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Op-Ed: Spotlight on Calgary Food Bank as its use spikes due to layoffs Special

Calgary - The Calgary Food Bank, one of the biggest food banks in Canada, has been extremely busy lately with its use up by 23 percent more than the previous year.

Blood banks, and now SKIN banks....

Severely burnt patients need skin transplants to save their lives. Very few people know of this, so there are very few facilities or centres which have skin banks.

Modest Needs

An Oganisation that really helps financially to needy.

Funny: Need to know facts

Fun facts you need to know...

I Needed a Translator?

On looking around, I’ve decided NOT to hire the following translator. :-)

Organization that Started...Gives Computers Away to Kids

They give re-furbished computers to children in need. They are given free of charge, and are coupled with an Internet connection at the child’s home. They are in Toronto Canada but will expand, doing this across Canada, United States and the World.

Need Lead In Palme Murder Case As Gun Found

The 20 year old investigation of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme's assasination took a major boost as the gun believed to be the murder weapon was found in the bottom of a Swedish lake.

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