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Technology that helps you get a good night's sleep

Sleep is one of the most vital aspects of our daily existence, but it is also something people struggle with. Whether your sleep issues are caused by insomnia, a hectic work schedule or having a newborn baby, it is critical for you to fix this problem.

Deadly toxins found improperly stored, forgotten in NIH, FDA labs

Bethesda - Officials are confirming that an alarming number of improperly stored vials containing highly dangerous pathogens have been located in various federal government laboratories.

High cholesterol level delays pregnancy, says new study

Couples who are finding it difficult to have a baby must check their cholesterol levels as a new scientific study shows that high levels of cholesterol, especially in the woman, may delay pregnancy.

U.S. cuts science budgets for 2013

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the U.S. science funding agency, has seen its budget cut for the remainder of 2013.

National Institute of Health ends decades of chimp experiments

The U.S. National Institute of Health has announced they will retire 110 chimps from biomedical research, stating that there is no scientific need for doing any further research on the chimps.

Even low levels of lead in blood raises gout risk, study shows

The National Institute of Health (NIH) reported Monday, “even relatively low levels of lead in the blood may be linked to an increased risk of gout."

Judge rejects suit from Guatemalans injected with syphilis by US

A U.S. Judge has ruled that Guatemalans who were intentionally injected with the syphilis virus and other sexually transmitted diseases under a secret U.S. testing program may not sue the government for damages, CBC reports.

Are you among 70 million Americans suffering from sleep problems? Special

A good night's sleep to some Americans has become a matter of life and death causing symptoms of high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. In addition, experts say many motor vehicle accidents can be linked to some variety of sleep disorder.

Ketamine: There is Help for 'untreatable depression' patients

Unlike antidepressants, ketamine affects the body's glutamatergic system, which regulates learning and memory. It's theorized that this system also affects mood, which may explain why ketamine appears to relieve depression symptoms. The NIH has performed

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