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Natural disasters News

Natural disasters in past decade cost the world $3 trillion

The last decade was the worst on record for economic losses from natural disasters, amounting to $3 trillion - over a trillion more than the previous decade, insurance broker Aon pic said on Wednesday.

The unseen impacts of climate change on mental health

Vancouver - Most of us recognize the connections between climate change and the severity of floods, hurricanes, wildfires and greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. But there has been little focus on climate change's impact on mental health.

Connecting the dots between 2017's natural disasters and climate

From hurricanes to wildfires, heatwaves, and droughts, 2017 was a devastating year all across the planet, and while we tend to use the term "natural disaster," in most cases, they have been climate disasters.

We're nowhere close to an electric vehicle infrastructure plan

As Hurricane Irma barreled toward Florida in September, Governor Rick Scott told residents “you need to go right now," setting in motion an evacuation of 3.0 million people, leaving gas stations empty. But what if all those cars had been electric?

Technology to help communities predict natural disasters Special

Semtech’s LoRa technology, combines low-power wide area network sensors, wireless technology, and sophisticated algorithms, to help scientists to better predict earthquakes and volcanoes. To discover more we spoke with Vivek Mohan from Semtech.

Bangladesh child marriage must stop: Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch (HRW) is reporting that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has not kept a pledge made last year to put an end to child marriages.

Centenarian located alive beneath earthquake rubble

Gorkha - A 101-year-old man was pulled Saturday from the scattered rubble of his former house, nearly a week after a devastating earthquake struck Gorkha, Nepal, leaving thousands dead.

After July landslide, Indian heritage monuments may be at risk

Mumbai - After the massive landslide in July that wiped out an entire village in the Indian state of Maharashtra, a report prepared by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) warns of landslide threats to the nearby Ajanta Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Girl survives tsunami, is reunited with her family after 10 years

Kabupaten - When Raudhatul Jannah was just four years old she was swept away in a 2004 tsunami. Somehow the girl survived the rushing waters and a fisherman rescued her. After 10 years her parents found her and they are together once again.

Op-Ed: Massive fires hit Sydney, coast and mountains

Sydney - When you look out the window and the sky is purple, you know something’s happening. I saw a bruise-colored sky this afternoon. Sydney Harbor had a gigantic pall of smoke on the horizon.

Man devastated after rescuers end search for brother in sinkhole

Seffner - A Florida man is grieving tonight as rescue workers on Saturday called off the effort to recover the body of his 36-year-old brother swallowed into a sinkhole while he slept Thursday night.

Op-Ed: GOP wants to end FEMA in order to profit from natural disasters

One of the best qualities of Americans - whatever our political leanings - is the ability to come together during times of crisis to help care for one another. It is especially true during natural disasters.

Death toll in Southern Philippines flash floods reaches 450

The death toll on the flash floods caused by Tropical Storm Washi has reached 450 with hundreds more missing as fast-rising floodwater hit low lying villages in Mindanao, Southern Philippines.

Op-Ed: NGOs: The Parasitic Altruists

Some NGOs genuinely contribute to enhancing welfare, to the mitigation of hunger, the furtherance of human and civil rights, or the curbing of disease. Others are ideologically biased, religiously-committed and, often, at the service of special interests.

Op-Ed: Response to disaster predictions from faith, government, science

Californians are warned of earthquake potential, while some say the Central Mississippi region to be more at risk, as flooding and tornado worries plague the Delta. So how should we think and behave when science, faith and government predict disasters?

Radiation levels spike in seawater around Japan nuclear plant

Tokyo - The Nuclear Safety Agency of Japan confirmed on Saturday that radioactivity levels measured in the seawater surrounding the nuclear plants in Fukushima.

NASA releases video to counter 'super moon' catastrophe worries

To counter rising internet speculation that a 'super moon' can cause widespread natural disasters, NASA distributed a video on the orbital phenomenon.

Volcano in Southern Japan erupts, adds to country's woes

Tokyo - A volcano located at the southern region of Japan has been reported by the Meteorological Agency to be spewing rock and ashes on Sunday.

Thousands flee as strong earthquake shakes Chile

A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 rocked Chile Friday sending thousands of people fleeing to higher grounds for fear of a tsunami along the country's coastal areas.

How Do We Explain the Haitian Disaster to Our Children?

The earthquake in Haiti has been front page news on television and in the newspapers. The problems seem insurmountable and are difficult for adults, so how can they be explained to children in ways that can help them cope?

UN report: natural disasters at decade low in 2009

As the United Nations' conference on climate change continues in Copenhagen, a report on the state of the earth reflects a decade low in natural disasters in 2009.

Op-Ed: Mudslides Threaten Southern California Homes, Roads

When you live in California, especially Southern California…it’s always something. If it’s not earthquakes it’s coastal water spouts, the rare tornado, or wildfires followed by massive mudslides caused by the wildfires.

Mother Nature Has Made 2008 A Deadly Year

2008 has been a brutal year so far when it comes to natural disasters. In just the first 6 months over 230,000 people have lost their lives world-wide to Mother Nature's fury.

Scientists Find Ancient Volcano Eruption Caused Centuries of Devastation and Suggest More to Come in Future

Four thousand years before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that wiped out Pompeii, a much more devastating eruption occurred, according to vulcanologists, who say the disaster caused the social and economic collapse of the surrounding area for centuries. ...

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The future outlook of developing nations looks bleak. Should developed nations be held accountable f...
The future outlook of developing nations looks bleak. Should developed nations be held accountable for the genocide?
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