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NDP and Conservatives tied as Canadian election campaign starts

Ottawa - As expected, Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with the Governor General today. The parliament was dissolved and writs were issued for a federal election on October 19.

Op-Ed: Tories, NDP almost tied in prediction for party to win most seats

Ottawa - The probability of the Conservatives under leader Stephen Harper winning the next federal election is 50.4, according to a Globe and Mail model.

Op-Ed: The changing face of Canadian politics

Ottawa - Justin Trudeau won the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) with 80 percent of the vote, while Tom Mulcair was confirmed by New Democrats (NDP) by 92 percent of delegates at the party's national convention. A shift is due in Canadian politics.

Op-Ed: Canada's New Democrats will try rebranding at upcoming convention

Montreal - At the upcoming federal New Democratic Party (NDP) convention coming up later this month in in Montreal, the party will debate and vote on changes to the preamble to the party constitution. Party brass would like to remove any references to "socialism".

Op-Ed: Did Thomas Mulcair betray Canada during his visit to Washington?

Washington - Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall accused Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Official opposition of betraying Canada's national interest during his recent visit to the US. Wall was referring to Mulcair's Keystone pipeline comments and his view on the oilsands.

Canada: Thomas Mulcair meets with Obama administration officials

Ottawa - New Democratic Party (NDP) and leader of the official opposition Thomas Mulcair will be in Washington this week to meet with officials of the Obama administration and members of Congress. With views closer aligned to Democrats, what can he accomplish?

Review: CBC's 'Jack' is an uncritical valentine to the late NDP leader Special

Is it too soon for a TV movie about Jack Layton? Yes – but the reason has nothing to do with sensitivity about the Canadian political leader's relatively recent passing. It's more about balance: nobody's ready for a fully objective depiction yet.

Rick Roberts recreates the essence of Jack Layton in new CBC bio Special

Toronto - For any actor, playing a real-life celebrity is a tricky job. Especially when it's a well-loved, progressive politician who passed away less than two years ago. Like Canadian NDP leader Jack Layton, who's getting the biopic treatment from CBC.

Op-Ed: NDP may remove references to 'socialism' in party constitution

Ottawa - The New Democratic Party, the main opposition party in the Canadian federal parliament, may rewrite to preamble to the party constitution. The preamble still has a few phrases that make favorable reference to "socialism".

Ed Broadbent calls for more taxes to battle income gaps in Canada

Toronto - One year since Occupy Wall Street became one of the leading political movements, the left-leaning Broadbent Institute published a report that highlights income inequality as one of the most important issues facing Canada.

Ontario New Democrats surging in the polls, Liberals lose support

Toronto - It seems the province of Ontario's two opposition parties are garnering the support from voters. A new poll suggests that the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats are tied for the first, with Andrea Horwath's NDP surging in public opinion.

New NDP ad attacks Canadian Prime Minister and his 'solutions'

Ottawa - Is Canada in the middle of an election season? No, but that hasn't stopped the federal parties from dishing out attack ads against their opponents. The latest one comes from Thomas Mulcair's New Democratic Party questioning the prime minister's solution.

Canada: Tories launch new attack against Mulcair, New Democrats

Ottawa - The Canadian Conservative Party has launched new attacks against Thomas Mulcair and his Official Opposition party, the New Democrats. The website takes a harsh look at the records of the NDP shadow cabinet.

Canadian Politics: New Democrats now tied with Conservatives

Ottawa - The New Democratic Party is riding the Mulcair wave, and a recent new poll suggests Stephen Harper should be very afraid of losing his job.

New Democrat Craig Scott wins big in Toronto-Danforth by-election

Toronto - Toronto-Danforth remains orange for at least the next three years. New Democratic Party candidate Craig Scott won in an overwhelming fashion by garnering nearly 60 percent of the vote and will now succeed former NDP leader Jack Layton.

All eyes on by-election for Jack Layton's Toronto-Danforth riding Special

Toronto - Toronto-Danforth is one of the most widely known federal ridings in the nation, which is due in part to former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton. Due to his death, a federal by-election was called and now 11 candidates are vying for his seat.

Canadian NDP MP checks his hair, falls asleep in House of Commons

Ottawa - A new video uploaded to YouTube is making the rounds this week. The video shows New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Jonathan Genest-Jourdain checking out his hair and apparently falling asleep during a House of Commons session.

Canadian NDP set to select successor in Jack Layton's riding

Toronto - New Democratic Party members are scheduled to nominate the individual to succeed former party leader Jack Layton in his Toronto-Danforth riding. There are five candidates to vote for during Monday evening's meeting.

