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Two days on, loved ones of plane crash victims await closure

Addis Ababa - Shimon Misha flew from Israel to Ethiopia to collect the remains of his colleague, Avi Matzliah, one of 157 people who died when a Boeing 737 crashed just minutes after taking off from Addis Ababa Sunday."There is a mother and sister and brother.

NEXT Canada presents 12 early-stage startups on Demo Day

Toronto - NEXT Canada ran their 2018 Demo Day, which took place on Tuesday, August 14, with the focus of this year's event is on 12 early-stage startups, drawn from across a wide range of industries.

ATB to celebrate 20-year music anniversary with new album 'Next'

German DJ and producer ATB (André Tanneberger) will be releasing his tenth studio album, "Next," in honor of his 20-year anniversary in music.

Review: What’s 'Next' at this year’s Hot Docs Special

Hot Docs’ “Next” program takes fans behind-the-scenes to discover little know secrets about pop culture phenomena, all while being creative themselves.

Scientists find new way to control light for next gen computing

Scientists have created a device reminiscent of a bee's honeycomb that can twist beams of light around tighter curves than has ever been witnessed before. This could become a powerful way of transmitting data on circuit boards in next gen computers.

Forget Mars—NASA ion engine aims for outer planets, deep space

Five years ago NASA began testing an ion engine prototype at the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland—48,000 hours later it’s still running and will set a world record for the longest propulsion test in history when deactivated later this month.

Video interview: Wolfson Economics Prize — Euro exit plan

London - Lord Simon Wolfson is a multi-millionaire and CEO of the Next fashion chain. He came up with a competition - the 'Wolfson Economics Prize' - for the best way to exit the euro.

Next-Gen Prince of Perisa talk begins

Squeezed away in a recent Ubisoft financial report is confirmation on a new game in the revived Prince of Persia series. The title is currently set for release between 2008 and 2009.

Try Google's Next Design Before It Goes Live

Check the new design page of Google Search not available to public but we can get it with a simple trick.

Next-gen Star Wars revealed for PS3 and 360

Ok, but where is the Wii version?

BT's Next Generation Telecom Network

BT21CN (Next Generation Network)

10 reasons to make your next camera a digital SLR

Don't buy a digital camera , buy a SLR!

PS3 Gets Smashed on Launch Day

The PS3 has officially been smashed

PS3 Camper Gives Up Right To Ever Own PS3 For Free $7500 PC

A $7500 Falcon Northwest rig for a PS3? Where do I sign up?

Wii supposed to be a sub-$100 console

According to Miyamoto, Wii, was supposed to be under $100 mark!

Amazon to sell Xbox 360 for $100 - Almost Guaranteed!!

84.2% of votes for the Xbox 360 to be sold for $100.

And the next-gen console winner is ... IBM?!

No matter whether Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony wins the video-game console war, there already is one huge victor: IBM

100 PS3s To Be Resold By ONE GUY

1 person scooped up 100 PS3s from Japan, hoping to resell them all for a huge profit.

Time says Wii Sports greatest game ever made

Wii Sports, a game to be enjoyed by all!

GameStop not getting enough PS3s to fill preorders

Retailer's launch allocations not expected to cover original batch of reservations; employees "asked" to wait until second shipment to buy systems.

Microsoft to buy Capcom?

According to the lastest issue of EGM, Microsoft is looking to buy the Japanese game developer, Capcom.

And, Next, We'll Arrest You For Singing In The Shower

I wouldn't doubt it will come down to not being able to sing your favorite tunes in the shower. I've know a few bar owners that were approached by BMI wanting money for the songs in their Jukeboxes, basically they had the vendor remove all BMI artists.

Nintendo Wii = Best of What's New

The Nintendo Wii has scored the "Best of What's New" from the Popular Science.

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