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Neighbors News

Stephen Paddock: silent killer who was a stranger to neighbors

Mesquite - In America's macabre recent history of mass shootings, it has become something of a cliche: the loner who moved silently in his community, never getting too close to neighbors or revealing his hand.

Op-Ed: The negative impact of a wall between Canada and U.S.

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker has raised eyebrows this week with his new stance on immigration. Not only does he agree with Donald Trump on a border wall with Mexico, but he thinks a wall between the US and Canada might be good, too.

China airstrip nears completion on disputed Spratly islands

Washington - A new 10,000-foot airstrip being built by China in the Spratly islands near The Philippines is nearly complete, suggesting the start of new aggressiveness in the region by the world's most populous country.

Blu-ray/DVD Essentials: Hugh Dancy serves up 'Hannibal' Special

Portraying the gifted but deeply troubled serial killer hunter for two seasons on the grisly hit series 'Hannibal,' Hugh Dancy knows practically everything about Special Agent Will Graham. He reveals some of the methods behind his character's madness.

Review: New on DVD for September 23 Special

This week’s releases include a royal mess of national proportions; Marvel’s appropriation of the small screen; an over-the-top comedy with wasted sentiment; and every episode of one of TV history’s most outrageous sitcoms.

Review: ‘Neighbors’ refreshes the fraternity rivalry Special

‘Neighbors’ is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. A noisy fraternity moves into a pleasant community, particularly upsetting a young couple who take action.

Comic film 'Neighbors' pits party-over against party-on

It's OK to grow up. Even Seth Rogen says so.

SXSW: Hot ticket to film premieres, concerts, and interviews

Described by James Franco as “one of the best festivals in the States,” South by SouthWest is a convergence of music, film and interactive technologies where big name musicians, tech companies, and even an Academy Award-winning movie have premiered.

Man fires civil war cannon at his neighbors, gets arrested

A sleepy, rural town in upstate New York was abruptly awoken one day to the sounds of cannon fire; civil war cannon fire, to be exact.

Video: Comedy movie 'Neighbors' Red Band trailer

A Red Band trailer has been released for the comedy movie "Neighbors" which hits theaters May 2014. It stars Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, and Zac Efron.

Wife buries husband in backyard

San Bernardino - The body of 63-year-old Thomas Winn was found buried under his own backyard. It turns out that Thomas's wife was not able to give him a proper burial due to their financial situation.

Nephew discovers body of dead uncle in house after 20 years

Even though his ex-wife reported Vicente Benito missing in 1992, no one thought to search his home until last week, when his nephew broke into the house and discovered his dead body.

Oz soap Neighbours invites you to be a star for a month

The Australian soap Neighbours is to give British fans a chance to have a guest role for a month, it has been announced.

Neighbors catch baby thrown from blaze in Japan

Neighbors helped a mother save her 5-month-old baby from the third floor of a burning building in Osaka, Japan. Neighbors caught the baby when the mother threw her, the baby was safe as well as the mother who jumped later from the building.

Neighbors Fighting Over Attempt at Clean Power

Curt Mann is remodeling his 1920s home to appeal to the environmentally friendly trend. His neighbors, however, feel that his attempt with a forty-five-foot tall wind turbine is unattractive and a nuisance.

Cheney's neighbors topple his effigy during protest

Hundreds of anti-war activists gathered near Dick Cheney's home at an exclusive Wyoming country club in protest of the vice president's role in leading the US into the Iraq war.

Australia’s revenge: Poms losing their accents, thanks to “Neighbors”

It works! It works! After 20 years of the Australian soap, Britain is finally becoming civilized. British casting directors are having a hard time finding kids who can speak with “proper” English accents, i.e., comprehensible, BBC standard.

Neighbors Sue Leonardo DiCaprio Over Basketball Court

Neighbors claim Leonardo DiCaprio damaged their property by constructing a basketball court and renovation in the surrounding areas

Neighbors' feud turns tragic With Married Couple Murdered

Squabbles between a no-nonsense geophysicist and a criminal defense lawyer-surfer and his artistic wife end in deaths in Carmel Valley.``This is not something in Iraq,''-``Two human lives are sacrificed for an easement.'

Alaska snowman has some neighbors fuming

Some neighbors of the two-story high (22 feet) snowman say they're fed up with the hordes of gawkers clogging their street in ANCHORAGE, Alaska.

Clinton neighbor's account of shooting ' unusual'

Questions multiply as police probe attack that left lawyers wife dead

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Screenshot from the movie  Neighbors.
Screenshot from the movie "Neighbors."
Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen in  Neighbors
Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen in 'Neighbors'
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Comedy time at the box office.
Comedy time at the box office.
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Zac Efron in 'Neigbors'
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