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Dalai Lama is hoping for new Chinese attitude towards Tibet

Shillong - On every stop along the Dalai Lama’s speaking tour this week in India, he expressed hope for better relations between China and the Buddhist region of Tibet. Today, the Chinese military began increasing security forces in the region.

An easy way to lose weight: Read a fast-paced novel

With the New Year about to ring in, most have thought about resolutions: losing weight, being on time, being fiscally responsible, and the list goes on.

UK braced for a New Year's Day storm, bringing more flooding

Parts of the UK experienced severe flooding over the Christmas period and the bad news is that bad weather is set to return as Britain welcomes in 2014.

Burning cars: A New Year tradition France wants extinguished

In recent years an unenviable New Year ‘tradition’ has grown in France which the French government would gladly see extinguished – setting fire to cars. This New Year, the 'tradition' continued.

The world celebrates the dawning of a New Year

People around the world turned out in cities and towns, in fields, on beaches, water fronts and city blocks, all to ring out the old and welcome the arrival of 2013, a year many hope proves to be better than 2012.

New Year's Eve Stadium stampede kills 60

Around the World 2012 was seen out in a blaze of New Year's Eve celebrations and firework displays. In one such event in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast, 60 people are believed to have been killed.

Video: Fireworks around the world celebrate the entry of 2013

As the world turned, bringing 2013 to each country, fireworks lit the sky in incredible displays. Despite austerity, many major cities represented in the video offered pyrotechnic extravaganzas. Let us hope for peace and prosperity in the new year.

Video: Fireworks light the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa

Dubai - In Dubai, UAE, fireworks lit up the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, with a live orchestra playing in the New Year.

Hong Kong celebrates 2013 in city's biggest firework display yet

Hong Kong - Hong Kong celebrated the start of 2013 with a spectacular firework display - the largest the city has ever seen - attended by tens of thousands of people.

Photo Essay: NYC's Times Square, a New Year's Eve favorite Special

New York - Times Square, one of the most visited sections of New York City, has an interesting history. It is also a popular destination on New Year's Eve for many, whether in person or watching on television.

Spectacular video of Sydney's New Year fireworks

Sydney - While many of us are still waiting for the New Year to start, Sydney is already living in 2013. They held a spectacular firework extravaganza to mark the event.

Op-Ed: New Year's resolutions, doomed to fail or set for success

As the clock ticks down to 2013 will you be joining millions of others in making New Year's resolutions? If so will your good intentions be doomed to fail or set for success?

Photo Essay: Hustle and bustle of the yuletide in Ibadan Special

Ibadan - The Christmas/New Year season—the yuletide—coincides with the harmattan or dry season in Nigeria, during which dusty and dry trans-Saharan trade winds blowing across the Gulf of Guinea in late November to December bring the rainy season to an end.

Dead birds fall from the sky again in Arkansas on New Year's Eve

Beebe - Birds dropped dead from the sky in the early hours of the new year, the second time in Arkansas after last year. The ban on fireworks this year has led some to question the claim that the birds were disturbed from their roost by fireworks display.

Op-Ed: Happy New Year and a Happy Divorce

Toronto - January can be an extremely cold and cruel month, so cold in fact that spouses’ hearts freeze and cruel enough to throw one’s partner out onto three foot snow banks during the middle of the night when temperatures are in the minus double digit degrees

Op-Ed: New Year's Eve in London's Trafalgar Square

London - London saw in the New Year in its usual style with huge crowds and spectacular pyrotechnics, and with the usual caveats, a good time was had by all.

New Year — The Movie: Limited theatrical release starts March 15 Special

Toronto - A group of 20-somethings reunite at a New Year’s Eve bash in middle-class suburbia. When a near-death experience, a pregnancy, and the appearance of past rivals disrupt the night, how will each see their place in the world come New Year's Day?

MTV celebrates the new year with 'Jersey Shore' ball drop

MTV rang in the new year with a ball drop of their own - featuring Snooki, the 'Jersey Shore' firebrand, descending in a Seaside Heights glitzy ball drop.

Member of female dance group in Manila found murdered

Bulacan - Rejoice Rivera, a member of the Baywalk Bodies, a sexy all-female singing and dance group in Manila, was found dead on the shoulder of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) last Friday.

