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National Defense Authorization Act News

Trump tweets he is vetoing Defense Spending Bill

President Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted that he intends to veto a wide-ranging defense policy bill, raising new but unspecified concerns about China as a reason to reject a traditionally bipartisan measure.

Senator Rand Paul holds up huge defense bill with amendments

Washington - The US Senate hopes that there will be a quick rubber stamping of the huge National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) military spending bill that is now on hold until next week.

Trump signs defense bill that warns of dangers of climate change

Washington - On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed the $700 billion National Defense Authorization Act, setting policy for the US military for the coming fiscal year. The bill also states that climate change is a major threat to U.S. national security.

Senators: NFL should not be paid to honor our troops

After an investigation by into payments the NFL received for honoring veterans came to light on May 7, A group of Senators took the Defense Department to task, filing an amendment to ban the use of taxpayer funds to honor troops at sporting events.

Bipartisan criticism greets Obama move to extend Afghan presence

With members of Afghanistan's grand assembly pushing for a timely signature of the bilateral security agreement with the U.S. - effectively extending the war more than 10 years out - American senators are pushing for bipartisan approval.

Video: Naomi Wolf interviewed about torture and whistleblowers

In an interview with author and journalist Naomi Wolf, we hear that the U.S. classifies torture, but punishes those who tell the truth. The current crackdown on journalists, whistleblowers and activists is discussed in detail.

Op-Ed: Opposition to NDAA heating up

One month after President Obama signed the controversial NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) into law, public opposition is reaching fever-pitch.

Ron Paul introduces bill to repeal section of NDAA

On Wednesday, Ron Paul introduced a bill to his House colleagues to repeal section 1021 of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).

Enemy Expatriation Act Could Strip Americans of Citizenship

A new bill has been introduced in Congress that, if passed, would strip Americans of their citizenship for just supporting hostilities against the United States.

Council on American-Islamic Relations objects to new NDAA law

CAIR, the Green Party, and the Libertarian Party, are scheduled to hold a news conference on Jan 3 in Iowa, to express their opposition to the new National Defence Authorization Act. CAIR is deeply troubled by the new law.

NDAA Vote Could Force Recall of Montana Senators, Congressman

On Christmas Day, Montanans decided to give their Congressional district a gift they won't soon forget— a notice of possible recall of the Senators and one Congressman who voted for the controversial, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

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