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Nature News

Iraq War Veteran receives government citation for therapy ducks

West Lafayette - Veterans deal with post-war integration in many ways. Veteran Darin Welker handled it by taking care of 14 ducks which he used for therapeutic purposes. After a citation he worries his animals will be taken away.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel - 3 comments

Pope Francis calls exploitation of nature 'sin of our times'

Campobasso - During an address at Italy's University of Molise on Saturday, Pope Francis chastised those who exploit and destroy nature, calling such behavior the "sin of our times".
In the Media by Greta McClain - 6 comments

UN report puts multi-billlion-dollar costs on environmental crime

A new report from the UN places the value of environmental crimes between $70 billion and $213 billion across the world. Funds mostly go to criminal groups, militias and terrorist groups according to the findings.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel - 5 comments

Couple treads water for 14 hours and survives

A Fort Lauderdale couple fell out of their moving boat and watched it pull away. They treaded water for 14 hours until they were rescued by an unexpected source.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

UNESCO warns Australia over Great Barrier Reef

Doha - UN cultural agency UNESCO on Wednesday warned Australia that the Great Barrier Reef could be put on a list of endangered World Heritage Sites if more is not done to protect it.
In the Media by AFP

WildLeaks shows immediate results

Within 24 hours of the site creation the administrators of WildLeaks had a tip on illegal activity in animal trade. Twenty-four different cases of crimes against wildlife have been reported and that number is rising.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

Canadian artist infuses florals with emotion Special

Toronto - Artist Bobbie Burgers is one of Canada's most celebrated and popular working artists. Known for her lush, large-scale floral depictions, she's had sold out shows for over 10 years. Her latest exhibition explores emotion and the fleeting nature of beauty.
Digital Journal Report by Cate Kustanczy - 2 comments

Body found inside huge crocodile in Australia

After subduing a very large crocodile (4.7 meters or 15.4 feet) Australian authorities have exhumed a body from inside. DNA testing is being done to see if it belongs to a 62-year-old man who was pulled into the water at Kakadu National Park.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel - 2 comments

Alaskans sue government for vital road

King Cove - The Aleut fishing community at King Cove is suing the government to install a one-lane road to a nearby airport. Residents claim that the lack of a route has actually endangered the lives of some villagers.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

Was the British badger cull worth it?

Government-commissioned analyses, not yet officially released, suggest that the UK badger culls that began last year were ineffective and inhumane.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

25 percent of sharks, rays, at risk of extinction

Sharks have been around for about 450 million years. But the future of one of planet Earth's most successful species is at risk. New evidence suggests that 25 percent of sharks and rays are at risk of extinction.
In the Media by Tucker Cummings

Op-Ed: Is the perception of reality a homocentric experience?

Is the perception of reality a subjective human experience? This is one of the many questions tackled in Michio Kaku's forthcoming book, The Future of the Mind.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 2 comments

5 steps to recover from a natural disaster

Most businesses have safety and security procedures in place, including disaster recovery plans, to ensure the continuity of business operations in the event of natural disasters.
In the Media by Daniel Taibleson - 3 comments

Shocking discovery: Lightning can shape mountains!

Lightning has long been hailed as one of the most impressive displays of nature's power. But no one would have imagined that it was responsible for the shape of mountains!
In the Media by Cameron Christner - 1 comment

Photo essay: My memorable moments of 2013 Special

Elk Grove - I remember when Polaroids were a hot item. Gosh, I must be old. I remember my first real SLR. For all you millennials, that stands for single-lens-reflex.
Digital Journal Report by W. Mark Dendy - 2 comments

Photo essay: Lost species 'rediscovered' during 2013

Each year it is common for many species to be declared extinct. On the other hand, it is quite rare for species labeled as extinct to be 'rediscovered'. With 'rediscovery', 2013 has proved to be an unusual year.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Nature vs nurture debate for exam grades

London - A child’s genetics influences high school exam results more than than school or family environment, according to a new study.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 4 comments

Nobel prize winner, Randy Schekman, boycotts top science journals

Nobel prize-winning scientist, Randy Schekman, is boycotting top science journals, Nature, Cell, and Science for encouraging corner-cutting, flawed and fraudulent papers and not concentrating on topics beneficial to science, humanity and society.
In the Media by Lesley Lanir - 1 comment

Mysterious melting sea stars raise concerns in US and Canada

Seattle - There have been recent reports of starfish that appear to have melted in bodies of water located in Washington state and British Columbia. Biologists are not yet sure about what is causing these creatures to die in such an unusual way.
In the Media by Kevin Fitzgerald - 4 comments

