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Secret state? Surge in private VPN requests from journalists Special

Requests for virtual private networks (VPNs) increased ten-fold between 2019 and 2020, according to data collated by NordVPN. Many of the requests came from journalists working in repressive regimes.

Encrypting data is the key to a peaceful New Year Special

As businesses glide into 2021 they need to consider that cyberattacks will continue and probably at a faster rate. This means putting in security measures now. A key focus should be with encryption.

Why the network is essential for digital transformation success Special

Robust system networking, together with suitable software, is an essential element that companies need to get right in order to progress with their digital transformation roadmap. Expert David Cheriton explains how.

Q&A: Accelerating self-driving cars with advanced networks Special

Digital transformation success requires sophisticated networks, yet putting these in place takes time. Can the tech adoption curve be shortened? An expert from Apstra provides some solutions.

How Coherent Ising Machines can solve real-world problems

New research aims to develop optical and superconducting devices for the study of quantum-to-classical crossover physics and critical phenomena. This is to develop Coherent Ising Machines, devices for solving computationally hard optimization problems.

New study shows vulnerabilities of guest WiFi networks

New research from Israel indicates that suggests routers, produced by established manufacturers, are at risk in terms of data leaks, especially in relation to people who connect up to these services.

Is the world run by superconnected companies?

Scientists have been looking at the economic connections that shape the world and they’ve established the worst nightmare of the conspiracy theorist — that a very small group of companies hold most power in the world economy.

Q&A: Decentralized IoT networks help supply-chains Special

Blockchain has the potential to transform supply chains but it is hampered by an ability of scale. To counter this, technology company Ambrosus have outlined steps to achieve a scalable blockchain-based supply chain.

Strategies for dealing with IoT networks

The Internet of Things is impacting on a range of businesses in terms of producing valuable data streams. Such data can inform on internal controls or gather information about new markets. A new survey looks at strategy tips.

Interview: New network-as-a-service platform for healthcare Special

The company Akiri recently launched a network-as-a-service platform to the entire healthcare industry, called the Akiri Switch, a subscription-based data network. Digital Journal speaks to Akiri CEO, Adriaan Ligtenberg.

New Wi-Fi standard offers 'robust' encryption and security

The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced WPA3, a next-generation security protocol to succeed the current WPA2 standard. The specification improves wireless security on open networks. It also increases encryption strength to protect users of sensitive networks.

Digital transformation in telecoms to create agile 'open telcos'

Telecoms operators are embracing digital transformation and technological change to develop new networks and improve the customer experience. The telecoms industry is in a leading-edge position for connectivity as businesses start to demand cloud tech.

Microsoft to triple cloud capacity in China as demand grows

Microsoft has announced it's to triple the capacity of its Azure cloud network in China after observing "rapid momentum" in the service's growth. Azure launched in China three years ago and now has over 80,000 enterprise customers.

Samsung announces plans to 'democratise' the Internet of Things

Samsung launched several new Internet of Things services this week during the company's annual Developer Conference. The company said it wants to enable "connected, seamless experiences" to assist consumers, including voice control and augmented reality.

Public cloud revenue to reach $260bn this year due to SaaS demand

The public cloud services market is expected to grow by 18.5% during 2017 to a total of $260bn. Market analysts Gartner said the increase is being led by "faster than expected" growth in SaaS and IaaS products, supplemented by growing confidence in PaaS.

'Critical need' for IoT experts who can mine digital data

The increasing prevalence of IoT in manufacturing is driving demand for people capable of translating data streams into actionable insights. A new report has found IoT helps businesses be more efficient but fully utilising the tech can be challenging.

Interview: Businesses need to troubleshoot for network failures Special

Many enterprise networks are vulnerable due to their evolutionary nature, which leads to outages, vulnerabilities and other network disruptions. Companies like Veriflow. have solutions for businesses. To find out how, we spoke with Dr. Brighten Godfrey.

Aging infrastructure still impeding digital transformation

Digital transformation strategies are being "held back" by a reliance on legacy tech, according to a new report. As companies try to modernise their IT, they remain restricted by aging infrastructure that can't be migrated to the cloud.

Man spends 11 hours trying to persuade a smart kettle to make tea

A man has spent an entire day attempting to get a smart kettle to make him a cup of tea. The English data specialist found his Wi-Fi enabled kettle was no longer connecting to its base station, preventing it from functioning and leaving him without tea.

EU to rollout ultrafast 100Mbps broadband across Europe by 2025

The European Union is planning to set ambitious new targets for universal Internet connections over the next decade. It wants to see everyone in Europe able to access 100Mbps ultrafast broadband by 2025, allowing for new online experiences.

Campaign pressures mobile networks to turn on smartphone FM radio

A Canadian campaign is attempting to force mobile operators to turn on the FM radio chips in modern smartphones. The majority of devices do support FM radio but the chip is factory disabled, preventing people from accessing news, weather and free music.

'Game of Thrones' takes eight early Emmys; HBO grabs 29

Los Angeles - The 67th Emmy Awards will be handed Sept. 20. But, many winners were announced at a gala last night (Sept. 12) in downtown Los Angeles

Researchers create fastest network in the entire world

Researchers with the University of Denmark say that they have created the fastest network in the world, at 43 terabits per second, which would allow you to download full movies in around .2 milliseconds.

Europe issues Wi-Fi data theft warning

Europe's top cybercrime police officer has warned that important information should not be sent over public Wi-Fi hotspots, due to a rise in hacking.

Critics' Choice: 'Big Bang Theory' and 'American Horror' lead

It may seem like The Critic's Choice Television Awards are older, but they will be celebrating their third anniversary on June 10. The nominations for those awards were announced today

Did you watch any of these reporters in 2011?

As far as the network news broadcasts are concerned, who do you tune in to see? Did you ever wonder how many minutes they log in a year?

AdWeek claims online privacy measure will yield 'apocalypse'

In an editorial piece detailing the online advertising industry's concerns with the FTC's Do Not Track discussions in Congress, AdWeek claims the measure will result in an "ad apocalypse."

Stars join together to promote volunteering

When you are watching television this week you may notice a theme throughout several of your favorite shows - philanthropy.

ABC, NBC refuse to air ad critical of Democratic health care plan

ABC and NBC are refusing to air an ad from a group opposed to the Democratic healthcare reform efforts, according to the group behind the ad. The League of American voters is sponsoring the 33 second ad and is criticizing the decision.

Op-Ed: If It's Good TV, They Will Come, Demographics be Damned

Slow as they’ve been, the television industry caught up to me. For years I’ve asked why all the focus on youth-oriented programming, when it’s geezers and geezerettes who inherited the geezers money, who have all the liquid cash; not teens.
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Mainstream media losing its viewership.
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