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Netflix News

Netflix plunges 14 percent after missing subscriber additions

Netflix's stock got hammered after the bell after reporting that it added far fewer subscribers in the second quarter than Wall Street was expecting — and warned of another subscriber shortfall to come in the third quarter.

Netflix shares dive as subscriber growth misses mark

San Francisco - Netflix shares plunged Monday after the leading streaming television service said subscriber growth fell short of expectations in the recently ended quarter.Membership in the quarter grew 5.

Netflix is testing a new 'Ultra' tier, slightly pricier service

The streaming service Netflix is testing a new "Ultra" tier, which may mean bad news for its premium users. In Europe, this may cost up to 20 euros a month.

Peyton Wich from 'Stranger Things' talks 'The Darkest Minds' film Special

Young actor Peyton Wich (best known as the bullying middle schooler Troy in "Stranger Things" on Netflix) chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming film.

Review: Psychological illusionist soars on new Netflix special 'Miracle' Special

On June 22, 2018, British psychological illusionist Derren Brown premiered his show "Miracle" on Netflix. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Netflix market value reaches $150 billion, exceeds Comcast

On Thursday, May 24, the streaming service Netflix ruled the entertainment world. The market value of Netflix soared over $150 billion.

Op-Ed: Networks vs public broadcasters – Ugly test case in progress

Sydney - Australia’s two public broadcasters, ABC and SBS, are being accused by private broadcasters of “competing” with them. The legal basis for this complaint is that they’re supposed to be “competitive neutral”, which can mean anything at all.

Netflix is making a new show about BuzzFeed reporters

Netflix is releasing a 20-episode documentary series that follows BuzzFeed News reporters as they develop their stories. The series, "Follow This," premieres July 9 on the streaming service.

Netflix to sell $1.5 billion in bonds to finance more content

Los Gatos - Netflix Inc. the huge US-based entertainment company provides streaming media, video on demand and now produces films and TV. The firm will sell $1.5 billion of bonds the company said in a statement

Netflix was in talks to buy theaters to screen its films

Netflix was considering to make a bold move. The streaming service reportedly was in talks to buy Landmark Theaters, in order to screen its films.

Netflix shares soar to record highs as subscribers are added

Shares of Netflix, the on-demand video streaming service, hit a record high on Tuesday April 17 subsequent to a report that for the fourth straight quarter the service added more subscribers.

Netflix series shows 'necessary' Philippine drug war: director

Manila - The deadly drug war waged by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is to be dramatised in the first Netflix series by award-winning director Brillante Mendoza, who says the internationally-condemned crackdown is "necessary".

Netflix pokes fun in Brazil with 'corruption shops'

Bras - Brazilian travelers are finding something much more intriguing at airports than the booze and chocolates at duty free: "corruption shops.

Netflix pays its queen less than her consort on 'The Crown'

Los Angeles - She's not known for histrionics, but Queen Elizabeth II would surely struggle to maintain her famous poise if she knew the actress playing her on "The Crown" earned less than the man portraying her husband.

Obama in negotiations to create Netflix series: report

San Francisco - Former US President Barack Obama is in negotiations with Netflix about producing a series of shows for the online streaming giant, according to US media reports.

Review: This psychological illusionist is back with edgy Netflix special Special

British psychological illusionist Derren Brown is back with his edgy new special on Netflix entitled "The Push." He will blow his audiences away.

Television titans bulk up to battle internet rivals

New York - Traditional television titans are bulking up in a battle with online streaming giants Netflix and Amazon as viewers take to binging on shows when and where they want.

Op-Ed: Blockchain to replace Netflix and Old Media? It’s on its way

Sydney - Consider thousands or millions/billions of computers acting as broadcasters. Exit Big Entertainment, Netflix, and maybe even exterminate the appalling slop claiming to be entertainment? It can happen.

Netflix nears 118 million streaming subscribers worldwide

Netflix has a major reason to be proud. It hit a major milestone with its number of subscribers! The entertainment company has almost 118 million streaming subscribers worldwide.

Streaming services take over Golden Globes, become the new normal

On January 7, streaming services dominated the 75th annual Golden Globe awards, thus becoming the unremarkable new normal.

