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There's a second COVID-19 vaccine problem and it is a big deal

As pharmaceutical companies around the world race to create a coronavirus vaccine, the alarm is being raised about a problem that may sound small but actually looms large: The world doesn't have enough glass vials to store a vaccine in.

Startup develops nanopatch for polio vaccine delivery

To help eliminate polio, a Nanopatch (a microscopic vaccine delivery platform) has been shown to be more effective for dealing with the poliovirus than needles and syringes. The patch comes from a university startup called Vaxxas Pty Ltd.

Smart cell patch invented for diabetes care

To help those with diabetes manage the condition, researchers have developed as so-called “smart cell patch.” The aim is to try to mimic the natural processes in the human body.

Troubling state of hepatitis C revealed

London - Newly released figures show that some 214,000 people are chronically infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the U.K. In most cases infection is caused by the same types of the virus.

Lab makes puncture free gloves

Atlanta - Researchers are working to develop a puncture-resistant surgical glove, according to a research brief. Surgical gloves are a billion-dollar global market, and the innovation is expected to be popular.

Smart gels to deliver medicine

Scientists at the University of Delaware have developed a “smart” hydrogel that can deliver medicine on demand, in response to mechanical force.

16-year-old boy pricked by syringes hidden in clothes

Toutle - A 16-year-old boy was pricked by syringes after putting his hands in the pocket of a new sweatshirt he received as a Christmas gift from his mother.

A distinctive Machiya — ‘Misuya-Bari’ in delightful Kyoto Special

Kyoto - Machiya traditional townhouses may be found in many places in Japan; however, they are especially noteworthy in Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital, the location of some of the finest examples of machiya architecture and gardens.

Israeli lab close to developing insulin pill for diabetics

The race is on to develop the world's first insulin pill to eliminate the need for daily injections for diabetics. And a small Israeli-based company appears to be leading the pack.

Busy Hands, Open Heart Special

New York - Talent coordinator of The Daily Show by day, knitting maven by night, Beth Shorr runs her own successful Etsy store that’s filled with original designs. The California native began knitting as a way of keeping her hands busy.

Syringes found in Walmart clothing

Cartersville - Georgia police have joined Walmart in investigating four separate incidents in recent days in which customers were pricked by hypodermic needles that were hidden inside clothing being sold at the retail giant.

U.S. soldier sues Burger King over needles found in burger

An army staff sergeant based in Hawaii is suing the fast food chain after he was reportedly injured from needles contained in his burger.

Chinese woman's ills traced to 23 secret needles

Chinese surgeons will try to remove 23 needles from a woman. Doctors believe they may have been embedded under her skin by grandparents trying to kill her so that a baby boy might take her place.

Inhaled Insulin Offers Diabetes Patients Alternative to Needles

Diabetics can now inhale their insulin rather than inject it. A powdered form of the medicine is delivered by a product called Exubera, which is on the market after receiving U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval earlier this year.

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Hypodermic needles found in clothing at Walmart.
Hypodermic needles found in clothing at Walmart.
Barstow County Sheriff
Hypodermic needles found in clothing at Walmart.
Hypodermic needles found in clothing at Walmart.
Barstow County Sheriff
A variety of needles
A variety of needles

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