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Native Americans - From voting rights to Congress

Native American tribes and nations occupied this land for thousands of years before Europeans reached these shores, however, the U.S. government did not grant them citizenship or Native American women the right to vote until 1924.

Iraq contradicts Pentagon — US troops not approved to stay

U.S. troops leaving Syria and heading to neighboring Iraq do not have permission to stay in the country, Iraq's military said Tuesday as American forces continued to pull out of northern Syria after Turkey's invasion of the border region.

After a century in Canada, Bison return to Montana reservation

A herd of 89 plains bison in Canada will be relocated to a Native American reservation in Montana next month, and tribal leaders say this is a welcome homecoming for an animal that is an emblem of their way of life.

Op-Ed: California's first woman rebel, sought to reclaim native lands Special

San Gabriel - Move over Pocahontas, Sacagawea, there is another native American that left her mark on American history. Few know of California's first woman rebel, Toypurina. Some scholars say she should be more prominent in the history book spotlight.

Ancient North American infant reburied

Anzick-1, the 12,600-year-old remains of an infant found in central Montana, whose DNA was sequenced earlier this year, has been buried in a special ceremony.

Op-Ed: Is the U.S. Army racist for naming helicopters after Native tribes?

Washington, D. C. - In the wake of the recent flap over the name of a US sports team, some have questioned the cultural sensitivity of the US Army’s practice of naming its helicopters after Native American tribes, leaders, and terms.

Museum receives major donation of Native American art

San Francisco - The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco will be showcasing a large collection of Native American art beginning May 3rd thanks to a gift of approximately 200 objects and a large endowment from Thomas W. Weisel, a local financier.

Natives vow ‘direct action’ to stop Keystone pipeline Special

The war over the controversial Keystone pipeline may soon leave legislative halls and courtrooms as native peoples are preparing to open a new front in the ongoing battle. Natives announced this month that direct action would be used as a last resort.

Historic Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center in peril Special

Seattle - The Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, built on lands obtained after activists occupied a decommissioned army fort, is in financial trouble.

A conversation with Breaking Bad's Jeremiah Bitsui Special

Jeremiah Bitsui is nothing like the sociopath he plays on Breaking Bad. However, he is thankful to have had the opportunity to portray one of the baddest of the bad on the hit AMC series. [Spoiler alert]

Canadian regulators OK pipeline through native lands amid protest

Toronto - A regulatory panel recommended the government approve pipeline construction through lands held by native peoples. Canada’s three-person panel said the potential $6.5 billion revenue outweighed environmental concerns and native property rights.

Native Americans release art to create 12 days of consciousness

Native artists have released a collection of artwork in hopes of creating “12 Days of Consciousness.” The campaign, hosted by, addresses a number of causes dear to the Native American community through the art.

Wikwemikong Cultural Festival and Powwow Special

Wikwemikong Cultural Festival and Powwow on Manitoulin Island, Canada, is held every year on the August Civic Holiday Long Weekend. Very few foreign tourists know about the festival, but it is great fun, and well worth the time it takes to travel to it.

Celebrating Métis heritage and culture at Oshawa's Memorial Park Special

Oshawa - This weekend, the Oshawa and Durham Region Métis Council hosts its 7th annual Métis Heritage Celebration. The event includes traditional games, art, craft goods, music and dancing.

Video: Native Americans outraged at pro-gun billboard

Greeley - Two billboards in Greeley, Colorado which use an image of Native Americans to make a case for gun rights are causing outrage. Many residents are saying the message is offensive, insensitive and disrespectful of Native Americans and their history

Senate renews Domestic Violence act, GOP male Senators 'vote no'

The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday afternoon to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, by a vote of 78 to 22. Of those opposing the legislation –– all 22 were Republican men.

Video: Native American confronts anti-illegal immigration protest

Tucson - In Tucson, Arizona, a rally against illegal immigration was interrupted by the rant of a Native American man, who called them all the real "illegals" for invading his country.

Native American students accused of being 'anti-Thanksgiving'

After the University of Virginia's American Indian Student Union had their "anti-Thanksgiving" potluck, conservatives took to the Internet accusing the students of waging "war on Thanksgiving" and promoting a liberal agenda.

