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Nanotechnology News

Killing cancer with nanotechnology

On theory about killing cancer is that heat can be effective. Using this principle, a science group have begun trials on using nanoparticles and heat to attack tumors.

Using robots to search for new antibiotics

Roskilde - The search for new antibiotics is a matter of global importance. To help with the research for new compounds, scientists have created two robotic chemical-synthesizing machines.

Roll over biology, super computer creates better crops

For years biologists have toiled away to find ways to make better crops. Now it seems the answer lies with computers. An advanced computer has fully detailed the nanostructure of cellulose, the key to creating more robust grains.

Nanotech drug holds promise for treating Parkinson’s

A new method, employing nanotechnology, has shown promise for treating Parkinson’s disease. This is based on experiments using rats, although the results are promising enough to suggest that the could one day see the drug used on people.

Graphene yields the world’s smallest crack

A new method, designed to create more powerful and faster nanoscale devices, has led to fabricated nanostructures with atomic sized gaps. These "cracks" are reportedly the smallest ever.

Nano sandwich creates super rechargeable batteries

Researchers have created tiny "sandwiches" made of nanosheets. These are the basis of a new generation of rechargeable batteries.

Gold nanoparticles used for unique energy storage

Scientists have devised a way to capture and store energy using gold nanoparticles. This is by using gold atoms at a level just below gold metal. The findings could help with future medical instruments.

Super-strong ‘uncuttable’ graphene nanofibers developed

Dallas - By manipulating the electromechanical properties of nanofibers, so that they stretch some seven times their natural length, scientists have created a material that is stronger and tougher than Kevlar.

Tiny bio-robots used to fight assess humidity

Scientists have developed an electromechanical device (a type of humidity sensor) placed on top of a bacterial spore. This nanobot is a form of robotic germ and it could play role in assessing food storage conditions.

Op-Ed: Nanotechnology likely to be the next big technological revolution

Is technological progress slowing down? Are we simply refining technological advances originally made in the 1980s or earlier? Fear not: there is a next wave that will revolutionize technology. And it's small. Real small. A look at nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology builds unbreakable condoms

It is always better to be safe than sorry and with sexual intercourse nanotech may have the answer for lowering the risk of condoms breaking at the wrong moment.

Cancer fighting nanoparticles that leave no side-effects

London - Nanotechnology is being used in a number of areas. In medicine, there have been advances in using nanoparticles to fight cancer. One problem is stopping the nanoparticles killing other cells. For this, a new solution has been found.

Breakthrough with artificial retinas for the visually impaired

Tel Aviv - Researchers have created a new light-sensitive film that could be the basis of a prosthetic retina. Such a retina could aid people suffering from retinal damage or degeneration.

Water treatment chemicals can upset the gut

Guelph - Scientists have shown that nanosilver, which is often added to water purification units, can upset the human gut. The research throws up some alarms on the level of nanoparticles that people are exposed to each day.

Nanoparticles used to monitor for cancer

Researchers have developed new nanoparticles that can be used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This application could help medics to monitor a tumor’s environment and to assess if drugs have successfully reached their targets.

Nanorobots designed to swim through human blood

Bonn - Nanorobots could be designed to carry out medical tasks in the human body. Researchers have created “swimming bodies” that can navigate through biological fluids like blood.

Nanotechnology leads to improved retinal implants

Tel Aviv - Researchers have developed a new light-sensitive nanotube-based film. The technology could pave the way to more flexible and durable retinal implants.

How nanofibers can help prevent HIV / AIDS

Researchers have developed a special gel that is made up of a power virucidal chemical (to kill viruses) and a special nanofiber mesh. The device, designed to fit into a woman's body, can stop the transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

New bomb detector launched

Salt Lake City - A new type of bomb detector which uses a carbon nanotube has been produced. The detector is said to be superior to others on the market in terms of speed and the range of explosives that it can detect.

Implantable remote control drug dispersion device tested in space

Scientists are developing an implantable device that delivers therapeutic drugs as commanded by remote control. The device's effectiveness will be tested on animals aboard the International Space Station.

Nanotech lung infection device developed

Researchers have developed a low-cost, disposable breath analysis device for people with cystic fibrosis. The device sends data to a smartphone in the event of a lung infection.

Making nanoparticles shine

Scientists have successfully created nanoparticles that can emit a colorful fluorescent glow in a biological environment. The advantage is that the particles could be placed inside human cells to help to detect for a range of diseases.

Eye drops improved by nanotechnology

Scientists have developed a means to make eye drops more effective. The new method uses nanoparticles and it ensures that more of the active ingredient reaches the eye of the patient.

Nanotechnology helps contain Ebola

One problem affecting the containment of Ebola is the cost and complexity of diagnosing the disease when a patient is first seen. As a way forwards, researchers have developed a rapid, photonic device that can provide simple and accurate detection.

Nanoparticles used to solve crimes

Lausanne - Scientists have outlined a new method using nanoparticles to detect fingerprints left at crime scenes. The new technology is said to be far more accurate than the current process.

World’s smallest diamonds produced by nanotech

Scientists have found out how to produce ultra-thin "diamond nanothreads." These nano-diamonds have greater strength and stiffness compared with any other nanotubes and polymer fibers.

Nanoribbon film keeps glass ice-free

Scientists have created a nanoribbon that can keep glass free from ice. The material takes the form of a transparent coating, and it is based on graphene.

Japanese company announces space elevator to be completed by 2050

Tokyo - Although it may sound like something from a Hollywood science fiction movie, engineers at a prominent Japanese construction company are serious about building the world's first working space elevator.

New nanopatch can be used against polio

A new nanopatch has been developed as a candidate method for the delivery of a polio vaccine. The patch thereby avoids the use of a needle.

Cancer fighting nanoparticles in development

Researchers have created "dynamic" nanoparticles that could provide an array of applications to diagnose and treat cancer. The nanoparticles have been made from a polymer, and they are designed to seek out and to identify tumors.
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Nanotechnology Image

An example of some nano-sized molecular machinery made with 3D models.
An example of some nano-sized molecular machinery made with 3D models.
NASA via Wikimedia Commons
A glass microprocessor made by Micronit Microfluidics.
A glass microprocessor made by Micronit Microfluidics.
Ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy image of a point defect in graphene that has been ep...
Ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy image of a point defect in graphene that has been epitaxially grown on 6H-SiC(0001)
Argonne National Laboratory

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