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Fighting a fungus that's killing America's wild snakes

Since the early 2000s, a fungal infection has been devastating wild snake populations in the Midwest and eastern U.S.. The impact of the disease on the ecosystem has taken on greater significance, prompting further studies to find a cause and cure.

U.S. power plant turns to Russia for coal

Power companies are now feeling the economic affects of this past winter's freezing temperatures, so much so that when New Hampshire's largest utility needed to replenish its coal supplies, they looked to Russia rather than Wyoming or Appalachia.

University of Chicago law student killed in car crash

Chicago - A 26-year-old woman died Friday following a collision between her taxi and a car driving the wrong way on Lake Shore Drive in the windy city.

New Hampshire Senate approves social media protections

The Senate in New Hampshire voted on Thursday to prohibit bosses from requiring job applicants and employees to give them their user names or passwords to their personal Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

New Hampshire city of Keene sues parking meter Good Samaritans

Keene - Good Samaritans in the New Hampshire city of Keene, otherwise known as "Robin Hoods," are being sued by the municipal government after the anti-government group decided to feed coins in expired parking meters before officers write tickets.

New Hampshire Rep. Peter Hansen calls women 'vaginas' in email

A Republican New Hampshire lawmaker Peter Hansen provoked outrage when he called women "vaginas" in an email debate with colleagues. He used the word as a synonym for women in a response to a speech on proposed changes to a law on the use of deadly force.

Medical marijuana bill up for debate in N.H. Senate hearings

Concord - To legalize or not to legalize medical marijuana? That's the question New Hampshire lawmakers will debate in Senate hearings on Thursday.

Op-Ed: NH House passes bill to forbid privatization of prison system

Concord - The New Hampshire House passed a motion today (March 22) that will prevent the privatizing of the state prison system. Earlier, the Department of Corrections had sought proposals from private contractors to run the system.

Brotherly love helps blind sled dog keep running

Jefferson - An Alaskan Husky isn't letting a little thing like blindness keep him from doing what he loves most: pulling a sled around New Hampshire’s North Country.

NH voters make a big showing at the polls Special

Dover - All across America, voters are casting their ballots in the Presidential election. In the city of Dover, New Hampshire, the lines at the polls were quite long, even during the normally quiet mid-morning period.

Bonnie and Clyde's guns are set for auction

Outlaw buffs rejoice as a piece one of history’s greatest fugitive couples will be auctioned off. Two guns belonging to the duo will be on the market as of this September.

After a mild winter, New Hampshire's Seacoast hit by winter storm Special

Dover - New Hampshire's Seacoast area was hit hard today by a winter storm, the first storm of 2012 to result in notable accumulation.

Did CBS purposely exclude Rep. Paul from report, poll graphic?

Manchester - Does the mainstream media hate Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul? That's what many of his supporters are asking themselves now. After Jan Crawford of CBS News omitted Dr. Paul from her report and from a polling graphic, many have complained to CBS.

GOP debate: Romney was unchallenged, Paul was all-in and more

Manchester - With less than 72 hours before the nation's first primary in New Hampshire, Republican presidential candidates led by national frontrunner Mitt Romney strut their wares on a Republican Presidential Debate here on Saturday.

GOP presidential race: Iowa tonight, New Hampshire next

No matter what happens in Iowa today, it looks like a Mitt Romney romp in New Hampshire. That would be the first primary of the election season.

Gov. Gary Johnson may run for U.S. President as a Libertarian

Concord - Former GOP New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has been non-existent in the Republican debates, which is why he may give up his bid for the Republican nomination. Instead, Johnson says he may pursue a third-party.

'Rick Perry' disputes claim he was drunk on SNL's Weekend Update

Texas Governor Rick Perry, played by SNL's Bill Hader, paid a visit to 'Weekend Update' to explain his recent strange behavior in New Hampshire that some have speculated was driven by drinking too much alcohol.

Ron Paul wins NH straw poll and raises more than $1.5 million

New Castle - Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul received two notable presents on his birthday Saturday, easily winning the New Hampshire straw poll and raising more than $1.5 million dollars in a single day's 'money bomb.'

Gary Johnson seeking to move from 'obscurity to prominence' in NH

Former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson recently announced his White House Republican candidacy and is seeking to evolve from 'obscurity to prominence' during his visit in New Hampshire.

Poll: Romney scores 8 points higher than Obama in New Hampshire

With the 2012 US presidential election competition just beginning, a poll released on Thursday gave Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney an eight-point advantage over President Obama in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire wants to add five years to police and fire service

In the first of several public hearings on February 25th, 2011, Senator Jeb Bradley addressed state employees about Senate Bill 3 which is intended to reform the New Hampshire retirement system.

Lyme disease 'Undercounted and Underfunded' Special

A previous article on Digital Journal highlighted the increase in the number of cases of Lyme disease throughout the United States. As a result of the story Carl Tuttle of the New Hampshire Lyme Misdiagnosis website got in touch with me.

First openly gay bishop to retire after strain of backlash

Gene Robinson, the Anglican Communion’s first openly gay bishop, is to quit, largely because of the constant opposition to his election by conservatives.

Shooting at polling station in New Hampshire (update/video)

Pittsburg - One person is dead and two are injured in a shooting at a Pittsburgh, New Hampshire polling station earlier Tuesday. The suspect is in custody.

Op-Ed: Despised and rejected – gays and Christianity

It’s never been easy being gay – especially gay and religious. It’s got better in some countries – and in my own, the UK, it’s almost cool, and there are laws to protect homosexuals against discrimination.

NH paper refuses to publish gay wedding announcements

Citing his paper’s long-standing opposition to gay marriage, the editor of New Hampshire’s leading newspaper says it would be “hypocritical” to publish gay marriage announcements.

Man convinces moms to molest their kids, let him view sex acts

Redford - Cops say a Michigan man manipulated women in three states to molest their own children and let him view by webcam or photographs the women took of the sex acts.

Granny D, Dead at 100

Granny D, the feisty New Hampshire activist and grandmother who walked across the country in 2000 to call attention to the need for campaign reform, has died at the age of 100.

New Hampshire teacher charged with indecent exposure

Londonderry - A New Hampshire high school teacher repeatedly offered to have sex with one of her students, police allege. In addition, she emailed nude photos of herself to the student.

Burger King Gives Singing Server the Royal Thumbs Down

For about the past four years, customers at a Concord, NH, Burger King have been getting an impromptu song along with their orders. The customers enjoyed it, but the district manager ordered the server to stop singing.
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The main gate
The main gate
Keene State College
Ron Paul speaking to supporters at a townhall at the University of New Hampshire in Durham  New Hamp...
Ron Paul speaking to supporters at a townhall at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire.
Gage Skidmore
Snow almost completely caked some street signs and trees.
Snow almost completely caked some street signs and trees.
Ron Paul speaking to supporters at a townhall at the University of New Hampshire in Durham  New Hamp...
Ron Paul speaking to supporters at a townhall at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire.
Gage Skidmore
Snow on a group of trees.
Snow on a group of trees.
A snowplow works the roads near some shopping plazas in Dover.
A snowplow works the roads near some shopping plazas in Dover.
A plow truck drives into a shopping center.
A plow truck drives into a shopping center.
The dark coloration of the timber rattlesnake in New Hampshire helps in camouflaging it from predato...
The dark coloration of the timber rattlesnake in New Hampshire helps in camouflaging it from predators.
Even the main roads between Dover and Portsmouth were heavy with snow.
Even the main roads between Dover and Portsmouth were heavy with snow.

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