Victoria's Secret apologizes to Native Americans, pulls headdress

New York - Sexy lingerie maker Victoria's Secret has pulled its Native American-style headdress from its television broadcast next month, after the racy outfit was criticized as insensitive towards the Native American community.

Pope names first Native American saint

Pope Benedict XVI has named seven new saints. One of those selected is a Native American woman who lived during the seventeenth century. The naming took place at a special ceremony on Sunday October 21.

Photo Essay: A Celebration of Native American Culture Special

Nashville - For the past 30 years, Nashville Tennessee has played host to the Native American Indian Association of Tennessee (NAIA) Pow Wow and Fall Festival

Intermarriage Discouraged by Ethnic Group Members Special

Concerned with cultural identity, some Native Americans have come to question intermarriage. Some believe that the Native American culture will disappear as more and more people marry into the greater "white" community or with other ethnic groups.

National coalition joins the fight against one Texas ISD

A Texas school district is once again in the hot seat after it filed an appeal to a lower court's ruling involving religion and cultural rights. However, support from a diverse coalition emerges as they take up arms in support of all students of faith.

Native and African Americans chronicle history together for first time in Louisiana Special

In Natchitoches, Louisiana history was made today. The Native American and African American communities were separate communities in the South by design of white oppression. Now, for the first time, they are sharing their histories.

Visitors Enjoy Native American Dance at Workshop in Louisiana Special

Dancing in all cultures has been a way to express emotions, to celebrate, to welcome and to honor. No where is that expression more beautiful or unique than in the Native American dancing.

Op-Ed: Native American high school student banned for hair length

Is the Texas Education System opposed to Native Americans? In the second case this year, a Native American student has been punished for hair length and for a second time, won the right to wear his hair long by federal court.

Obama selects Native American woman to lead Indian Health Service

President Obama's choice of Indian Health Service director signifies intent to re-authorize the Indian Health Care Improvement Act which was stalled in Congress for nine years.

Native American Chief Holds Patent for Viable Energy Source

As America looks to alternative energy sources, someone who respects the environment might have the answer to preserving it and solving the nation's alternative energy needs at the same time.

Native American boy attacked by KKK receives $2.5 million in damages

A Native American teenager from Kentucky severely beaten by a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) group was awarded $2.5 million in damages for the injuries he suffered.

Could the Native American Voting Bloc Be In Play For The 2008 Elections?

CBS News blogger Maria Gavrilovic posts in her “From The Road” blog from Crow Agency, Montana, where she follows the campaign trail of Democratic co-frontrunner Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.
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Native children participate in activities at Daybreak Star.
Native children participate in activities at Daybreak Star.
United Indians
The Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center serves Natives of all ages.
The Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center serves Natives of all ages.
United Indians
A sign from the Fort Lawton occupation demands a cultural center.
A sign from the Fort Lawton occupation demands a cultural center.
United Indians
Massasoit was humane and honest  never violated his word  and constantly endeavored to imbue his peo...
Massasoit was humane and honest, never violated his word, and constantly endeavored to imbue his people with a love of peace. He kept the Pilgrims advised of any warlike designs toward them by other tribes.
Gkullberg (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Native American activists carry signs outside of Fort Lawton in 1970.
Native American activists carry signs outside of Fort Lawton in 1970.
United Indians
Don Shanks
Don Shanks
John Schneider Studios
Native American artifacts.
Native American artifacts.
Lily of the Mohawks Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
Lily of the Mohawks Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
Torstar News
Native American artifacts.
Native American artifacts.
A rare antique tribal mask  Kachina Hapota  circa 1910-1920  revered as a sacred ritual artifact by ...
A rare antique tribal mask, Kachina Hapota, circa 1910-1920, revered as a sacred ritual artifact by the Native American Hopi tribe in Arizona is displayed at the Drouot auction house in Paris before auction, December 9, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Christian Hartmann
Navajo artifact currently in the hands of a private collector.
Navajo artifact currently in the hands of a private collector.
Navajo artifact currently in the hands of a private collector.
Navajo artifact currently in the hands of a private collector.

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