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Newspaper reporter listed as an endangered job

The newspaper and publishing industries are facing increased pressures from the rise of the electronic tablet and phone markets and decreasing revenues from advertising and it has caused many to see the news reporter job as endangered.

Wanted man captured after posing for newspaper photo

Bloomsburg - A fugitive who allegedly skipped bail was arrested on the campus of Bloomsburg University after police spotted his picture in a local newspaper.

Austrian newspaper in scandal over Photoshopped image

Österreich, a tabloid newspaper in Austria, was caught by one of its competitors over what they dub a "nasty piece of photojournalism." It seems they Photoshopped an image of two politicians in a breakfast meeting, which never actually happened.

Why the Internet didn't kill the newspaper

We all think that the Internet has killed the traditional newspaper... Until the general population started interacting with the web in the 1990s, the newspaper business was thriving, offering readers top journalism work and pages of ads.

China blocks The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper's website has been blocked in China without warning or any clear indication as to why. However, some claim they can access the website without any problems.

Op-Ed: Newspaper prints apology for its 1863 editorial calling Gettysburg Address 'silly'

Seven score and ten years ago, President Abraham Lincoln brought forth on the battlefield of Gettysburg a new speech containing just 273 words, written in his own hand, and finished just before he arrived from Washington.

1 person severely injured in shooting at Paris newspaper office

Paris - According to police sources, at least one person, believed to be an assistant photographer, was injured when a man opened fire in the Paris offices of the left-wing daily newspaper Libération on Monday.

Red Sox take out newspaper ad thanking St. Louis

Boston - The Boston Red Sox placed a full-page ad in Tuesday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch, thanking the city for its hospitality during the World Series. It also honored the St. Louis Cardinals, the team it beat in the Series and its fans.

Report: Miriam Carey was fleeing on foot when shot by police

Washington - USA Today has reported that the unarmed, mentally disturbed woman shot last week in Washington, DC, had exited her car and was attempting to flee on foot when she was shot by police.

Op-Ed: The latest ban ‘page 3’ nonsense in UK media

The UK daily newspaper the "Sun" has published photographs of topless women on its third page for 43 years. Now there is a renewed campaign to ban it.

Lloyd's List, world's oldest newspaper, to go digital only

The 279-year-old shipping newspaper Lloyd's List is to transfer to online only from 20 December 2013. According to Mashable, the publication began life as notices pinned to coffee shop walls in 1734 London, offering shipping information and news.

Satirical French 2020 Olympic cartoons spark outrage in Japan

Tokyo - The Japanese government is not amused, as two cartoons appear in a French newspaper — one depicting sumo wrestlers with additional limbs and the other set in front of the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant — and both related to the 2020 Toyko Olympics.

Op-Ed: An alternative to newspaper paywalls

London - The "Sun" newspaper is now hiding behind a paywall, the latest of many to take this route, but is there a better way and more profitable way?

'Best Internet mistake of the day' goes to the Chicago Tribune

Chicago - Apparently it's now fixed, but for a while there on Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune had one big boo-boo on their home page. Cute kitten though.

83-year-old bullfighter drops pants for the media, shocks Spain

Jaime Ostos, 83, was the victim of a horrific goring in the bullring 50 years ago. However, he shocked readers of Spain's "La Gaceta" newspaper on Wednesday, by removing his trousers to display the damage to his groin.

New York Times: 'Obama administration has lost all credibility'

Washington - The New York Times has published a scathing editorial on recent revelations about the Obama administration's secret surveillance programs. Its June 6 editorial said the "Obama administration has now lost all credibility on this issue."

Future of Media Preview: Q&A w/ Globe & Mail’s Steve Ladurantaye Special

In this interview with the Globe & Mail's media reporter, Steve Ladurantaye gives us a taste of what he thinks about branded content in a lead-up to a March 14 Future of Media discussion in Toronto.

LAPD in Torrance 'accidentally' shoot 2 women in ex-cop manhunt

Torrance - Two unarmed elderly Asian women delivering newspapers in Torrance early Thursday were shot and wounded by Los Angeles police during a massive manhunt for an ex-LAPD officer suspected in 3 killings.

Mad mom's classified ad goes viral

Worland - A classified ad placed in a Wyoming newspaper by a mother seeking to teach her son a lesson has gone viral through social networking outlets.

New York Post runs another controversial headline

New York - A week after coming under fire for a disturbing image and headline on the front page, the New York Post is once again in the middle of a controversy.

Obits for pets being offered in Singapore newspaper

A newspaper in Singapore is offering grieving pet owners the opportunity to share their goodbyes to a loved pet in an obituary.

Bad advertising: Buchenwald victims used for slimming pills ad

Tallin - In a case of really poor judgment, an Estonian newspaper published an ad for slimming pills, showing exhausted concentration camp torture victims to portray new, slim bodies.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford caught reading documents while driving Special

Toronto - During the morning commute on Toronto's Gardiner Expressway Tuesday, a driver took a photograph of Mayor Rob Ford, who was seen both driving his Cadillac Escalade and reading documents. The photo was later posted to Twitter.

Austria’s largest daily edits Syria photo for more drama

The top daily newspaper in Austria has been accused of photoshopping an image of Aleppo in Syria, to make it more dramatic.

Twitter suspends UK journalist critical of NBC Olympics coverage

Twitter suspended the account of a journalist from The Independent because he tweeted an email address of Gary Zenkel, the President of NBC Olympics. Guy Adams was outraged over NBC's broadcast delay of the Opening Ceremony.

Toronto journalist blames gun violence on absentee black fathers

Toronto - Toronto Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein wrote today, "Kids growing up in poverty without dads are the single greatest future recruitment mechanism for the gangs." He believes "black men impregnate as many willing women as they can."

Toronto mayor confronts Star reporter outside home Special

Toronto - A mayor who wants to buy conserve land, a journalist who reports on that and an evening stand-off are all the makings of a hot news story. As City Councillor Joe Mihevc said today, "When you think it can't get weirder, it does!"

Op-Ed: Neighborhood newspaper will celebrate 25 years in print Special

This coming January the Westside Observer will celebrate 25 years in print. On Sunday Nov. 6, the owners Mitch and Alice Bull hosted a gathering at Que Syrah wine bar on West Portal Ave in San Francisco.

Newspaper editor retires amidst 'all the noise' of commenters

John Irby retired from his position as editor at the Bismarck Tribune on Sept. 9, saying he could not handle the "civil discourse" of anonymous user comments. Irby wrote candidly about his resignation, saying he was sick of being a scapegoat.

Guardian to become digital-first publication

London - Guardian News & Media announced it will reorganize its strategy to focus on its digital initiatives. The realignment would "target growth in digital audiences, revenues and engagement, while maximising revenues in print."
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1950s financial news
1950s financial news
This is human circular shadow. Our everyday life like this shadw.
This is human circular shadow. Our everyday life like this shadw.
Washington Post headquarters in Washington DC
Washington Post headquarters in Washington DC
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An Italian newspaper mocks a French fake poll that found that 89% of French men thought the clitoris...
An Italian newspaper mocks a French fake poll that found that 89% of French men thought the clitoris was a model of Toyota.
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A South Haven newspaper headline
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A man reading a newspaper
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Office of the Onion in Boulder, Colorado.
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Mobile design and all screen interface graphics and photos are the contributor him self work..
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The building of Chicago Sun Times
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