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Number of children poisoned by E-cigarettes has skyrocketed

The number of children under the age of six poisoned by the nicotine found in E-cigarettes soared an astounding 1,500 percent between 2013 and 2015, according to data collected from the National Poison Data System.

Careful study finds we are only five years old once in our lives

If you have ever wondered how your earliest memories of a sweet and relatively short period of childhood seemed to fly by before you even realized it, don't fret too much. A new study reveals we are only five years of age one time in our life.

New discovery help scientists take a leap in fight against cancer

Scientists from the University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute made a groundbreaking discovery in fight against cancer. A new cellular target has been found that greatly increases the ability of the immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Energy drinks tied to traumatic brain injury in teenagers

Toronto - A new study says teenagers who reported suffering a traumatic brain injury in the past year were seven times likelier to have consumed at least five energy drinks in the past week than teens who had no history of traumatic brain injury.

Pertussis — New findings lead to new approaches in treatment

Basel - Since 2010, the incidence of Pertussis, or Whooping Cough, around the world has seen a dramatic increase. Researchers at the Biozentrum, University of Basel, have been investigating the protein membrane of the bacterium that causes Pertussis.

Plants may run out of time to grow under ongoing climate change

Ongoing climate change can alter conditions for plant growth, and in turn, impact our ecological and social systems. A new study looks at the consequences of changing variables that would limit plant growth, and the impact to ecosystems and people.

New theory raises possibility Julius Caesar suffered mini-strokes

London - Julius Caesar is considered one of the world's greatest military leaders, his conquests at times audacious in their planning. But besides studying his victories, historians and medical scientists have long debated his health history.

Human activity encroaching on Antarctica's ecosystems

Antarctica is the world's last great wilderness, a continent covering 5.4 million square miles, or about twice the size of Australia, Antarctica belongs to no one nation, and there is no government, other than an international agreement.

New study shows how Asian air pollution affects the weather

In the first study of its kind, researchers have compared pollution rates from 1850 through 2000, and have discovered that man-made pollutants from Asian countries are impacting weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere.

Yellowstone's magma lake much larger than previously thought

The heart of Yellowstone National Park is its caldera, a vast basin left behind after the last of three volcanic eruptions spanning a period of 2.1 million years. But what has scientists so concerned is what lies beneath the park's natural wonders.

Study reveals booklovers have improved literacy and maths ability

Considering they read for fun, it comes as no surprise that most booklovers have improved literacy rates, as reading gives them an avenue to improve their vocabulary. What could be surprising is that the hobby is also linked to enhanced maths ability.

Celery and artichoke flavonoids kill pancreatic cancer cells

Eating a variety of healthy foods can keep us from developing certain diseases, one of which is cancer. Now researchers have uncovered the value of flavonoids in celery and artichokes for preventing and even treating pancreatic cancer.

Study: Colors of forks and utensils can cause you to eat less

British hospitals use red trays in a program to battle malnutrition. According to studies, this color may be the worst decision and can even discourage patients to eat.

Snoring is related to increased cancer risk, new studies say

It has been known for a long time that snoring can deprive the body of oxygen during long sleeping hours. Scientists now have new evidence that the resulting low levels of oxygen in blood can trigger growth of cancerous tumors.

New ASU study finds rare lava type on Mars

High-resolution photos of Martian lava flows are part of a new study at Arizona's ASU. The 269 rare patterns of coiling nautical spirals have never before been seen on Mars. However, similar patterns have occasionally been viewed on Earth.

Offshore wind farms at risk from hurricane damage

Pittsburgh - Offshore wind farms being proposed for the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico sit in hurricane paths and as a result, almost half of the planned turbines for these farms could be destroyed over a 20-year period.

Divorce may be hazardous to your health, new study finds

The younger a person is when getting a divorce, the greater risk for health decline, a Michigan State University study has found.

New study shows dried licorice roots fight tooth decay

Columbus - Scientists have discovered two substances in licorice root, licoricidin and licorisoflavan A. New studies show that they destroy major bacteria accountable for gum disease and tooth deterioration.

Study: Women more likely to believe in global warming than men

East Lansing - A new study by a Michigan State University researcher shows women tend to take the scientific community’s consensus on global warming more seriously compared to men.

Cocaine and Heroin detected in Spanish air

Class A drugs have been detected in air samples taken in Madrid and Barcelona, according to a study by the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council.)

Male Babys on the Decline

Here is the another sign of our world changing in ways that will effect our descendants. Back years ago, there were statistics that there were 5 females for every one male. Times have changed!

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Containers of the dispersant Corexit stand unguarded near the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Containers of the dispersant Corexit stand unguarded near the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Michelle Nix/Project Gulf Impact
Drinking coffee in moderation is good for your health  says new study.
Drinking coffee in moderation is good for your health, says new study.
SUN RISING - CLOUDS FALLING the poetics of modern Beijing Smog & Soot merging with ancient ink scrol...
SUN RISING - CLOUDS FALLING the poetics of modern Beijing Smog & Soot merging with ancient ink scroll painting 太陽升起 雲落下 - SUN RISING / CLOUDS FALLING
Tjebbe van Tijen
Couples that argue about money are at high risk for divorce  finds researchers.
Couples that argue about money are at high risk for divorce, finds researchers.
A new study on glaciers in the Patagonia Icefields of South America indicates glaciers are currently...
A new study on glaciers in the Patagonia Icefields of South America indicates glaciers are currently melting at a rate faster than any other time in the last 350 years.