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Op-Ed: UK Elections 2015 — Campaign receives boost from Russell Brand

London - “You’ve got to vote Labour, you’ve got to get the Conservative party out of government in this country so that we can begin community lead activism, so that we can be heard continually.”

Op-Ed: Debating science and medicine in run up to U.K. poll

London Colney - On May 7, the U.K. faces a general election. As the parties attempt to garner votes, wave hands and kiss babies, science and medical issues feature barely in policy manifestos. This is misguided and will damage the economy in the long-term.

Bar Russia from hosting 2018 soccer World Cup — UK Deputy PM

London - The UK’s Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has called for Russia to be stripped of its scheduled hosting of the 2018 World Cup soccer finals.

Lord Oakeshott resigns Lib Dems, warns party to ditch Clegg

A senior Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Oakeshott, has resigned from his party, warning that his party leader, Nick Clegg, is leading them to "disaster."

Nick Clegg urged to resign in open letter from Lib Dem colleagues

Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister has been urged to resign as leader of the Liberal Democrats by members of his own party, with a dozen of his own MPs openly criticising him.

Speculation emerges in UK election debates

London - A spokesperson for British Prime Minister David Cameron has said nothing has been ruled out when it comes to 2015 general election debates.

Op-Ed: ‘Mrs Clegg’ in the news

Basildon - The wife of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was in the news yesterday on her own account as the Lord Rennard fiasco continues.

Op-Ed: Syrian crisis — UK parliament recalled, warplanes sent to Cyprus

London - As Country Joe Fish's anti-Vietnam anthem loops around this bloggers' brain it looks like one, two three once again we could be off to war. This time the target is Syria.

Op-Ed: Lord Rennard — Here comes another witchhunt

London - There is a new scandal brewing in British politics. A leading Liberal-Democrat is the subject of unspecified allegations of sexual impropriety. But is it all smoke and mirrors?

UK PM and deputy reassure nation that coalition is united

As Britain’s coalition government reaches its halfway point, both the Prime Minister and his deputy claim it is “steadfast and united”.

Op-Ed: Nick Clegg and the fear of a free ride

In this age of manufactured austerity, Nick Clegg has come up with yet another asinine money saving scheme: withdrawing the free travel passes of "wealthy" pensioners.

Op-Ed: The strange case of Andrew Mitchell

London - This morning Conservative Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, made a public apology for not showing police officers "the respect they deserve". Yet, it was a very odd apology, for Mr Mitchell denied the offending words "attributed" to him.

Op-Ed: Nick Clegg bashes the rich on 'The Andrew Marr Show'

Brighton - Last month, Nick Clegg announced his plans to tax the rich. Today, he reaffirmed that commitment, but this policy is not only foolish and misguided, it is likely to be counterproductive.

Video: UK Deputy Prime Minister's apology put to music

London - It's not often you get to hear a politician say "sorry", and it's even rarer to hear them apologize tunefully, and then have the apology released as a single.

Op-Ed: Nick Clegg's foolish u-turn on taxation

London - Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said the rich should pay more tax. This will be popular with the man in the street, but is it wise?

Veteran campaigner slams new body that opposes same-sex marriage

One of the UK’s best-known equality campaigners is hitting out at a right-wing group that campaigns for what it calls traditional marriage.

Record bank bonuses of $156 billion expected for 2011

Yet again the banks are expected to announce record bonuses, estimated to be $156 billion for 2011. These bonuses are not confined to the U.S.

David Cameron uses British veto to scupper EU treaty

Brussels - David Cameron, the UK prime minister, has used his country's veto to stop and EU treaty proposed by France and Germany to tackle the ongoing European debt crisis.

Op-Ed: Call Me Dave — Stupid rhetoric on crime and benefits

Britain's out of touch Prime Minister has come up with yet another knee jerk solution to a purported social problem: increased fine deductions for out of work offenders.

Man arrested after deputy UK PM Nick Clegg hit by paint bomb

It’s being said that an anti-cuts campaigner – protesting at the alliance between the UK Tory and Liberal Democrat parties – was behind a paint-bomb attack on Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Deputy Prime Minister says al Megrahi should be returned to jail

Edinburgh - Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today said that he thought that the only person convicted over the 1988 Lockerbie bombing should be back behind bars.

Op-Ed: ‘Crimewatch’, Clegg, and common sense

Thursday night, BBC1 is screening a 'Crimewatch' Special; tune in to see if you can spot someone who took part in the recent riots.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg launches clean-up initiative

According to UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, a clean-up initiative has been launched for convicted looters who took part in last week's riots but aren't sent to jail.

Murdoch evidence questioned as more media engulfed in hacking row

As more news outlets become embroiled in the phone-hacking scandal that’s hit Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, it’s emerged that evidence given to MPs by his son, News Corporation executive James Murdoch, is being questioned.

Baby, you can drive my car

An article concerning the targetting of government minister Chris Huhne re allegations that eight years ago he perverted the course of justice in relation to a trivial driving offence.

British deputy PM says country's libel law is embarrassing

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says the country’s plaintiff-friendly libel laws have become an international embarrassment.

Cameron becomes Britain’s youngest Prime Minister since 1812

David Cameron, 43, who has become Britain’s youngest prime minister since 1812, began his first full day of office today after days of wrangling to decide who will rule the United Kingdom.

Who will rule Britain? It’s crunch time

It’s crunch time in the battle to decide who rules Britain, after last week’s general election led to a hung parliament.

Shun the Tories, leading commentator tells UK Lib Dems

As shuttle diplomacy continues among political parties to determine who will rule Britain, one of the country’s leading economic and political commentators is urging Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to shun the Tories and throw in his lot with Labour.

UK faces hung parliament, Cameron wants to partner with Lib Dems

Britain has its first hung parliament since 1974, as the Conservative Party won the most seats but not enough to form a majority government. Conservative leader David Cameron has made a “big, open and comprehensive offer” to the Lib Dems.
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David Cameron (foreground) and Nick Clegg
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Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg, with his wife Miriam Gonzalez Durantez, addresses a rally at Western Lawns, Eastbourne
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Nick Clegg (right) with UK Prime Minister David Cameron
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