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Newborns News

One good reason why you shouldn't eat your placenta

Kim Kardashian West and January Jones have eaten their placentas after childbirth, and actually, most mammals do the same thing. However, an Oregon mother found out the hard way this practice can also harm a newborn child.

San Francisco approves paid leave for parents of newborns

San Francisco - To all the benefits of being a new parent in a place like San Francisco, the city's Board of Supervisors just added another: fully paid time off.

What you may not know about California's lead-tainted water

Los Angeles - Like Flint, Michigan, California is facing its own problems with lead-tainted water. Nowhere is this clearer than the tiny town of Vernon, situated five miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Here, the Exide battery plant spewed lead for decades.

Toronto Zoo welcomes Canada's first giant panda cubs

Toronto - At the Toronto Zoo, giants sometimes come in small packages. The zoo is celebrating the birth of two such packages — tiny twin cubs born early Tuesday to Er Shun, one of two giant pandas on loan from China.

Mother, 40, daughter, 20, birth newborn babies on the same day

A mother and daughter from Florida have returned home days after giving birth to newborn babies only about three hours apart on the same day.

Drug-addicted newborns becoming a national epidemic

Medical personnel will tell you there is nothing to prepare you for the sound of a newborn crying, literally shrieking in a high, gut-wrenching pitch because they have been cut-off from the opiates their mothers ingested during pregnancy.

Chinese doctor admits to trafficking in newborns

China has recently relaxed its one-child per family rule in an effort to cut down on the number of children being trafficked illegally. The one-child rule and the favoring of male infants has led to an increase in the selling of baby girls and women.

Drugs used for newborns need more study

A new study warns that many medications commonly given to newborns have not been officially approved for use for babies.

Newborns in Tennessee with bleeding disorder

The CDC has reported on a cluster of newborns in Tennessee with late vitamin K deficiency bleeding. The number of cases has been highlighted as ‘unusual’.

Quiet conditions are bad for new-borns in care

Neonatal intensive care units are full of life-saving equipment and people. It could be that the noise that the equipment makes also helps new-borns recover from serious health conditions.

Examinations of the placenta can reveal autism risks in newborns

Researchers have proposed a new means of assessing whether a newborn will develop autism. This is by carrying out an analysis of the placenta.

Why obese mothers may be giving their newborns heart disease

A new study revealed obese and overweight mothers may be unknowingly giving their babies heart disease. Researchers found arterial thickening of these babies' hearts.

Mother pushes 'Aidan's Law' - 'No child has to suffer that way'

Elisa and Bob Seeger are pushing the New York Senate to pass "Aidan's Law" in honor of their son, 7 year-old Aidan Seeger, who passed away from a rare brain disease in April of 2012.

Researchers study link between breastfeeding and pacifiers

Last week a study was shared at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) medical conference in Boston that suggests pacifiers may not interfere with breastfeeding.

French woman hides pregnancies, kills 8 newborns over the years

47-year old Dominique Cottrez in being held in police custody after admitting to smothering her eight newborn children to death

Second-hand cribs can kill, CPSC issues warning Special

CPSC blames the deaths of 32 babies on faulty drop-side crib design, poor assembly and on consumer home repair of a faulty crib that ultimately fails. Reports of 14 more infant fatalities due to entrapment in drop-side crib design necessitate new warnings

DNA Testing Without Parental Consent?

Across the nation some state-mandated newborn screening programs have seen hospitals, birthing centers and midwives drawing blood from each newborn baby's heel without parental consent. The purpose has been to test infants for a number of birth defects.

Octomom Might Not Get Her Babies?

As if we haven't heard enough about Octomom and her eight newborns, now there are a couple of news events circulating in this horror story.

Cedars-Sinia Settles With Quaids For $750,000

Dennis Quaid and his wife have settled with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with a $750,000 deal over the accidental overdose of blood thinner that almost killed their newborn twins last year.

Newborns literally make mom's go insane

Study shows increased risk of mental illness of mom's with newborns. This exceeds the normal post partum type disorders.

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Santa Clara medical Center in California.
Santa Clara medical Center in California.
Health Tips
A nurse working with newborns at Santa Clara County medical Center in California has possibly expose...
A nurse working with newborns at Santa Clara County medical Center in California has possibly exposed 350 infants to tuberculosis.
Health Tips
Ziheche  dried human placenta  traditional Chinese medicines.
Ziheche, dried human placenta, traditional Chinese medicines.
A mother goat eats her placenta abter the birth of her baby.
A mother goat eats her placenta abter the birth of her baby.
Nurse attending newborn in a neonatal intensive care unit.
Photo taken: April 13  2012
Nurse attending newborn in a neonatal intensive care unit. Photo taken: April 13, 2012
MC2 John O'Neill Herrera/U.S. Navy
aap Vermeulen  Jacoplane in a Neonatal intensive care unit. About 60 percent of babies born pre-term...
aap Vermeulen, Jacoplane in a Neonatal intensive care unit. About 60 percent of babies born pre-term develop jaundice.
Jacoplane (well, his parents anyway)
Smokestacks at the Cumberland Power Plant  a Tennessee Valley Authority power plant in Cumberland Ci...
Smokestacks at the Cumberland Power Plant, a Tennessee Valley Authority power plant in Cumberland City, Tennessee, United States.
Steven Greenwood

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