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Under Armour is expanding its empire

Under Armour has been aggressively investing in high-profile endorsement deals and building up its women's business in a bid to chip away at Nike's athletic empire.

Converse files suit over infringement of Chuck Taylor shoes

Brooklyn - United States shoemaker Converse has filed suit against more than two dozen companies alleging those businesses have copied the design of the popular Chuck Taylor shoe.

Fitness band shocks, punishes you for not working out

Pavlok is a new wrist band that rewards or punishes for your level of exercise. It can give you money and bonuses for working out. Or it can take your money, ridicule you on social media and shock you for not going to the gym.

Petition over Nike factory workers

Nike has been accused of selling the England team’s shirt for £90 ($150), while the workers in its factories in Indonesia are paid 30 pence (50 cents) per hour to produce the t-shirt.

Nike overtake Adidas in World Cup teams battle

- Nike will supply the kit for more teams than Adidas for the first time ever at this year's World Cup finals.The two sports giants will throw Lionel Messi against Cristiano Ronaldo and Spain against Brazil to see who can claim a bigger chunk of the mult...

Review: Nike+ FuelBand SE Special

Atlanta - How much water did I take in today? How many calories did I eat? How many calories did I burn? People love to track personal behavior.

Footlocker announces Nike Air Yeezy 2 'Red October' release date

Footlocker has announced that Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy II "Red October" sneakers will be released Friday December 27 at 8 a.m. EST.

Nike unveils Fuelband SE activity-tracking wristband

New York - Nike has unveiled its second generation activity-tracking wristband. The new model looks almost identical to the earlier device, while addressing criticisms that it never recognized that some activities use more energy than others.

NBA superstar LeBron James arrives in Manila on private jet

NBA superstar LeBron James arrived in Manila Monday afternoon on board a private jet from the US for the “Witness History” tour by Nike Philippines at the Mall of Asia Arena (MOA) in Pasay City.

Nike hints at possible reunion with famed cyclist Lance Armstrong

Nike chairman and co-founder Phil Knight, who has been called the most powerful man in sports, hinted on Tuesday that a possible reunion with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong should not be ruled out.

Nike drops Lance Armstrong, saying he 'misled' the company

Nike announced Wednesday it has severed ties with cyclist Lance Armstrong, an endorsement deal that once earned the embattled cycling star millions of dollars.

Op-Ed: Global banking fraud heats up

The banking scam on the world continues with Europe, and North America next on the list to soon be buried with never-ending interest debt. The New World Order banking plan to shackle most of the world's people with war and debt is almost done.

Football supporters warned over toxic Euro 2012 shirts

A health warning has been issued to football fans by Europe's consumer watchdog over possibly toxic football shirts. Official team strips of nine European countries in the Euro 2012 tournament contain "worrying" levels of chemicals.

Nike's 'My Time is Now' Euro Cup ad goes viral

Nike has launched a rocking, new 3-minute ad entitled 'My Time is Now' to debut ahead of the Euro Cup Championships, which features a cast of footballers –– with a few surprises along the way.

LeBron's Nike designer mocks Derrick Rose

Nike designer Jason Petrie tweeted Sunday that Derrick Rose "chose poorly" when he signed with Adidas. "#ShouldasignedwithNike," The designer wrote seemingly mocking the 2011 MVP over the injury he sustained Saturday.

Sneaker causes riot in Florida, then on eBay with bid of $99,100

Orlando - More than 100 Orlando riot police officers wielding batons and shields, were called to the Florida Mall Foot Locker Thursday to break up a large crowd waiting for the midnight, first-come first-serve release of Nike's latest limited edition sneaker.

Nike ad features Wade, Paul and Melo playing in new court venues

A new commercial from Nike's Jordan Brand features NBA superstars Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony playing basketball in diverse basketball courts.

Adidas joins Nike and Puma in trying to detoxify fashion

This should come across as good news to one and all – Adidas has joined Nike and Puma in committing publicly to eliminate all discharges of hazardous chemicals throughout their supply chain and across the entire lifecycle of their products by 2020.

Bedbugs shut down Nike flagship store in New York

New York - Nike closed its flagship store in Manhattan on Saturday, after bedbugs were found in the popular five-storey Niketown outlet.

Manny Pacquiao on Nike's Under the Hood Special

On Nov. 7, Manny Pacquiao was on a live special show titled "Under the Hood" presented by Nike Sportswear which took place at the Montalbán in Los Angeles .

Manny Pacquiao and Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles for Nike Pictorial

Manny Pacquiao is having a hectic schedule this week as he flew to Los Angeles Tuesday for a pictorial with Kobe Bryant and Maria Sharapova for a Nike commercial. Pacquaio returned to Manila the following day to catch up with his film shooting schedules.

Pacquiao Travels to US to Shoot Ads with Kobe and Tiger Woods

Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao is traveling to the US to shoot commercials with Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Maria Sharapova, among other celebrities. While in US, he will confer with Bob Arum and Freddie Roach regarding his fight with Miguel Cotto.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Register For World's Largest 10K Race For Charity

With just under 40 training days remaining, it's still not too late to join the largest one-day running event. Nike+ is hosting the mega 10K in hopes that the world will put their feet together for charity. One million runners across the globe unite.

Nike Unveils the Air Native N7- The First Athletic Shoe Designed For American Indian

In an unprecedented move, Nike announces they are bringing a specially designed athletic shoe to market. Designed specifically for the American Indian, it will be sold wholesale to various tribes throughout the US.

Nike Truck Robbery

A trailer filled with Nike goods was stolen on Friday in Toronto with two guards tied up. Multiple arrests have been made.

Reebok sues Nike for patent infringement

Athletic shoe maker Reebok International Ltd. said on Tuesday it sued rival Nike Inc., claiming Nike had infringed a patent for collapsible shoe technology.

Nike Recalls Golf Clubs

Nike has recalled their Sumo driver due to the specifications being over the USGA regulations and is offering customers a replacement driver. Nike has stated that "Tiger Woods has never used this club in competition".

Nike Shows Off It's New Golf Balls By Shooting Them Through Things

Mindless fun as you watch things get destroyed by high speed golf balls. The bunny is great.

The Unswoocher - Kick corporate butt!

Finally, a pair of shoes we can buy with a good conscience.

New Nike-Apple Partnership Puts Rhythm in Running with Technology that Allows Shoes to Communicate with iPods

Digital Journal — As the newest corporate tag team, Nike and Apple have announced they will be spicing up the technology ring with new gadgets that target joggers and iPod users. Flanked by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong and mar..

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Screenshot of a Facebook page
Nike My Time Is Now Campaign - showing Cristiano Ronaldo
Nike My Time Is Now Campaign - showing Cristiano Ronaldo
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Nike+ Fuelband SE USB connector incorporated into wristband clasp
Nike+ Fuelband SE USB connector incorporated into wristband clasp
Nike FuelBand SE Time Display
Nike FuelBand SE Time Display
Nike+ Fuelband SE packaging
Nike+ Fuelband SE packaging

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