Buddhist monks help snow leopards dodge extinction

Endangered snow leopards are being protected by dozens of environmentally-savvy monks fanning out across the vast Tibetan plateau to teach locals the importance of protecting the animals.
In the Media by John Sevigny

Photo Essay: Hiking Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island Special

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the oldest Provincial Park in British Columbia, surrounded by the Vancouver Island Mountains, where nature has been conserved for all to view with accessible trails, maps and parking.
Digital Journal Report by Elizabeth Parker - 4 comments

Photo Essay: Where the wild things are in Savannah Special

Savannah - Oatland Island Wildlife Center is home to a number of animals native to Georgia. Walking along the beautiful nature trail, visitors can see numerous wild animals including birds of prey, foxes, lizards, tortoises and much more.
Digital Journal Report by Kay Mathews - 10 comments

TBEX travel bloggers experience Treetop Eco-Adventure Park Special

Oshawa - While in Toronto for the international Travel Blog Exchange (TBEX), bloggers take time to experience eco tourism in Durham, Ontario, and zipline through the trees at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park.
Digital Journal Report by Katie Ryalen - 2 comments

17-year cicada broods make their presence known in New Jersey Special

Watchung - As the unusual cold snap broke on Sunday, the 17-year cicadas made their appearance known - emerging from the ground in swelling numbers.
Digital Journal Report by Michael Krebs - 1 comment

Several new exciting species discovered

Last year scientists discovered a range of new species, from a glow-in-the-dark cockroach, to a harp-shaped carnivorous sponge and the smallest vertebrate yet discovered on the planet.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Nature versus stone — Break on through to the other side

While I'm aware that today's world can no longer function without the infrastructure made of concrete, stone, metal - there's always a tiny leap of joy that makes me reach for the camera when I see nature breaking through stone -- against all odds.
In the Media by R. C. Camphausen - 4 comments

Lunchers got a surprise with the Pop-Up Picnic at Grange Park Special

Toronto - Today lunch-goers at Toronto's Grange Park got an early start to the David Suzuki Foundation's 30×30 Nature Challenge when a pop-up picnic appeared complete with music.
Digital Journal Report by KJ Mullins - 2 comments

Video: Whirlpool in Latvia claims everything in its path

A frighteningly giant whirlpool in Latvia has been found to drag anything from around it into it's depths. Like the Earth's plughole, nothing escapes this enormous hole.
In the Media by Michelle Duffy - 1 comment

Op-Ed: The top 10 photos from National Geographic's Instagram feed

Some news outlets understand the value of social media. For months, iconic magazine National Geographic has been wowing its 984,000 fans on Instagram, where their photos feature breath-taking views of animals, people and places across the world.
In the Media by David Silverberg - 4 comments

Review: Daniel Botelho uses underwater photos to spread love of the sea

Rio De Janeiro - Managing to get the perfect angle and lighting for a great photo is difficult enough, but add the fact the photographer must fight waves and ocean currents to capture the image of an unpredictable and moving wild animal, that takes remarkable skill.
In the Media by Greta McClain - 2 comments
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Nature Image

A microscopic photo of garlic  photo by Dr. Somayeh Naghiloo
Via Nikon Small World
A microscopic photo of garlic, photo by Dr. Somayeh Naghiloo
Fruits of Trinidad
Fruits of Trinidad
Another glimpse of the hillside
Another glimpse of the hillside
Church at Ball s Falls Conservation park.
Church at Ball's Falls Conservation park.
Peace lily (Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum)
Peace lily (Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum)
Love to take pictures from my window wheather my car  or in my house hope you enjoy...
Love to take pictures from my window wheather my car, or in my house hope you enjoy...
Balls Fall s  fall scenes.
Balls Fall's, fall scenes.
File photo: Flowers at North York Cemetery
File photo: Flowers at North York Cemetery
leaves  taken in Wayland  NY
leaves, taken in Wayland, NY
Took this picture on the way home  pictures in View from my window could be taken at home or out the...
Took this picture on the way home, pictures in View from my window could be taken at home or out the window of my car.
Remarkable Rocks at Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island  SA  Australia
Remarkable Rocks at Flinders Chase National Park on Kangaroo Island, SA, Australia
13 lined ground squirrel
13 lined ground squirrel
Seagull yawning
Seagull yawning
A microscopic photo of fruit fly larvae  pic by Dr. Andrew Woolley
Via Nikon Small World
A microscopic photo of fruit fly larvae, pic by Dr. Andrew Woolley
Gray Jays or Whiskey Jacks follow and perch close by when hiking at Strathcona Provincial Park in ho...
Gray Jays or Whiskey Jacks follow and perch close by when hiking at Strathcona Provincial Park in hopes of catching a snack from the hikers. They are very friendly and will feed out of your hand.
Cactus flower
Cactus flower

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