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National Enquirer News

National Enquirer shows unauthorized photo of Houston’s Body

Even dead, the late Whitney Houston is still not allowed to rest in peace. Following its1977 Elvis Presley open casket cover shot, the National Enquirer thought to do the same with Houston by publishing a photo of her in a gold open casket.

Todd Palin rumoured to file for divorce from Sarah

Todd Palin has filed for divorce from budding presidential candidate Sarah Palin, according to the Telegraph. However no official announcement has been made to substantiate what may be rumour.

National Enquirer says Apple CEO Steve Jobs has six weeks to live

The National Enquirer is reporting Steve Jobs only has six weeks to live. The magazine published a few recent photos of Jobs and doctors analyzed them to deliver a diagnosis.

National Enquirer plans to submit Edwards story for Pulitzers

Barry Levine, executive editor of the tabloid newspaper National Enquirer says he plans on submitting work on the John Edwards scandal for a prized Pulitzer.

Police to Question Tiger Woods

Police are interested in talking with Tiger Woods about his accident early yesterday morning. Meanwhile other news sources are claiming Woods and his wife had an argument over an affair.

Mother of Brooke Shields Checked Out Of Nursing Home By Reporter

Brooke Shields alleges that her mother Teri was checked out of her nursing home by the National Enquirer looking for a story. Teri suffers from dementia.

Former UCLA Medical Center Employee Pleads Guilty For Giving Tabloids Information

The lure of big bucks was enough for a former UCLA Medical Center employee to toss out ethics feeding information to the National Enquirer about celebs.

Op-Ed: Patrick Swayze Is Ticked Off At the National Enquirer

It looked like the National Enquirer was reporting the truth when it that patrick Swayze was knocking on heaven's door. Maybe they should have asked the actor himself though, he's not amused.

National Enquirer Says Patrick Swayze's Cancer Spread To Liver

According to the National Enquirer Patrick Swayze has had a turn for the worse with his cancer. A source for the gossip magazine said that the actor's cancer has spread to his liver.

National Enquirer Publishes Photo and Story Showing Cindy McCain's Alleged Affair

The National Enquirer is at it again, exposing another alleged affair, this time by Cindy McCain, Senator John McCain’s wife. They say Cindy has been cheating on John for the past few years.

National Enquirer Publishes Spy Photos of John Edwards and Alleged Love Child

In late July the National Enquirer claimed it caught John Edwards visiting his alleged mistress, Rielle Hunter, at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The question that followed the story was: Where are the pictures? They have produced photos now.

Fox Confirms Portion of National Enquirer Story About John Edwards Meeting Mistress

Fox News has confirmed a portion of the National Enquirer story about John Edwards meeting his mistress at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

National Enquirer Publishes Article Stating John Edwards Has Fathered A "Love Child"

The National Enquirer takes on Senator Edwards for a second time. In a follow-up to their Oct. 22nd issue which outed Edwards for having an affair, the current issue reveals that his mistress, Rielle Hunter, is now 6 months pregnant with his "Love Child".

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