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Near earth objects News

Forearming for Armageddon: Asteroid Day 2015

London - Asteroid Day 2015 is scheduled for June 30 and, with less than a week to go, organizers are putting the final touches on more than 50 events planned worldwide with the aim of raising public awareness about asteroids and their detection.

NASA's asteroid sample mission gets go-ahead

Littleton - An innovative NASA space mission with the ambitious aim of collecting samples from an asteroid in 2018 was given the green light, Wednesday.

How a spot of re-decoration might avert an asteroid collision

A theoretical solution using a coat of paint could prevent a future near-Earth asteroid attack, according to a student whose novel solution won a 2012 ‘Move an Asteroid’ technical paper competition.

Large asteroid 2005 YU55 paying close visit to Earth in November

Pasadena - NASA’s Near Earth Objects Program (NEO) detected a large asteroid known as 2005 YU55 approaching Earth to about 0.85 lunar distances (200,000 kilometres) on November 8 and 9, 2011.

Scientists to discuss ways to deal with an asteroid impact

How would the world react to the threat of an asteroid impact? This is the topic of a three-day workshop on Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) and the dangers they present, that will be held in Darmstadt, Germany next week.

Space garbage: 17,000 bits of manmade obstacle course for every space flight

There’s now so much junk up there that space missions have to be planned to avoid it. The orbital shrapnel is moving at about the speed of a bullet, and will cheerfully slice up your multi billion dollar spacecraft for no extra fee.

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Artist s impression of Luhman 16B recreated from VLT observations. Luhman 16B is one of a pair of br...
Artist's impression of Luhman 16B recreated from VLT observations. Luhman 16B is one of a pair of brown dwarf objects just 6 light years from the Sun. Astronomers have produced the first maps of Luhman 16B's atmosphere.
ESO / I. Crossfield/N. Risinger

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