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Neighbor News

11-year-old boy shot in Madrid by 'sleep-deprived' neighbor

Madrid - A young boy is in a critical condition in hospital, after a 30-year-old neighbor in the San Blas district of Madrid shot him for "not letting him sleep."

Op-Ed: Killer uses her bra to strangle elderly neighbor

One woman tried to keep abreast of the situation by strangling her elderly neighbor with her bra because he refused to buy alcohol for her.

Op-Ed: Neighbor feuds in a world of uncertainty

Neighbor feuds are becoming more common across the world. Neighbor feuds can lead to murder, abuse, violence and other crime.

Man accused of stealing millions from 97-year-old neighbor

San Francisco - Everyone needs good neighbors and that's exactly what Paul Seeman seemed to be to Anne Nutting and her husband. Seeman seemed to be kind and considerate and the Nuttings could not contemplate that he had ulterior motives.

Fire-in-the-Hole: Man Accidentally Cannonballs Neighbor's House

It was a blast from the past when a Pennsylvania man, who is a history buff and recreates firearms used in past wars, accidentally shot a two-pound cannonball through the wall of his neighbor’s house.

Neighbor spied on 10-year-old neighbor girl

A 39-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly spying on a neighbor girl after installing a wireless camera in the girl's bathroom.

Op-Ed: Palin calls Afghanistan 'our neighboring country'

In another political gaffe, Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin called Afghanistan “our neighboring country” during a Sunday speech to her supporters.

Cordless keyboard types at neighbor's computer

A cordless keyboard made in Sweden can remotely type on a computer yards away. A man was shocked to see his computer automatically typing without his input. The product’s manufacturer Hewlett-Packard says they have never received such a complaint before

Man Is Caught Videotaping His Neighbor Having Sex

A man in Ferndale, Michigan was caught breaking into his neighbor's home to adjust the web cam he had secretly installed in her bedroom so he could watch her undress and have sexual intercourse.

Owner Of Dogs Assaults Neighbor Who Checks On Them

Neighbors in Dearborn Heights, Michigan are fighting like cats and dogs. Well....... over dogs, anyway. The owner of the dogs is in police custody for assaualting his neighbor for checking on the dogs.

Neighbour Guilty In Alicia Ross Murder

Alicia Ross's neighbor has been found guilty of second degree murder in her murder.

Man Sells Neighbor's Dog At Yard Sale

A man sells a neighbor's dog, a Dachshund puppy for $15 dollars in a yard sale.

Half-ton Wild Hog Killed by Georgia Hunter

The man who shot the hog was an avid hunter--but he wasn't hunting that day. The 1,100lb hog was in his neighbors yard.

Russia Bans Borat

The movie was banned due to what the Russians saw as unfair representation of their neighboring country.

U.K. gov't has neighbors spy on each other

Hmmm, this is going just a bit to far.

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My sister's house attached to mine.
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