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Nationalism News

Christchurch attack 'shows blind spot on white nationalism'

Fpo - The carnage unleashed in Christchurch by a white supremacist has highlighted what analysts say is the global problem of a far-right threat that frequently flies beneath the intelligence radar.

Trump dismisses white nationalism threat after NZealand killings

Washington - US President Donald Trump on Friday dismissed concerns that the massacre by an apparent white supremacist in New Zealand indicates a dangerous trend.

Macron calling for a 'real European army' to counter Russia, U.S.

Paris - Emmanuel Macron has used the first world war armistice centenary commemorations to call for a “real” European army, warning that rising nationalism and populism threaten the fragile peace on the continent.

Op-Ed: Nationalism — We actually need to have a national discussion

I just had to take time tonight and look up what "nationalist" actually means. This is because I grew up post-WWII — and associated "nationalism" with something considered sinister after the defeat of Hitler's Germany.

Devlet Bahceli: Erdogan's enigmatic nationalist ally

Istanbul - Once an implacable foe of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and then written off as a political has-been, nationalist leader Devlet Bahceli is set to play a key role in Turkey's future under the strongman after an unexpected election success.

Putin praises achievements of ultra-nationalist writer

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday praised the "social, literary and journalistic activities" of the editor of an ultra-nationalist, anti-Semitic newspaper who has called for a new Cold War.

Fact or fiction? Doubts over China's 'rising nationalism'

Shanghai - The Shanghai site of the first Chinese Communist congress 96 years ago might be expected to draw admiring crowds as the party gathers in Beijing for its 19th such meeting.

Divided nationalists hold key for Erdogan in Turkey vote

Ankara - To mark the 20th anniversary this month of the death of Alparslan Turkes, the founder of modern Turkish nationalism, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited his grave in Ankara and offered up prayers.

Can conservative Fillon keep France's far-right at bay?

Paris - Francois Fillon, having clinched the presidential nomination for the right-wing Republicans party, will now join a far bigger battle for the future of France, the European Union and mainstream politics in the West.

Paint, urine and (fake) blood: Russia conservatives attack art shows

Moscow - Heading to an exhibition of photographs of Ukrainian troops, Russian art lecturer Anton Belikov slipped a can of red paint into his pocket.

Corsica becomes latest European territory to turn nationalist

Bastia - The French Mediterranean island of Corsica has become the latest European territory to take a nationalist turn, with an unprecedented victory in regional elections that has put independence activists in the seat of power.

In Greece, folk music and patriotism soothe wounded national pride

Atenas - With its dignity battered by six years of "humiliation" at the hands of its international creditors, cash-strapped Greece is turning to folk music and patriotism to restore its injured national pride.

Tens of thousands march for Putin in shadow of Ukraine war

Moscow - Tens of thousands of President Vladimir Putin's supporters marched through central Moscow on Tuesday in the latest show of increasingly feverish patriotism stirred by the war in Ukraine.

Cabbie becomes 'Germany Man' with'German Mobile' for World Cup

Ramstein - One cabbie decided he was tired of just being a regular driver. Therefore Marcel Klingbiel wrapped himself in the colors of the German flag and also placed those same colors on his car. Should we call him Captain Germany?

Ukraine's protest radicals: A force to be reckoned with?

Kiev - No sooner had deadly violence died down in Kiev last week than a menacing video appeared on YouTube, promising a "Great Ukrainian Reconquista" against images of armoured vehicles on fire and violent police beatings.Meet Pravy Sektor, a far-right parami...

In wake of beheading, 2,000 march in anti-Muslim demonstration

Newcastle - In the wake of the brutal Islamist-inspired beheading of a British soldier in London this week, right-wing protesters marched in the streets of Newcastle to demand an end to the 'Islamification' of Britain.

Hungary: A new synagogue for Budapest but anti-Semitism on rise

Budapest - Last Sunday, February 1, the foundation stone for the first new synagogue in Hungary in 80 years was laid in the Csepel district of the Hungarian capital, Budapest against a background of rising anti-Semitism.

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An image of cabbie Marcel Klingbiel driving a customer around in his unusual cab.
An image of cabbie Marcel Klingbiel driving a customer around in his unusual cab.
YouTube, Marcel Klingbiel

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