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Neurons News

New type of cell discovered that keeps time regularity

Scientists have long wondered how the brain keeps in sync and there have been theories about a type of neuron that acts as brain's metronome. This may now be a reality, based on a new technique for measuring electrical activity.

Essential Science: Halting neuronal loss in Parkinson’s disease

A new drug aims to freeze Parkinson's disease in its tracks. The drug targets neuroinflammation, and researchers think this could halt further neuronal loss in Parkinson’s disease.

First 'wired' map of the brain produced

Cardiff - If the brain is a giant and powerful computer, then the network of neurons that inter-space the grey and white matter can be thought of as a wiring system.

Essential Science: Scientists are listening in on the brain

This week’s Essential Science takes a peak at research being carried out by different scientists to better understand the brain and brain activity. This involves the use of two novel processes, one based on sound and the other using light.

The new theory about memory formation surprises scientists

The rules of memory are 'beautifully' rewritten, according to new Riken-MIT research. The findings completely change earlier theories about the formation of memories in the brain.

Essential Science: Neuroscience insights into our online habits

Philadelphia - When we scan social media what triggers a reaction? How do we decide to share an article or a video? Why does a video of a cat chasing puppies appeal one week, whereas a video of another animal not? Neuroscientists have been investigating.

Parts of the brain fall asleep and wake up again

When people are awake the brain’s activity moves through states described as waves. This new observation seems to relate to how much attention is paid at a given point in time and may explain attention lapses.

Human cold virus linked to neurological conditions

Major respiratory viruses in the coronavirus family, like the one responsible for the common cold, as well as being dangerous respiratory pathogens, can cause lasting neurological diseases, according to new research.

Human development was based around increasing brain neurons

Vanderbilt - Size matters when it comes to human evolution, although the advancement in cognitive thinking owes more to the concentration of neurons than it does to the size of the brain, according to a new study.

The nerve that controls drinking behavior detected

When some people go out drinking they find it hard to stop and go for the extra pint, glass or shot. Imagine if your brain could control this and kick in and tell you stop? This might be possible thanks to a new neurological discovery.

Neurochemical signal as the cause of Parkinson’s

New research from Northwestern University indicates the likely cause of Parkinson’s disease is a missing the neurochemical signal where an important chemical is not effectively delivered to the brain.

Waking and sleeping states need a ‘chemical cocktail’

The act of falling asleep and then waking up is more complex, and slightly different, than previously thought, according to new research. The process involves a chemical cocktail.

Scientists discover brain 10 times more powerful than thought

New York - Between Internet social technology and other complexities of life in the 21st century, it’s easy to complain of information overload.

Eating sweets rewires the brain

Eating sweet foods leaves a trace memory in the brain in a way that is different when savory foods are consumed. Here neurons in the brain are switched on and a memory is formed.

3D bioprinting regenerates nerve cells

In the latest technological leap with 3D printing, scientists are close to using a device to regenerate neurons. This is through the use of a tissue-printing machine.

Memristor circuit recreates the brain and carries out human tasks

Researchers have developed a new kind of neural circuit that uses memristor technology to replicate the complex human brain. The "intelligent" circuit was able to perform some human tasks that computers usually struggle at, such as image classification.

Neurons for pain and itching discovered

Zurich - Which nerve cells are involved with pain and itching? Researchers have found that inhibitory nerve cells in the spinal cord stop the transmission of pain and itch signals in mice.

European brain project under review

Brussels - Following serious criticism throughout 2014, the European Commission–led scheme to map the brain’s neural connections must undergo serious reform or be shut down, according to a review panel.

New clues about learning and neurons

To learn how to run on a wheel with unevenly spaced rungs, mice must be able to make new myelin, the fatty sheaths that insulate neuronal axons. This finding changes some perceptions on how animals learn.

‘Alzheimer’s in a Dish’ a breakthrough in search for cure

Scientists have succeeded in replicating human brain cells with typical Alzheimer’s Disease structures. Up to now, researchers searching for a treatment have had to work with mouse brains, an imperfect and unsatisfactory substitute.

Remarkable biology of the crayfish revealed

The blood cells in adult crayfish can form neurons, according to a new paper. The research supports the theory of trans-differentiation, in which cells of one type contribute to tissues that originate from a different part of an animal's body.

Protein may be key to treating Parkinson's, brain cancer

Chapel Hill - Researchers have found that a protein present in the brain helps neurons and brain cancer cells avoid cell death, a discovery scientists hope will lead to better treatments for not only brain cancer, but for Parkinson’s Disease as well.

New way of watching 'neurons in action' (video)

Researchers have imaged the electrical impulses of a worm and in the zebrafish nervous system. It is hoped that the pioneering technology could be used soon to show activity in the human brain.

Complicated electronics: The first retina wiring diagram produced

Researchers have created a neural wiring diagram of a chunk of mouse retina by analyzing thousands of electron microscopy images. This has produced the first map of an animal's retina.

Our brains are wired for music

How does music become science? During the World Science Festival 2009 musical artist Bobby McFerrin demonstrated the way neurons interact with an audience experiment.

Op-Ed: A robot arrives with biological brain and multiple personalities

Grab a few rat neurons, tie ‘em into a computer, and you’ve got Gordon. The idea is “to study how memories are stored in a biological brain”. The truly fascinating thing is that Gordon has turned out to be several real individuals, already.

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Illustration of neurons in action.
Illustration of neurons in action.
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