Thousands gather at Manila's largest mall to welcome 2011 Special 

Manila - Hundreds of thousands of people from all parts of Metro Manila converged at the SM Mall of Asia to take part in the festivities at the annual New Year countdown party last night.

Op-Ed: 2010: A Year in Review

From politics to Hollywood, to sports and music, here's a look back at the best happenings (and people) of this past year: 2010.

Obama sends New Year message to people of Iran

In a repeat of an exercise he did last year, U.S. President Barack Obama has produced a video message for Iranians around the world in which he says that the "choice for a better future" remains "in the hands of Iran’s leaders".

Pope Calls On Humanity To Live in Peace With Environment

Pope Benedict XVI has called on humanity to protect the environment in his annual World Day of Peace message. In his address at the Vatican, the Pontiff has linked peace with the natural environment to peace among nations.

Rare holiday eve blue moon to shine on New Year's revelers

Blue moons of song and legend are an infrequent astronomical occurrence, happening every two-and-a-half years and even less frequently appear on the eve of a widely celebrated holiday. But this year some people will witness the phenomenon.

Survivors Share the Horror stories of Bangkok mishap

Survivors and family members of the unfortunate Bangkok mishap, offered prayers and recollected the horrific incident. Police though, continues with their investigation behind the events that caused the horrific fire.

Year 2008 gets an extension from World's time keepers

Revellers will have to wait one second more this New year's eve. An extra second will be added to the final day of the year to match clocks to the earth's spin.

Like Deja Vu All Over Again

It seems that the postman isn't the only one who rings twice -- the stork does too. At least he does in Gettysburg Pennsylvania where, for the second time in as many years, Kyle and Becky Armstrong welcomed the first brand new baby of the brand new year.

Dalai Lama Wishes the World a Happy New Year

His Holines the Dalai Lama wished the world a happy new year and his fellow Tibetans a good Losar from his home in Dharmasala, India. Losar is when Tibetans celebrate the new year, and by their calendar, this is the year 2135.

2008 A Happy New Year For 23 Gay Couples In New Hampshire

At one minute past midnight 23 couples exchanged vows and became the first to enter into civil unions in the state of New Hampshire. The states civil union law went into effect as of January 1st. "We're doing this to make it legal".

Baghdad Celebrates First New Year's Since The 2003 Invasion

The start of January 1, 2008 marks the first time that Baghdad has celebrated New Year’s ever since the US-led invasion of Iraq resulting in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. After four bloodied years of fighting, Iraqis are celebrating New Year’s.
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Machine parts mall on Iwo road
Machine parts mall on Iwo road
Iwo road just after dawn: a major terminus  before Lagos for travelers from the hinterland
Iwo road just after dawn: a major terminus before Lagos for travelers from the hinterland
Just after dawn  Ibo traders are already on the streets in anticipation of  the day s business
Just after dawn, Ibo traders are already on the streets in anticipation of the day's business
Traffic jam at Basorun Market.
Traffic jam at Basorun Market.
Commercial banks at the Idi-Ape end of Iwo road
Commercial banks at the Idi-Ape end of Iwo road
Traffic on Iwo road
Traffic on Iwo road
A scene from New Year (The Movie)  directed by Phil Borg.
A scene from New Year (The Movie), directed by Phil Borg.
DoubleSee Productions
Reference of reckoning.
Reference of reckoning.
Photos from Baha'
A young boy with a fire cracker
A young boy with a fire cracker
A small market. Note the man striking a pose dressed in a stylish  Dansiki  robe
A small market. Note the man striking a pose dressed in a stylish "Dansiki" robe
Hong Kong Lunar New Year Fireworks 2007.
Hong Kong Lunar New Year Fireworks 2007.
KC Kong
Reference of reckoning.
Reference of reckoning.
Photos from Baha'
More people  in a rush
More people in a rush
Early morning buying and selling
Early morning buying and selling
Spare parts market at Gate  Ibadan
Spare parts market at Gate, Ibadan
Second-hand cars for sale
Second-hand cars for sale
Hong Kong celebrates the start of 2013 with a firework display.
Hong Kong celebrates the start of 2013 with a firework display.