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Hoax busters: Indonesia's front line in the war on fake news

Jakarta - A small army of "hoax busters" in Indonesia is trying to hold the line against a swarm of fake news that threatens to sway millions of voters as the world's third-biggest democracy heads to the polls.

Kashmir 'fake news' barrage raises fears for India elections

New Delhi - A deluge of online hoaxes that hit Indian social media as the country fought aerial battles with neighbouring Pakistan has heightened fears over the "fake news" war looming in India's national election.

Apple's ‘Netflix for news’ set to launch

Apple is set to launch what some commentators are dubbing a ‘Netflix for news’ service, which will bundle together paid for news with imagine subscriptions. Publishers are not too happy with Apple seeking 50 percent of the revenue.

Q&A: What is media bias and how can this be tackled? Special

According to Dr. Tania Ahuja there are concerns with the state of online news, especially when it comes to bias. Ahuja has founded Nobias which has tools that can flag bias in news and grade articles for credibility.

Older people, conservatives more likely to share fake news: study

Washington - Facebook users aged 65 plus and conservatives are more likely to share fake news on the platform than younger or more liberal counterparts, according to a new study published Wednesday.

From the Olympics to BTS: 2018's most popular tweets

Twitter has published its year in review. This survey reveals the most quoted, retweeted, and liked tweets of 2018. Subjects range from Olympics to celebrities, with a band called BTS dominating the charts.

Newspaper seeks to reduce gender bias in news reporting

The Financial Times, one of the world's leading newspapers, has developed a tool that enables journalists to assess if there are too many men quoted in their articles. This is a bid for gender parity.

Google updates site to clarify location tracking policy

In light of a recent investigation outing the fact that Google doesn't actually stop tracking users and storing their location data when they ask it to, the company has updated their website.

Rival to WeWork China raises $120 million

MyDreamPlus, a co-working startup with spaces in big cities around China, recently raised a $120 million Series C funding round.

Facebook adds new requirements for pages with large US following

On Friday, Facebook announced that authors of pages on the platform with a large audience in the United States would be subjected to a new authorization process.

Startup that helps people open home preschools raises $20 million

A startup that helps educators and childcare providers open up their own childcares or preschools out of their homes has raised a $20 million funding round.

This startup is looking to help web workers solve their tab woes

A new startup is betting on the fact that, if you're someone who works using your web browser, you've definitely closed a tab that you didn't mean to close because there were just so many open.

New facial recognition tool finds all your social media profiles

Researchers have created a new facial recognition tool that tracks targets across social media networks to create a comprehensive list of all available online profiles.

Match Group says Tinder will make over $800 million this year

Apparently love does cost, and U.S. Internet company Match Group reports that dating service app Tinder is projected to double its revenue for this year, compared to what it made last year.

Slack is raising a $400 million funding round

Almost a year after raising $250 million in a Series G funding round, Slack is reportedly raising an even bigger round this time around.

A startup that sells no branded products raised $240 million

A startup that sells unbranded products recently announced a $240 million Series C round. Brandless, the company, sells household staples for $3 each.

Ride sharing app Grab rakes in $2 billion post Uber deal

Grab announced $2 billion in new capital from their two-part Series H round. Since striking a deal to get Uber out of Southeast Asia, what does the company have planned for this funding?

Cisco set to acquire 2FA provider Duo Security

Networking hardware company Cisco announced its plans to buy two factor authorization provider Duo Security for a combination of cash and equity awards.

RideOS raises $25 million in Series B funding round

RideOS, a cloud-based transportation management and mapping platform, has raised $25 million in their latest funding round.

Bitwise files for SEC-regulated publicly-offered crypto ETF

Bitwise Asset Management announced it has filed a registration statement for a publicly-offered cryptocurrency index exchange-traded fund (ETF) earlier this week.

Chinese scooter startup nabs $15 million in latest funding round

Chinese personal transportation startup Immotor raised $15 million in their latest Series A funding round, showing that the enthusiasm around scooter transport isn't fading any time soon.

M12 announces $4 million competition for female-founded startups

M12, Microsoft’s corporate venture fund, announced a new competition for female-led enterprise technology solutions startups where two teams have the chance to win $2 million in funding each.

Cloud-based Telegram rolls out new authorization method

Telegram, the cloud-based instant messaging and VoIP application, recently released a new update for mobile that introduces a new feature that can store copies of your identification in the cloud.

Looking at the bigger picture of Facebook's stock plunge

On Thursday, Facebook experienced a 19 per cent decrease in shares, causing alarm bells nationally and internationally. Despite the significant drop, experts urge the public to look at the whole picture.

Coinbase partnership sees users converting tokens to gift cards

In a company blog post on Wednesday, Coinbase announced a new partnership, integrating its wallet services, that allows users to exchange their tokens for gift cards.

A road map for assessing blockchain health care startups

Blockchain-backed health care startups are all the rage right now, and a new open-source tool that tracks data about startups in the aim to help potential investors navigate the pile of startups clamouring for their time and money.

Navigation startup for self-driving cars nabs $80 million

Chinese smart location and mapping service startup, that builds high-definition real-time maps for self-driving cars, has raised $80 million in a Series A funding round.

New deal with Hellman & Friedman values SimpliSafe at $1 billion

Private equity firm Hellman & Friedman has taken a controlling interest in SimpliSafe, the company behind the popular smart home security system SimpliSafe.

Google pledges €94m to digital media projects

The Google Digital News Innovation fund has pledge to give 94 million euros to 'help journalism thrive'. This includes digital news outlets and fact-checking services.

Decline in people using Facebook for news

The seventh annual Digital News Report has found there has been a decline in the number of people indicating they use Facebook as a news source. Instead WhatsApp gains in popularity.
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News reader Kenneth Kendall
News reader Kenneth Kendall
The best news bloopers on 2013
The best news bloopers on 2013
Connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot
Connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot
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Mainstream media losing its viewership.
Mainstream media losing its viewership.
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The Guardian newspaper
The Guardian newspaper
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Televisa news van  Mexico.
Televisa news van, Mexico.
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A sign for one of the many branches of the BBC that could see cuts.
A sign for one of the many branches of the BBC that could see cuts.
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Bushfire near Moyston  Victoria  Australia.
Bushfire near Moyston, Victoria, Australia.
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Musician 2nd Class Justin Strauss  a member of the U.S. Naval Forces Europe Band  Five Star Brass Qu...
Musician 2nd Class Justin Strauss, a member of the U.S. Naval Forces Europe Band, Five Star Brass Quintet, high-fives children following a performance in April this year at the Colin Powell Cultural Center, in Dakar, Senegal.
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A man reading a newspaper
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Mobile design and all screen interface graphics and photos are the contributor him self work..
Mobile design and all screen interface graphics and photos are the contributor him self work..
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KBOI-TV 2 News
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An information screen displaying the newsroom concept to visitors.
An information screen displaying the newsroom concept to visitors.
The Google NEXUS 10  2013
The Google NEXUS 10, 2013
Fake news is challenging traditional views of how information is distributed online
Fake news is challenging traditional views of how information is distributed online
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WEB: Ratter logo taken from
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