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Nervous system News

Mystery of how stress causes gray hair revealed

How does stress cause gray hair? The biological processes have long puzzled scientists. Now a new study reveals that it's all down to the body's nervous system and stem cells.

Cells carry memory of an injury, resulting in chronic pain

London - A new study from King's College in London has opened the door into further research into chronic pain and why it persists, even after the injury that caused the pain is gone.

EFSA to look at the cumulative risk from pesticides

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has started a new, year-long pilot study that will assess the cumulative risks from pesticides on the thyroid and nervous system.

Nervous system filmed for the first time

The inner workings of the human body have always intrigued scientists. Now for the first time they have been able to film a functioning nervous system.

Op-Ed: Is fracking dangerous to human health? Special

Four states — Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas — have confirmed that hydraulic fracturing, also called "fracking," has caused water pollution near oil and gas wells.

Got an itch? Scientists unravel how pain gets to the brain

Bethesda - Researchers have found the molecule that delivers itchiness signals to the brain. This is via a dedicated, and previously unknown, neural pathway.

WHO supports international treaty on mercury management

The World Health Organization agrees to support a new international coordination to reduce the impact of mercury pollution and exposure.

Study Shows Obesity Connected with Nervous System

A discovery by Queen’s biologists and their students sheds new light on the genetic roots of obesity – a condition that is increasing dramatically in North America and has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Study: Brain Can Rewire Nervous System After Injury

Scientists reported Monday that tiny nerves crisscrossing the spine can bypass crippling injuries, which was once thought irreversible.

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