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Video: Naomi Wolf interviewed about torture and whistleblowers

In an interview with author and journalist Naomi Wolf, we hear that the U.S. classifies torture, but punishes those who tell the truth. The current crackdown on journalists, whistleblowers and activists is discussed in detail.

Op-Ed: Surveillance gets much more invasive, but what are your options?

Sydney - Surveillance technology is big news, but its capabilities are usually underrated. The current technology is perfectly capable of creating a police state. If this technology had been available to Stalin, the Gulags would have been ten times bigger.

Op-Ed: Anybody but Obamney

It's Ron Paul, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Rocky Anderson vs. the Lesser of Two Evils in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections.

Author Naomi Wolf arrested at Occupy Wall Street protest

New York - Naomi Wolf, author of the groundbreaking feminist tome, The Beauty Myth, was arrested while protesting for Occupy Wall Street

Op-Ed: Social engineering American style

A social engineer is normally a highly motivated, verbose, collection of clichés living in the pocket of someone else. Not any more. The means is now the end. The process now defines the product, and it's a very inferior product.

Op-Ed: Naomi Wolf, A Case Study In Palin Derangement Syndrome

Since Sarah Palin was nominated for VP by John McCain, Palin Derangement Syndrome has been in full bloom in the media and on the Left. But just when I thought it couldn't get worse, HuffPo blogger and 'feminist' Naomi Wolf surprised me. Well, not really.

Op-Ed: Naomi Wolf’s The End of America, a book never reviewed in America

Naomi Wolf has too much guts to be a conspiracy theorist. She’s also too intelligent. The End of America is about a series of principles of democracy which she sees being destroyed in America by political subversion. Nobody's reviewed it.

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Author Naomi Wolf
Author Naomi Wolf