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Nickel News

Tylenol maker admits selling metal-contaminated liquid medicine

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson has pleaded guilty in a Federal District Court in Philadelphia to a criminal charge of allegedly manufacturing and processing adulterated over-the-counter medications.

iPad materials may be causing allergic reactions in some users

If you are one of the many people who has an iPad and enjoy using it regularly you might be at risk for a rash or other problems.

Watch red hot nickel ball burn a hole right through block of ice

A YouTube user conducts an experiment to find out what happens when you take a red hot nickel ball and place it on a block of ice. The ball burns a hole right through the center of the frozen block.

Your BlackBerry smartphone may be causing your skin allergies

New research shows that BlackBerry smartphones contain more nickel than iPhones and Androids. Nickel is known to cause skin allergies. Those with nickel sensitivities using a BlackBerry are advised to shorten their calls and reduce text messaging.

Legal costs should be giving therapy to hundreds of autistic kids in Ontario

A northern Ontario M. P. P. continues to pursue the question of how much it has cost the Ontario government to fight a class-action lawsuit against parents of autistic children.

Prius not as green as you think

The Toyota Prius is touted for its environmentally friendly engineering by using a hybrid engine: a traditional gas-powered engine and a battery-powered engine. But it's a very different story if you factor in the manufacturing process to make a Prius...

Plastic Bags Will Cost You A Nickel At Ikea

Customers leave Ikea's 29 U.S. stores every day with Nordic-named housewares and assemble-it-yourself furniture, but the Swedish home furnishings retailer wants to see shoppers walk out with one less thing: a plastic bag.

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