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Nicole News

Hurricane Nicole hits Bermuda

Miami - Major hurricane Nicole slammed into Bermuda Thursday, lashing the tiny British archipelago with 120 mile (195 kilometer) per hour winds as the storm's eye passed over, US forecasters said.

Hurricane Nicole bears down on Bermuda

Miami - Hurricane Nicole barreled toward Bermuda Wednesday as a Category 2 storm, just days after Matthew killed hundreds in the Caribbean, mostly in Haiti.

'GoFundMe' shuts down Tennessee woman's campaign for lottery loss

Cordova - A Tennessee woman who launched a web crowdfunding campaign to make back money she lost on last week's $1.5 billion Powerball drawing has had her fundraising project shut down.

Nicole Kidman's long struggle to become pregnant is finally come true

After her long struggle and endured months of fertility treatment she informed her family members that she is expecting a child.

Anna Nicole's Last Will and Testament, a Focus of Law Schools

Anna Nicole's untimely death a lesson for law school students.

Phoenix Paper Says Anna Nicole Smith Has a Secret Son

No one could have imagined the bizarre details Anna's tragic death would reveal. Could there be a secret love child?

Anna Nicole buried in Bahamas

Her coffin covered in a pink rhinestone-studded blanket, Anna Nicole Smith was buried today.

Who the hell is Anna Nicole Smith and why should I care?

I am friggin sick and tired of hearing about this gold digging, drug abusing, bed hopping, dumb as a rock bimbo who offed herself by self-abuse.

Bahamas Immigration Minister Resigns Over Anna Nicole Smith Flap

In yet another bizarre tale associated with the mess that was Anna Nicole Smith, it would seem her reach now extends into the realm of politics.

Anna Nicole Smith -- model but no role-model

Much like Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith was a model but no role-model.

Anna Nicole Smith's Embalmers balk at privacy agreement

The embalmers set to preserve Anna Nicole Smith's body were turned away Friday afternoon after they refused to sign a confidentiality agreement that, among other things, prohibited them from taking photographs of her body

Body of Anna Nicole Smith finally embalmed

Embalmers from Jupiter took on the task of preserving Anna Nicole Smith's body Saturday in a high-security suite at the Broward Medical Examiner's Office

Dr. gave Anna Nicole methadone while pregnant

Dr. Sandeep Kapoor was by Anna Nicole's side when she participated in West Hollywood's Gay Pride Parade back in 2005. He also prescribed methadone when Smith was eight months pregnant.

TrimSpa Boss Upset With Photo Of Anna Nicole Smith's Fridge

TrimSpa guy not all that happy to find out Anna Nicole's fridge was full of SlimFast

Anna Nicole Smith's Body Will Not Be Buried, Kept For DNA Testing

The struggle over 5 month old Dannielynn and her possible $400 Million inheritance.

Breaking: Slim-Fast & Methadone Found Inside Anna Nicole's Refrigerator

The showbiz gossip Web site has obtained a photograph of the interior of Anna Nicole Smith's refrigerator. TMZ tells News 11 they've "100% confirmed" that this is the refrigerator that was in the former Playmate's room at her Bahamas home.

The Cashing In On Anna Nicole's Death

Within half an hour of the news of Anna Nicole's death, memorabilia on her life ranging from dolls to poker chips with her image on them were offered on eBay. By Friday, one day after her death, the number of items listed had swelled to almost 2,700.

Tribute to Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was famous for being famous and I have felt great sorrow for her leaving us. This is a Dear Anna letter that is a tribute to her.

Anna Nicole's child may be from Billionaire Husband's Frozen Sperm

And the weird tale of Anna Nicole gets that much weirder: the little girl may be the child of the late billionaire Howard Marshall. How exactly? In vitro fertilization.

LA Judge Denies Emergency DNA Test of Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead, is claiming to be her baby's father and wanted Anna's DNA taken and preserved for his paternity suit. A judge denied an emergency order to get Smiths DNA

Anna Nicole Smith: Zsa Zsa's husband might be baby's dad

The husband of actress Zsa Zsa Gabor said Friday that he had a decade-long affair with Anna Nicole Smith and may be her infant daughter's father.

Autopsy scheduled for Anna Nicole Smith

An autopsy will be conducted on Friday to help determine the cause of Anna Nicole Smith's death, according to the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office.

Anna Nicole Smith: Book Paternity Test or Flight!

L.A. Judge says put up or show up!

Nicole Kidman In Car Accident

Nicole Kidman was uninjured in the car wreck

Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Marriage To Tom

Nicole recently revealed in an exclusive interview that she wanted to stay married to Tom forever and never had the intention of getting a divorce. But at the same time, she hasn't lived her life with any regrets.

Simpson Says He Did Book for Money

O.J. Simpson told The Associated Press he participated in the ill-fated "If I Did It" book and interview project for one reason - personal profit, acknowledging that any financial gain was "blood money."

anna nicole being sued again

she is being sued again......

Anna Nicole Committed

"In search of solitude, they set out on a clandestine sail to recapture simple pleasures--fresh salt air on the face, a sunrise on the ocean, and wind in their hair."
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SUPPORT: Dancers on a Powerball float try to attract attention at the Chicago Gay Pride Parade in 20...
SUPPORT: Dancers on a Powerball float try to attract attention at the Chicago Gay Pride Parade in 2010.
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