Report predicts 40 percent of Americans will cut the cord by 2030

In spite of the availability of many digital streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix, 85 percent of U.S. households have traditional cable TV. Yet, market analyst TDG Research predicts that by 2030 up to 40 percent of Americans will have cut the cord.

Barbra Streisand is headed to Netflix with concert special

Miami - Barbra Streisand is heading to Netflix. "Barbra: The Music... The Mem'ries... The Magic!" will premiere on November 22 on Netflix.

Why companies like Facebook and Netflix will rule TV's future

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has a vision of the future of TV-style shows, and if it’s true, the cable TV industry should be getting nervous.

BBC announces £34m fund to resist Netflix's popularity with kids

The BBC has announced a new £34 million investment in digital content as it plans to fend off competition from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The broadcaster is focusing on children, claiming UK youth are influenced by American tech giants.

Why use new tools to tell tales? Special

Brooklyn - With new technology, storytelling is changing, allowing people to choose which plot lines to follow. But is the experience more satisfying than the traditional relationship between makers of content and its consumers?

Netflix row stirs tough questions for cinema's future

Cannes - The bitter row over whether Netflix films should be shown at the Cannes film festival is billed as generational clash that calls into question the future of cinema.

‘The Defenders’ trailer brings the war for NY to Hell’s Kitchen Special

The trailer for Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’ promises a show that will deliver even more great action and a new, mysterious villain that looks like she can handle anything they throw at her.

Amazon to spend about $4.5 billion on its fight against Netflix

Amazon is set to spend a gargantuan ~$4.5 billion on video in 2017, according to analysts at J.P. Morgan, a figure that would put the internet giant much closer to rival Netflix than many industry observers thought.

‘Master of None’ season 2 trailer conceals promised love interest Special

Netflix original series ‘Master of None’ has announced a release date for season 2 and a new trailer, which hints at a grand adventure and still tumultuous love life.

‘Death Note’ teaser may have lost something in translation Special

Netflix just dropped a teaser trailer for its upcoming feature adaptation of ‘Death Note’ and it’s definitely taking a different approach to the material.
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Tech insider
A scene from  Stranger Things
A scene from 'Stranger Things'
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in 2015
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in 2015
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings demonstrating how to use the service at the Toronto launch event
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings demonstrating how to use the service at the Toronto launch event
File photo of Toronto s Videoflicks store
File photo of Toronto's Videoflicks store
Netflix movie fans.
Netflix movie fans.
David Silverberg
Now on Netflix  the BBC series  Merlin  provides a twist to the Arthurian Legend  introducing it to ...
Now on Netflix, the BBC series "Merlin" provides a twist to the Arthurian Legend, introducing it to new generation of fans. Seen here are Colin Morgan as a young Merlin and veteran actor Richard Wilson as Gaius, the court physician who takes the young Merlin under his wing as an apprentice. Debuting on the BBC in 2008, the series aired for four years ending in 2012.
Screengrab by Jonathan Farrell
Germany s selections have two Sandler classics in  Billy Madison  and  Big Daddy  while offering a f...
Germany's selections have two Sandler classics in "Billy Madison" and "Big Daddy" while offering a few other newer releases.
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
A scene from  The Defenders
A scene from 'The Defenders'
Netflix is already a big organization around the world and is still growing. If you meet the require...
Netflix is already a big organization around the world and is still growing. If you meet the requirements then you could join them.
Image from ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday
Image from ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday'
Apatow Productions
Concept art for the updated Magic School Bus 360
Concept art for the updated Magic School Bus 360
A booth showcasing the game consoles available for Netflix at the Toronto event.
A booth showcasing the game consoles available for Netflix at the Toronto event.
Netflix shows its support of Internet Slowdown Day
Netflix shows its support of Internet Slowdown Day
Screen Capture
The Get Down
The Get Down
The US offerings steer clear of many of Sandler s biggest hit comedies focusing instead on a few of ...
The US offerings steer clear of many of Sandler's biggest hit comedies focusing instead on a few of his more serious roles like "Punch-Drunk Love" and "Reign Over Me."