Op-Ed: Canada — Rae in the right about NDP, Liberal merger

Canada's Liberals and New Democrats share a lot: their opposition of the Harper-led Conservatives, their lack of clear leadership heading into the next election, and according to former Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, several key values.

Op-Ed: Canada — Next NDP leader has big shoes to fill

When Jack Layton assumed leadership of the New Democratic Party in January 2003, the party was in shambles. With only 13 seats to its credit, little was expected of the NDP, and it's somewhat doubtful anyone could have foreseen its success.

No political ads before an election? Ontario NDP wants controls

Toronto - Andrea Horwath's Ontario New Democratic Party wants to ban political advertisements that air before an election. Horwath says voters are tired of special interest groups manipulating the political process.

Canada's Liberals up in the polls, NDP, Tories take a minor dip

Toronto - It has been nearly four months since Canadian voters headed to the polls. After a historic election, where do the federal parties and their leaders stand with the electorate? New polling numbers suggest a minor change in support.

Op-Ed: Canada's Layton leaves big shoes to fill

Once Jack Layton is properly feted and supporters and respect-filled rivals, alike, get to wish him well in his second cancer battle, the New Democratic Party will soon embark on the biggest political challenge in party history.

Canadian officials commemorate War Crimes Day at Queen's Park Special

Toronto - Thousands of Canadian Tamils and public officials gathered in front of the Ontario Legislature at Queen's Park in Toronto to commemorate the second annual International War Crimes Day remembrance ceremony.

Canadian Parliament returns in June, PM chooses cabinet this week

Ottawa - After winning a majority government earlier this month, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper officially announced the return of Members of Parliament. The 41st Parliament will come back to Ottawa on June 2.

Will Canada's Liberals, New Democrats merge into one party?

Toronto - After Michael Ignatieff's Liberal Party of Canada took a severe beating in last week's federal election, there have been talks of a "progressive" merger between the Liberals and the New Democratic Party. But NDP Leader Jack Layton is not interested.

Canada's NDP Deputy Leader questions bin Laden photo existence

Montreal - Canada's New Democratic Party is now the official Opposition party in the House of Commons after a historic federal election Monday. But the party's Deputy Leader is now in hot water after he questioned the existence of photos of Osama bin Laden.

Canadian federal candidate who was never in riding wins in Quebec

Berthier - New Democratic Party candidate Ruth Ellen Brosseau, an assistant manager at a bar, defeated Bloc Quebecois Berthier-Maskinonge incumbent Member of Parliament Guy Andre. But who is she? Not a lot of people know, including voters.

Hundreds protest in Toronto ahead of Canadian federal election Special

Toronto - Under rainy skies, hundreds of activists, voters and concerned citizens gathered in downtown Toronto's Parkdale community to protest and march as part of International Workers’ Day. Parkdale New Democratic Party candidate Peggy Nash attended briefly.

Jack Layton blames Canadian PM over NDP candidates' vacations

Montreal - New Democratic Party candidates are taking mid-campaign vacations in sunny destinations, which have received criticism. But whose fault is it? NDP Leader Jack Layton blames Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
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NDP Parkdale-High Park Member of Parliament and Finance Critic  Peggy Nash.
NDP Parkdale-High Park Member of Parliament and Finance Critic, Peggy Nash.
NDP leader Jack Layton answering a question.
NDP leader Jack Layton answering a question.
Jack Layton thanking the crowd after his speech.
Jack Layton thanking the crowd after his speech.
Roadkill could be coming to a supermarket near you
Roadkill could be coming to a supermarket near you
J. Mark Dodds
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton giving his grandchild his campaign pledges.
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton giving his grandchild his campaign pledges.
Jack Layton memorial by Toronto artist David Pellettier at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal.
Jack Layton memorial by Toronto artist David Pellettier at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal.
NDP leader Jack Layton entering the Town Hall.
NDP leader Jack Layton entering the Town Hall.
From left to right: Peggy Nash  NDP federal candidate  NDP leader Jack Layton  NDP Member of Parliam...
From left to right: Peggy Nash, NDP federal candidate, NDP leader Jack Layton, NDP Member of Parliament Olivia Chow and NDP candidate Andrew Cash.
Former Ontario New Democratic Party candidate Shaila Kabris
Former Ontario New Democratic Party candidate Shaila Kabris
NDP federal nominee Peggy Nash
NDP federal nominee Peggy Nash
NDP cross-country tour bus.
NDP cross-country tour bus.
City Councillor Mike Layton.
City Councillor Mike Layton.
Jack Layton
Jack Layton
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton signing campaign pledges.
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton signing campaign pledges.
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton
New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton

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