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Netflix News

Rogers and Shaw launch Netflix-like service called 'Shomi'

Shaw Communications and Rogers Communications have teamed up to launch 'Shomi,' a video-on demand service with more than 10,000 hours of popular TV shows.

Disgruntled Verizon customer uses VPN to improve Netflix stream

As Netflix and Verizon continue to duke it out over net neutrality issues, customers are becoming increasingly frustrated with slow streaming speeds.

Kevin Spacey is making $500,000 per episode for 'House of Cards'

There's a big reason Kevin Spacey made the jump to Netflix. According to a new salary report from TV Guide, Spacey is making $500,000 an episode for his lead role on the Emmy-winning political thriller "House of Cards."

Netflix is going to pay AT&T to make movies stream faster

Netflix and AT&T reached an agreement that will provide streaming content directly to customers, in hopes that buffering on popular shows will be reduced.

With Netflix's European invasion approaching, France braces

Netflix is coming to Europe in September, a move that has France's VOD market -- and its government -- bracing for impact.

Slingshot offers a VPN just for people who want streaming video

A virtual private network (VPN) is nothing new to those who follow technology. However the New Zealand internet service provider has set one up just so people in nearby countries can watch streaming video services such as Netflix.

How a select few can get paid to watch and tag Netflix videos

Netflix uses "taggers" to shuffle their videos into the categories you enjoy. They have them all over the world and now you may have a chance to join them.

Blackberry teams up with Amazon to bring three times more apps

Good news for consumer and enterprise Blackberry users as over 240,000 new apps will arrive to Blackberry's AppWorld. Blackberry has partnered up with Amazon as a cost-cutting technique to bring more apps to users.

Netflix moves into late-night programming, signs Chelsea Handler

Wondering where those Netflix price hike dollars were spent? More content and better original programming, beginning with the first-ever late night talk show with one eccentric personality.

Netflix to revive 'The Magic School Bus'

Children of the 90s rejoice — Netflix has greenlighted new episodes of the popular animated educational children’s series.

Op-Ed: Netflix snubs and criticizes Verizon

Netflix has refused to comply with a cease-and-desist order from Verizon to stop telling customers that Verizon is responsible for their poor streaming. Further legal action has been threatened with little response.

Op-Ed: Netflix rats out ISP throttling

Netflix is now telling people when an ISP is impairing their service with a handy announcement. This likely comes after some troublesome negotiations between the companies.

Which online movie rental service is right for you?

All online movie rental services are not created equal. Providers of streaming video rentals vary in terms of selection, quality and price.

Op-Ed: Netflix still can't catch up

Using Netflix will not always involve scrolling through grids of movies served up by genre or because you watched one episode of a show. A Netflix executive says the streaming service may not throw hundreds of choices at people all at once.

Blind entrepreneur creates a Netflix for the blind Special

Toronto - To people who are blind or visually impaired, audio description IS important. Audio description can be found on various platforms except video on demand services. This is changing with an audio description on demand service.

Netflix plans price hike for its subscriptions

Netflix surprised customers today with their the announcement of their decision to increase monthly plans by $1 to $2 in their shareholder newsletter.

Interview with Lee Rumohr, Canadian actor Special

Lee Rumohr is a multi-talented Canadian actor that can do it all: television, film, theater, commercials and he can even sing.

Netflix shares fall on Comcast-Apple report

Netflix shares slumped more than 7 percent on Monday after a report about a new television streaming product that Comcast and Apple were working on together. Netflix shares fell $31.49 or 7.78 percent to $374.67.

AT&T rejects Netflix call for free interconnection as unfair

AT&T on Friday dismissed Netflix's recent call for free interconnection as an arrogant and unfair attempt to force others to pay for the content provider to gain access to faster broadband speeds an...

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin team up for new Netflix comedy

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin will star in a new comedy on the Netflix Inc video-streaming service about rival women who forge a new relationship after their husbands fall in love with each other.

Comcast, Netflix reach agreement on smoother streaming

New York - Netflix has reached an agreement with cable and internet giant Comcast so that the US video-streaming service's programming can be viewed more smoothly, the two announced Sunday.The companies "have established a more direct connection between Netflix a...

Netflix to pay Comcast for faster speeds

Netflix has agreed to pay one of the largest broadband providers in the United States Comcast Corp for faster speeds, throwing open the possibility that more content companies will have to shell out for better service.

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' makes the Force a Netflix exclusive

The sixth and final season of Lucasfilm's animated television series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" will be available exclusively on Netflix next month, the video streaming service and Walt Disney Co's ABC group said on Thursday.

Netflix shares surge as membership numbers climb

San Francisco - Netflix shares jumped Wednesday after the streaming television and film service reported strong earnings and a surge in membership.Shares of California-based Netflix were up more than 17 percent to $391.

Video: 'Fireplace For Your Home' makes a comeback

This is just what you need as a backing to your holiday celebrations. Apologies for the corny cliche, but "Fireplace For Your Home" will warm the cockles of your heart. You can even enjoy the "making of" right here on Digital Journal.

Not all ‘Bad’ as ‘Saul’ spins off into Europe and South America

Europe and Latin America stand to get the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul next year on Netflix, right after it’s been aired on AMC in the United States.

'House of Cards' Season 2 trailer promises 'butchery'

'House of Cards,' the Netflix series loved by critics and fans alike is scheduled to premier its second season Feb.14, 2014, in time for Valentine's Day. To promote Season Two, Netflix released an intrigue-soaked trailer to whet the appetite of viewers.

Mitt Romney documentary to run on Netflix

Los Angeles - A full-length documentary chronicling Republican Mitt Romney's presidential bid will run on Netflix in January and enjoy an exclusive debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

5 Marvel Comics shows to air on Netflix streaming starting 2015

Marvel Comics and Netflix have joined forces to bring five live-action Marvel Comics series to the Netflix streaming service come 2015 starting with "Daredevil."

Netflix set to fight battle against 'in-season binge-watching'

"Binge watching," defined as watching three more more TV episodes a day, is becoming increasingly common thanks to Netflix, Hulu and other services. Netflix is now going to battle with TV networks over a specific type of binge watching.
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Netflix Image

Netflix is already a big organization around the world and is still growing. If you meet the require...
Netflix is already a big organization around the world and is still growing. If you meet the requirements then you could join them.
Netflix blocked off a portion of John Street in Toronto to promote its movie-streaming service insid...
Netflix blocked off a portion of John Street in Toronto to promote its movie-streaming service inside special tents
Even Netflix is tired of dealing with ISP tactics.
Even Netflix is tired of dealing with ISP tactics.
Bryan Gosline
The 1981 PBS series  Brideshead Revisited  is available on Netflix.
The 1981 PBS series "Brideshead Revisited" is available on Netflix.
A TV showing the Netflix in-queue interface.
A TV showing the Netflix in-queue interface.
Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey
A shot of several Netflix envelopes
A shot of several Netflix envelopes
Flickr user Laura Fries
File photo of Toronto s Videoflicks store
File photo of Toronto's Videoflicks store
Clip from the upcoming fourth season of Arrested Development
Clip from the upcoming fourth season of Arrested Development
YouTube screenshot
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings
UPI/David Silpa
Concept art for the updated Magic School Bus 360
Concept art for the updated Magic School Bus 360
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings demonstrating how to use the service at the Toronto launch event
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings demonstrating how to use the service at the Toronto launch event
A booth showcasing the game consoles available for Netflix at the Toronto event
A booth showcasing the game consoles available for Netflix at the Toronto event

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