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Night vision News

Has invisibility material been created?

Now you see it, now you don't? Researchers have developed a material that could make people or objects invisible to infrared night vision tools. The primary application would be military use.

New generation of night vision goggles in development

Sydney - Infrared technology could lead to a step-change in the images formed via night vision goggles and cameras, according to research being carried out in Australia.

Essential Science: Graphene makes improved night vision tech

Graphene is the "wonder material" of our age, discovered just ten years ago. The scientific properties of the material are varied, from electronics to power systems. A new use applies to improved ways of penetrating the dark.

Op-Ed: Can laser eye surgery affect your night vision?

Is night vision loss a legitimate after effect of laser eye surgery? This is an important factor for many seeking out options for laser eye surgery.

Researchers create sensor for night vision contact lenses

Researchers at the University of Michigan have devised a way to capture the infrared spectrum, which can be made so thin that it can be easily applied on night vision contact lenses.

Future of thermal imaging falls on the back of a butterfly

There is further evidence that humans need only to look to nature to improve technology: researchers at GE have turned to a rather odd source of inspiration to improve thermal imaging, a South American butterfly.

Light emitting diodes and curvature lighting make night driving safer

A spate of new technology, including night vision systems and curvature lighting, is making night driving safer, but most of the gadgets are still limited to the premium segment and there are many ways for motorists to drive more safely in the dark.

Night Vision Goggles with Dart Launcher

Hmmm, another item to waste your Christmas Money on... hehe

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Night vision Image

A deer visualized through the latest night vision technology.
A deer visualized through the latest night vision technology.
Ezra H. Murray
U.S. forces in night raid.
U.S. forces in night raid.
Alex Plank

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