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National rifle association News

Op-Ed: Fatal shooting stirs debate about parental responsibility

Burkesville - Parents across the country are asking, Why was a child allowed to play with a loaded rifle unsupervised in the first place?
In the Media by Duane Buell

West Virginia teen arrested after refusing to remove NRA t-shirt

Logan - A West Virginia teen was arrested at his middle school last Thursday after he refused to remove a National Rifle Association (NRA) t-shirt.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 3 comments

Man shoots himself to death at NRA-sponsored NASCAR race

Fort Worth - A Texas man used a gun to commit suicide on Saturday during a NASCAR race sponsored by the National Rifle Association (NRA).
In the Media by Brett Wilkins

Mayor Bloomberg joins Newtown's outrage over NRA robo-calls

Newtown - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined Newtown residents on Monday in slamming the National Rifle Association’s robocall campaign to residents against any new gun restrictions, saying the NRA “ought to be ashamed."
In the Media by Yukio Strachan - 8 comments

Op-Ed: Colt firearms under fire and feeling unwelcome in Connecticut

Colt is the manufacturer of the Colt 45 revolver known as "The Peacemaker" and is facing a hostile environment in Connecticut, a place they called home for 175 years. Generations of family members have a solid history working at Colt.
In the Media by Duane Buell

Obama's gun ban misses target in Democrat Senate

Washington - Like his past budget proposals, President Barack Obama has failed to get enough support for his assault weapons ban to pass the Democrat-led Senate, let alone the Republican-led House.
In the Media by Larry Clifton - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Arming teachers, a law enforcement and educators' perspective Special

Shortly after the Sandy Hook School shooting, some gun advocates suggested having teachers carry guns in the classroom, a prospect some educational organizations, teachers and law enforcement officers don't support.
Digital Journal Report by Greta McClain - 17 comments

NRA mocked in 'Bullet to the Head of the NRA' video game demo

A member of Encyclopedia Dramatica, as a means to mock and infuriate the National Rifle Association, created a game demo called "Bullet to the Head of the NRA."
In the Media by Can Tran

NRA launches 'NRA - Practice Range,' an ages 4+ iOS game

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has launched a shooting range simulation game for the Apple iOS called "NRA: Practice Range" in which the ratings are 4+.
In the Media by Can Tran - 1 comment

US VP Biden: Sorry, no 'silver bullet' for gun violence problem

Washington - United States Vice President Joe Biden, meeting with people that represent different lobby groups and industries, said that there's no "silver bullet" that can remedy gun violence.
In the Media by Can Tran

GOP Pollster on the NRA: It isn't listening to public opinion

Frank Luntz, a GOP pollster and top strategist, said that the National Rifle Association (NRA) isn't listening to public opinion. This is in respect by the solution given out by NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre.
In the Media by Can Tran - 1 comment

New Jersey town places armed officers at schools

Marlboro - Protecting American children from falling victim of another Sandy Hook type tragedy has been a topic of conversation for more than a week, and one New Jersey town is taking the NRA's suggestion to heart.
In the Media by Greta McClain - 56 comments

After the NRA press conference, leaders stick to their guns

When on shows such as NBC's "Meet the Press," ABC's "This Week," and CBS' "Face the Nation," NRA leaders "stuck to their guns" and stood firm in support for armed guards and in opposition for more gun control laws.
In the Media by Can Tran

Gamer TriForce Johnson to NRA's Wayne LaPierre: 'This means war'

The gamer community is pushing back against the comment made by NRA's Wayne LaPierre in regards that video games are to blame for Sandy Hook. Isaiah "TriForce" Johnson, a high-profile figure in the video game community and industry, is pushing back.
In the Media by Can Tran

Fallout of the NRA's press conference continues increasing

After NRA vice-president and CEO Wayne LaPierre talked about armed guards at every school being the solution and blaming video games, the group has been receiving more negative publicity. It does bring up talks about increased security at schools.
In the Media by Can Tran - 2 comments

NRA press conference on Sandy Hook receives very mixed responses

The National Rifle Association (NRA) gave its response to preventing tragedies such as Sandy Hook from happening again. It's proposal has received very mixed responses.
In the Media by Can Tran

NRA calls for more guns as gunman kills 4 in Pennsylvania

Washington - The National Rifle Association held its long-anticipated post-Newtown press conference on Friday, with the pro-gun lobby calling for more guns to solve America's gun violence problem on the same morning that a gunman killed four people in Pennsylvania.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 1 comment

Protestor at NRA conference: 'NRA killing our kids' (Video)

A protester was forced out of NRA's press conference Friday morning on last week's Newtown shooting rampage after yelling the "NRA killing our kids!"
In the Media by Yukio Strachan - 10 comments

Video game industry receives political heat for Newtown Tragedy

As blame is pointed towards guns, blame is also pointed towards video games. Senator Jay Rockefeller D-WV plans to introduce a bill calling to research video game violence.
In the Media by Can Tran - 2 comments

NRA claims 8,000 new members joining every day

The National Rifle Association claims its membership is soaring in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, with 8,000 new members reportedly joining the pro-gun group each day.
In the Media by Brett Wilkins - 1 comment

Gun control, gun rights & the talk of gun safety after Sandy Hook

While the NRA and other gun rights advocates are being demonized, other people are calling upon them to join an open discussion about gun control and gun safety.
In the Media by Can Tran

NRA, after being silent, speaks out about the Newtown Tragedy

After being silent for a few days after the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, the NRA broke its silence and said that it was saddened with what happened. It plans to hold a press conference on December 21.
In the Media by Can Tran - 1 comment

Gun control activists take battle right to the NRA's front door

Washington - Increased anger towards the silent NRA continues. Gun control activists took to the streets and demonstrated in front of the NRA office in Capitol Hill.
In the Media by Can Tran - 2 comments

Tragedy of Newtown, CT. rallies momentum for gun control debate

Washington - While US President Barack Obama said that now isn't the time to talk about gun control, due to what happened in Newtown, CT, other people feel differently. Now, the gun control issue is being forced back onto the debate table.
In the Media by Can Tran - 6 comments

NRA to Obama: Pursue criminals not law-abiding citizens

United States Justice Department officials met with gun control advocates on Tuesday, two days after U.S. President Barack Obama's letter appeared in the Arizona Daily Star calling for stronger gun laws.
In the Media by Thomas Amshay - 2 comments

NRA and Palin invade Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte - The National Rifle Association invaded Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend with their annual convention. The annual convention and meeting was headlined by former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin.
In the Media by Michael Bearak - 2 comments

Sarah Palin to be key speaker at NRA Convention

The National Rifle Association has a real celebrity on the docket for its annual conference May 14 - 16, where the high-profile former Vice-Presidential candidate and media darling, Sarah Palin, will be a major speaker.
In the Media by Carol Forsloff - 5 comments

Major Conservative Group to Recognize Liberal George McGovern

A big movement is growing and going to Washington. Barack Obama needs to know about that. George McGovern is on the agenda and so is Joe the Plumber, so Obama is apt to have some pretty saucy folks around to quibble with a little.
In the Media by Carol Forsloff

National Rifle Association Declares It Will Spontaneously Combust

Just as the anger and frustrations begin to grow in different parts of the country as the recession deepens, the National Rifle Association decides to spontaneously combust.
In the Media by Carol Forsloff - 58 comments

National Rifle Association About Obama: We look forward to showing him 'bitter'

The National Rifle Association is planning to spend $40 million during this year’s general election campaign, $15 million to be used on portraying Barack Obama as a threat to the Second Amendment .
In the Media by Susan Duclos - 14 comments
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