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Natural gas News

Methane emissions are 'highest ever recorded' in Permian Basin

Oil and gas operations in America's sprawling Permian Basin are releasing methane at twice the average rate found in previous studies of 11 other major U.S. oil and gas regions, according to new satellite observations.

New data shows stronger than expected growth in renewables

After revising its three-year U.S. power forecast, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has predicted major declines for fossil fuels and nuclear power alongside strong growth in renewables by 2022.

Transitioning from coal will save billions of gallons of water

The ongoing transition from coal to natural gas and renewables in the U.S. electricity sector is dramatically reducing the industry’s water use, a new Duke University study finds.

Coal demand in US spirals down as growth in renewables escalates

According to the latest forecast from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released Tuesday, coal is losing ground in the U.S. energy markets despite attempts from President Trump to boost the struggling industry.

Fossil fuel's demise rests on a world awakened to climate crisis

While youth activists stormed the streets around the globe demanding action on the climate crisis - Republican lawmakers, including leadership, huddled with the fossil fuel industry, a major source of fundraising for U.S. policymakers.

Natural gas boom is on a collision course with climate crisis

A global boom in natural gas pipelines and terminals is putting the energy industry on a "collision course" with the Paris climate goals, according to a new analysis of investment in the world's new favorite fossil fuel.

Op-Ed: Natural gas is now 'freedom gas' says Energy Department

Freeport - The U.S. Department of Energy announced Tuesday it was authorizing new natural gas exports - referring to the gas as "freedom gas," in promoting American energy, American jobs, and the American economy.

Germany on brink of making decision on how to phase out coal

Berlin - Germany’s coal exit commission is holding what could be a decisive meeting today. In crucial last-minute talks, the commission must agree on a timetable to phase out the climate-damaging fossil fuel for electricity production within around two decades.

California's largest utility considering filing for bankruptcy

PG&E shares fell 20 percent in after-hours trading Friday after it was reported the utility had been considering bankruptcy or selling off its natural gas division in a plan to cover liability costs and avoid bankruptcy.

U.S. pipelines in Pennsylvania and Ohio rack up 800 violations

Media - Two pipelines being built across Pennsylvania and Ohio by Energy Transfer and its Sunoco subsidiary have amassed more than 800 state and federal permit violations while racing to build two of the nation’s largest natural gas pipelines.

Northern Indiana utility transitioning from coal to renewables

A northern Indiana utility has added another nail into coal's coffin, announcing the retirement of four coal-fired power plants and a turn to renewable energy.

Utilities are accelerating shutdowns of coal-fired power plants

As coal-fired power plants in the U.S. grow increasingly uneconomic, capacity retirements by year-end are likely to hit a record 15.4 GW, exceeding the previous record of 14.7 GW set in 2015.

Seven sent to hospitals after pipeline explosions in Texas

A series of natural gas pipeline explosions in Midland County, Texas sent seven people to the hospital with critical burn injuries, and interrupted energy pipeline operations in the area, officials said.

Fossil fuel consumption by electric power sector see big drop

Washington - Fossil fuel consumption in the electric power sector fell to 22.5 quadrillion British thermal units (quads) in 2017, the lowest level since 1994, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Op-Ed: Natural gas is part of the climate problem, not the solution

The last 10 years have seen coal being replaced by cheaper and cleaner energy sources, like renewables and natural gas. And while coal use has dropped 44 percent, LNG use has risen by 45 percent.

Natural gas: Look for rising demand as market prices see rally

The natural gas market was suffering through an end-of-year meltdown, but with the advent of winter and the harsh conditions brought on by a blast of Arctic air, prices had a rally on Friday that looks to carry over into the new year.

Rick Perry's 'baseload' grid study released and it's nothing new

The U.S. Department of Energy released the much-anticipated grid study late Wednesday night, finding cheap natural gas to be the main driver behind baseload power plant retirements.

Op-Ed: Nuclear power is losing ground but it still needs our support

Nearly a decade ago, planning began for two new nuclear power plants in eastern Georgia. But as of this week, the two plants have yet to be built, and another pair of utilities in South Carolina canceled construction on two nuclear reactors.

Energy watchdog sees U.S. nuclear capacity, generation dropping

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) came out with a damning report on nuclear capacity and generation in the U.S. on Friday, declaring that 25 percent of nuclear capacity now in operation will be retired by 2050.

City plans to use technology to turn sewer gas into natural gas

Portland - Portland, Oregon already has plans to meet all its electricity needs through the use of renewables by 2035, so it's no surprise that they have decided to make good use of methane gas from decomposing solid waste at the city's sewage treatment plant.

