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Neanderthal News

Neanderthal DNA persists in modern humans

Two new studies demonstrate the extent of Neanderthal DNA that persists in modern human genomes. The genetic relationship is far greater than previously thought.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 8 comments

Evidence for interbreeding with Neanderthals, only Africans pure

Leipzig - An international team of scientists have successfully sequenced the Neanderthal genome, and the evidence shows that humans in Europe, Asia and Papua New Guinea carry Neanderthal genes - while African peoples are 100 percent human.
In the Media by R. C. Camphausen - 26 comments

Siberian cave produces finger bone of 'X-woman'

Russian archaeologists have uncovered a small bone fragment from the finger of what may be a previously unknown human species, found in a cave of Siberia’s Altai Mountains.
In the Media by Lynn Herrmann

First Dutch Neanderthal man found

At last the Netherlands also has their Neanderthal man. Minister of Science Ronald Plasterk revealed the remains of the primeval Dutchman at the Leiden Museum of Antiquities.
In the Media by Richard James - 1 comment

Study: Neanderthals may have been eaten by Homo sapiens

Homo sapiens may have been responsible for butchering Neanderthals in the Stone Age. Evidence for this theory has been found on a jawbone in France. The bone was covered in cut marks similar to those found when humans stripped the flesh from animals.
In the Media by Julian Worker - 10 comments

Neanderthal DNA 99.5% Similar To Humans

Researchers unveiled the first draft of the Neanderthal genome and compared it to humans. They have genomes that are 99.5 percent similar to modern humans.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 1 comment

Neanderthal were Chatty cavemen?

German Scientists claim that Neanderthals might have spoken just like humans do now; they found genes connected to talking behavior in Neanderthal’s DNA, which matches with the human's.
In the Media by Chris V. Thangham - 1 comment

Did Climate Change Kill Off the Neanderthals?

Did a sharp cold spell mean doom to our ancient ancestors? A new study says it could have been.
In the Media by Bob Norman - 6 comments

Scientists Sequence Neanderthal DNA

Two separate teams have sequenced the DNA of a Neanderthal man. The sample comes from the thigh-bone found in Croatia.
In the Media by bulshoy - 2 comments

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It is believed that our difficulty in trying to stop smoking may be due to Neanderthal DNA mutations...
Mr. Archie
It is believed that our difficulty in trying to stop smoking may be due to Neanderthal DNA mutations in some people's genomes.

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