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Navigation News

Drones are avoiding tunnel vision with new navigation technology

The new generation of vehicles and drones rely on precise position data. One hazard that is proving challenging is from tunnels, urban canyons and adverse geographical conditions. A new solution promises to overcome this.

Is GPS ruining our brains?

London - Do our brains work differently when we are using GPS? The answer is yes, according to a new study. The research was conducted in virtual reality, where some visitors navigated using a GPS device and others who navigated using a map.

SpaceX caps record year with launch of Air Force GPS satellite

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket roared to life and streaked away from Cape Canaveral early Sunday carrying the first in a powerful new generation of GPS navigation satellites into orbit.

U.S. Air Force set to launch a new generation of GPS satellites

After months of delays, the U.S. Air Force is about to launch the first of a new generation of GPS satellites, designed to be more accurate, secure and versatile.

Space technology enables positioning without GPS

A German aerospace group have developed a new navigation system that functions in environments where GPS is not available. The platform is called the Integrated Positioning System.

Self-navigating AI learns to take shortcuts: study

Paris - A computer programme modelled on the human brain learnt to navigate a virtual maze and take shortcuts, outperforming a flesh-and-blood expert, its developers said Wednesday.

Wheelchair accessibility addressed by Google Maps

Google announced today that Maps is getting a new feature aimed at helping those in wheelchairs or people with other mobility restrictions by providing "wheelchair-accessible" transit navigation routes.

Navigation tips for the Consumer Electronics Show

Las Vegas - Heidelberg Mobil International GmbH's mobile 3D map technology will be used to help the 180,000 attendees at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The map technology uses the latest navigation platform.

Google Maps update lets you check your commute in real-time

Google is rolling out a new update to its Maps app for Android that adds real-time commute information letting you check when the next bus is. There's also new curated lists of useful everyday destinations around you, such as ATMs and gas stations.

Europe's own satnav Galileo goes live

Bruxelles - After 17 years, numerous setbacks and three times over budget, Europe's Galileo satnav system went live Thursday, promising to outperform rivals and guarantee regional self-reliance.

China asserts sovereignty over disputed South China Sea islands

Beijing - China pledged Sunday to defend its declared sovereignty over islands in crucial shipping lanes in the South China Sea despite competing claims from other nations.

Google Maps gets a design refresh and subtler colour palette

Google has released a major update to Google Maps across all supported devices. The update includes a design refresh that is clearer and easier to see, a new "areas of interest" feature to highlight local attractions and a more balanced colour scheme.

U.S. expected to raise South China Sea issues in talks with China

Beijing - U.S. diplomats are expected to voice concerns about a suspected military expansion in the South China Sea at high-level talks this week in Washington, D.C.

iPhone owners love Apple's once-awful Maps app more than Google

After its notoriously bug-filled launch, Apple Maps has developed significantly over the past few years to become a competent rival to services like Google Maps. Apple now claims Apple Maps sees three times as many iPhone visitors as Google.

Google Maps offline navigation and search launches today

Google has announced it is rolling out an update to its Google Maps app today that adds full support for navigating while offline. Users can browse maps and get directions even when they have no Internet connection.

NYC council asks Google to discourage left turns to save lives

New York City - New York City has reportedly asked Google to eliminate left turns from its navigation directions on Google Maps where possible. It is thought that this could save many lives over the course of the year as left turns are notoriously dangerous in NYC.

Google Maps to warn drivers of approaching railway crossings

Google has entered a new partnership with the Federal Railroad Administration that will see its Maps software alerting drivers when they approach a rail crossing. The aim is to ensure that people are aware that they may have to stop ahead.

Apple buys mapping firm to improve iOS9 navigation

Apple has confirmed the purchase of a company specialising in GPS and navigation, strongly suggesting the company is working on improving its Apple Maps app before the launch of iOS9 later this year. Apple Maps has drawn heavy criticism in the past.

Bat navigation revealed

Two new papers show how bats navigate their environments. It seems that the flying mammals have specialized brain cells that track their movements as they navigate through space and utilize a series of audible clicks.

Two Galileo satellites lose their way

Paris - Two European Galileo satellites launched as part of a navigation system designed to rival GPS have failed to locate their intended orbit, launch firm Arianespace said Saturday.

Two Galileo satellites lose their way

Paris - Two European Galileo satellites fired into space by a Russian-built rocket on Friday from French Guiana failed to reach their intended orbit, launch firm Arianespace said Saturday.

Dung beetles navigate by sunlight

Shortly after demonstrating dung beetles’ ability to navigate by the stars, researchers in Sweden provide evidence that the insects can also use the sun to find their way.

Scientists win 'Ig Nobel' prize for dung beetle navigation

A Swedish research team has won a coveted "Ig Nobel" prize - awarded by Harvard University for quirky discoveries "that make people laugh and then think" - for finding dung beetles can navigate their way home in the dark using the Milky Way as a guide.

Bird migration study may lead to better smartphones

Inspired by the biological compass used by some migratory birds to find their bearings in the geomagnetic field, technologists believe that this offers a clue to developing a more efficient smartphone.

Google talks back at Siri with their own TV voice search

Google is finally giving Apple a run for their money. Although Siri may have dominated voice navigation in the mobile market, Google is tapping into the TV industry allowing viewers to quickly find shows without the hand cramps and numb thumbs.

A new navigation system for the blind

A computer science engineering team, Kostas Bekris and Eelke Folmer, showed off their navigation system that is meant for people with visual impairments.

GPS fail: Japanese tourists follow course into Australian waters

A group of three students from Tokyo found themselves taking an unexpected water trip on their vacation in Australia. The trio was driving to North Stradbroke Island and their GPS took them straight into Moreton Bay.

Your Car Is a Tattletale: GPS Systems Can Haunt You

My friend's navigation system in her car is so cool.... a life saver almost every time we go somewhere. But what she doesn't know is that her car is recording her every move, and this evidence could be used against her in court.

Blast Off! A New Navigation Satellite for China

China successfully launched a satellite into orbit Saturday, the fourth one in a series of devices which will provide navigation and positioning services.

New GPS can tell you not only where you are, but even where the cheap gas is

"The 680 is a G.P.S.-based car navigation device with an FM receiver that gets traffic updates, weather reports, gas prices and movie showtimes from the MSN Direct network."
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Part of the navigation system  which is also where the AI can assess the health of the driver.
Part of the navigation system, which is also where the AI can assess the health of the driver.
Coquille River Lighthouse
Coquille River Lighthouse
PROBLEMATIC: Ships believed to be Chinese dredging vessels are seen in the vicinity of Subi Reef in ...
PROBLEMATIC: Ships believed to be Chinese dredging vessels are seen in the vicinity of Subi Reef in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea in a photo from 2015.
U.S. Navy/Wikimedia Commons

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