo originally wanted its new Switch games console to run Android, Cyanogen's chairman has claimed. The company abandoned its plans when Cyanogen refused to help it build a special Android distribution focused around gaming.

Nintendo to double Switch production as sales still sky-high

Nintendo is to double the production of its Switch games console to meet the consistently high demand since its launch earlier this month. Already the company's fastest selling console in history, sales are now believed to have reached 1.5 million units.

Nintendo Switch owners plagued by dead display pixels

Nintendo Switch buyers are complaining the handheld game console's display is being ruined by dead and stuck pixels, causing dark squares to appear in images. Nintendo has denied the issues are a manufacturing flaw, describing the problems as "normal."

Nintendo Switch launch: Analysts fret over $300 price tag

The hotly-anticipated Nintendo Switch games console will launch in the next 24 hours, bringing with it a new style of gaming focused on letting you play where you want. However, the company has been criticised for pricing the device higher than expected.

Nintendo has sold over 1.5 million NES Classics

Nintendo has now sold over 1.5 million NES Classic consoles, the company's miniaturised version of its retro home gaming system. The Classic remains sold out at retailers worldwide owing to huge demand. Nintendo is now ramping up production.

'In-depth look' at Nintendo Switch games to be streamed next week

Nintendo has announced it will soon provide fans with a first "in-depth look" at games being built for its upcoming Switch console. The company will also be offering members of the press hands-on time with the Switch at a separate event next week.

Nintendo's Switch is a hybrid console built for the masses

After months of teasing and hints, Nintendo has officially introduced its new games console. Now called the Switch, the device is a hybrid console for use at home and while on the go. It has wireless controllers and a built-in screen for mobile gaming.

Review: Todd Carey delivers on full-length project 'Future Throwback' Special

Singer-songwriter Todd Carey has released his highly-anticipated studio album "Full Throwback," which features his breakthrough single "Nintendo.

Nintendo issued over 500 takedown orders for fan-made games

On September 2, 2016, Nintendo issued at least 500 DMCA takedown requests ordering indie companies who developed fan-made games to remove their products. Most of these games were hosted on Game Jolt, where they could be uploaded and shared for free.

Japan woman dies in Pokemon Go car accident

Toukyo - A driver who was allegedly playing Pokemon Go when he hit and killed a woman in Japan has been arrested, police said Wednesday.Media said that Tuesday's incident marked Japan's first fatal vehicle accident involving the popular gaming app.

Japan starts safety campaign ahead of Pokemon Go launch

Tokyo - Reports of traffic accidents, crimes and other mishaps overseas have prompted the Japanese government to warn Pokemon Go gamers of the dangers they could face.

Ubisoft's CEO thinks the upcoming Nintendo NX is 'really great'

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has described the upcoming Nintendo NX games console as "really great." Guillemot has seen pre-release hardware for the anticipated device. He said it is focused on casual games and won't directly rival Microsoft and Sony.
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A collection of Nintendo Amiibo figurines
A collection of Nintendo Amiibo figurines
William Tung
Screenshot from the the new Super Smash Bros. video game
Screenshot from the the new Super Smash Bros. video game
Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii U will launch on December 17th 2015
Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii U will launch on December 17th 2015
The Nintendo Switch s popularity may only grow thanks to the online service coming to the platform i...
The Nintendo Switch's popularity may only grow thanks to the online service coming to the platform in 2018.
Nintendo/ Twitter
Four amiibo figures  for use in  Super Smash Bros. Wii U
Four amiibo figures, for use in 'Super Smash Bros. Wii U'
Nintendo Switch  announced 20/10/2016
Nintendo Switch, announced 20/10/2016
The Nintendo building in Kyoto
The Nintendo building in Kyoto
Chris Gladis
Pokémon TV app!
Pokémon TV app!
Pokémon / Nintendo
First generation Gameboy by Nintendo
First generation Gameboy by Nintendo
Nintendo / William Warby
Amiibo figurines for  Yoshi s Woolly World  and  Super Smash Bros.  were on display at Nintendo s To...
Amiibo figurines for 'Yoshi's Woolly World' and 'Super Smash Bros.' were on display at Nintendo's Toronto event on July 21, 2015
Hiroshi Yamauchi is credited with transforming Nintendo from a small hanafuda card-making company in...
Hiroshi Yamauchi is credited with transforming Nintendo from a small hanafuda card-making company in Japan to a multi-billion dollar video game company
Nintendo NES Classic Edition
Nintendo NES Classic Edition
Nintendo / Business Wire
How  Miitomo  will look.
How 'Miitomo' will look.
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The Pokemon logo in front of the Nintendo World Centre in New York City
The Pokemon logo in front of the Nintendo World Centre in New York City
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Nintendo 2DS portable console.
Nintendo 2DS portable console.
Online play is coming to the Nintendo Switch.
Online play is coming to the Nintendo Switch.
How  Miitomo  will look
How 'Miitomo' will look
The Mercedes-Benz GLA will be coming to Mario Kart 8 in an upcoming DLC for the Japanese version soo...
The Mercedes-Benz GLA will be coming to Mario Kart 8 in an upcoming DLC for the Japanese version soon
Attendees at the Nintendo showcase in Toronto.
Attendees at the Nintendo showcase in Toronto.

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