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Nefertiti News

Egypt scanning for Nefertiti's tomb encouraging: Minister

Cairo - Infra-red scanning of King Tutankhamun's tomb could support a British archeologist's theory that Queen Nefertiti -- or another ancient Egyptian royal -- is also buried there, Egypt's antiquities minister said Thursday.

Egypt panel approves using radar to find Nefertiti tomb

Cairo - An Egyptian panel of experts has approved using radar to search for a hidden chamber in King Tutankhamun's tomb, which may be the burial place of Queen Nefertiti, an official said Thursday.

Egypt hopes King Tut's tomb could conceal Queen Nefertiti burial site

Cairo - Egypt hopes it can soon announce the "discovery of the century" in Tutankhamun's tomb -- what a British archaeologist believes is the burial place in a secret chamber of Queen Nefertiti.

British archaeologist aims to pinpoint Nefertiti's tomb

Luxor - Standing before the majestic gold, ochre and white frescos of Tutankhamun's tomb, British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves on Monday passionately defended his daring theory that Nefertiti is buried in a secret chamber.

Queen Nefertiti's remains finally found

In what could be a breakthrough discovery, archaeologist Nicholas Reeves claims that he could have found a hidden door in Tutankhamun's tomb that leads to Nefertiti's remains.

Germany rejects Egyptian claim for return of Nefertiti bust

Berlin - Demands by Egypt for the return of Queen Nefertiti’s bust to Cairo have been turned down by Germany. State Minister for Culture Bernd Neumann argued the statue rightfully belonged to Germany.

Egypt’s Rubbishes Claims that Nefertiti Bust is ‘Fake’

Zahi Hawas, Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities has rejected as unfounded the claim by a Swiss art historian, Henri Stierlin, that the Nefertiti’s bust is a fake.

Is Queen Nefertiti’s Famous Bust Fake?

An art historian and expert on ancient Egypt says the famous 3,400 year-old bust of Queen Nefertiti could be a fake. Henri Stierlin, who has studied the subject for 25 years, believes it was made in 1912.

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Nefertiti Image

Nefertiti ( Neffi )  the world s first  spidernaut .
Nefertiti ("Neffi"), the world's first 'spidernaut'.
Queen Nefertiti s remains might be found
Queen Nefertiti's remains might be found

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