Rover Pipeline company flagged after two spills Into wetlands

After getting federal approval in February this year to start construction of a pipeline through Ohio, Energy transfer Partners has been cited with two violations by the Ohio EPA for spilling over two million gallons of drilling fluids into Ohio wetlands.

ConocoPhillips decides to sell some of its Canadian natgas assets

Houston - In a deal that could fetch as much as $2.0 billion, ConocoPhillips, the largest independent U.S. oil producer, has decided to sell some of its conventional natural gas assets in Canada.

Low-cost sensor detects gas leaks in real-time

Glasgow - A new infrared imaging system, designed to provide low-cost, real-time detection of methane gas leaks has been developed. Methane gas presents a public health risk and it is a contributor to climate change.

Weak coal market prompts possible layoffs at Murray Energy Corp.

Murray Energy Corp., the largest privately held coal company in the U.S. announced on Friday it may have to layoff 82 percent of its workforce in September, due in part to president Obama.

Australian river near fracking site bursts into flames

Chinchilla - In a protest against coal seam gas leaking into South West Queensland's Condamine River, NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham headed to the river and hopped on a boat. Then he sparked a lighter a few inches above the water and the river burst into flames.

American natural gas companies are struggling with oversupply

The past year has been rough for the oil industry. That’s especially the case for American natural gas (shale) providers. While the S&P 500 is flat on the year to date, natural gas companies are faced with big losses in light of low oil prices.

Public outcry spurs Florida to drop Everglades fracking bill

Florida environmentalists have had a bit of good news after state lawmakers, bowing to public outcry, unexpectedly dropped a bill backed by the oil industry that would have promoted fracking in the ecologically sensitive Everglades.

Op-Ed: Obama’s bold carbon plan is in fact, a work of fiction

President Obama’s plan to reduce CO2 power plant emissions by 32 percent, in fact, only cuts emissions by 16 percent, and cuts total emissions by 7 percent.

Op-Ed: Middle East crisis could be opportunity for energy-strong U.S.

Washington - The U.S. energy position is in the best in nearly 50 years amid Middle East chaos. Why should Iraq be America’s problem? Instead it is an opportunity.

America's natural gas boom could curb the Russian stranglehold

The crisis in Crimea is handing a powerful set of cards on the table, heralding a new diplomatic strategy for Washington.
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Natural gas Image

Crater as seen in the daylight.
Crater as seen in the daylight.
Stefen Krasowski
A historic picture of Putin opening a natural gas pipeline. Fitting for the current world events.
A historic picture of Putin opening a natural gas pipeline. Fitting for the current world events.
Wikimedia courtesy of
In 2011  Wyoming accounted for 9 percent of U.S. marketed natural gas production  3rd in nation (EIA...
In 2011, Wyoming accounted for 9 percent of U.S. marketed natural gas production, 3rd in nation (EIA, 2013).
University of Wyoming/School of Energy Resources
Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said:  I’m announcing we will not repower three major coastal natu...
Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said: "I’m announcing we will not repower three major coastal natural gas power plants. This is the beginning of the end of natural gas in Los Angeles."
Los Angeles Mayor's Office
The Door to Hell (in the nighttime) / Turkmenistan  Darvaza.
The Door to Hell (in the nighttime) / Turkmenistan, Darvaza.
Stefen Krasowski
The Door to Hell  a burning natural gas field in Derweze  Turkmenistan.
Photo taken: Sept. 30  2011
The Door to Hell, a burning natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan. Photo taken: Sept. 30, 2011
Tormod Sandtorv
Aerial view of Freeport LNG facility
Aerial view of Freeport LNG facility
Freeport LNG Development, L.P.
Cat® Dealer  Mantrac Africa  partners with Wentworth Natural Resources to bring new power and prosp...
Cat® Dealer, Mantrac Africa, partners with Wentworth Natural Resources to bring new power and prosperity to Mnazi Bay and City of Mtwara, Tanzania.
CAT Products
On Sept. 28  2011. a gas line broke under a street in the town of Roseville  California  setting the...
On Sept. 28, 2011. a gas line broke under a street in the town of Roseville, California, setting the street on fire.
Map shows every reported incident in the transmission and gathering systems across the nation since ...
Map shows every reported incident in the transmission and gathering systems across the nation since 2010.
Google Earth
A natural gas well in the southeast Lost Hills Field  California  US.
A natural gas well in the southeast Lost Hills Field, California, US.
Antandrus (CC BY-SA 3.0)
WO4441 Prudhoe Bay  Alaska Wetlands; Resource management; Alaska; Contributors DIVISION OF PUBLIC AF...
WO4441 Prudhoe Bay, Alaska Wetlands; Resource management; Alaska; Contributors DIVISION OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Item ID WO-Wetland-4441.
Noreen Clough - US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Digital Library

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