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Nanotech News

Nano-implant set to restore sight

In a major breakthrough scientists from University of California San Diego and the company Nanovision Biosciences Inc., are on the cusp of developing nano-sized implants that can restore sight to a blind person.

Gold nanoparticles used to rapidly detect Ebola

While the Ebola pandemic in West Africa was eventually tackled the risk remains that the viral disease will re-emerge. To better equipped a new diagnostic method has been developed to allow for the rapid detection of the disease.

Nanotechnology boosts solar power heating

Solar power, along with tidal power and wind power, represents the leading alternative energy technology. Scientists are seeking to improve efficiency and nanotechnology offers an answer.

Nanotechnology provides solution for oil spills

Oil spills are very difficult to address and cause significant ecological harm. A new method, based on nanotechnology, can turn an oil spill into a floating mass of brown jelly.

Magnetic nanotech leads to marijuana roadside test

Researchers have successfully used magnetic nanotechnology to develop a rapid test for marijuana in a person. The application will be used as a road side test for police officers.

Life-saving water holding nanorods invented

Researchers have accidentally created nanorods with incredible water holding potential. These rods could be used to help those who need to work in hot climates or travellers through desert regions.

Studying ants for clues about ultra-fine cleaning

Blue-sky thinking researchers have taken inspiration from the way that ants clean to develop improved procedures for nanotechnology. The ants studied are located in Borneo, Indonesia.

Nanotech drug holds promise for treating Parkinson’s

A new method, employing nanotechnology, has shown promise for treating Parkinson’s disease. This is based on experiments using rats, although the results are promising enough to suggest that the method could one day see the drug used on people.

Nanotech turns sawdust into carbon tubes

Birmingham - Scientists have developed a new method to make nanostructured carbon using the waste product sawdust. The tubes can be used as conductors, for a range of technological applications.

Nanotech used to produce silk

Engineers have demonstrated that it is possible to generate nanostructures from silk in an environmentally friendly process.

Nanotech creates long-life batteries

A research group have made a significant breakthrough in the area of rechargeable battery technology. The team have developed a technology that more than doubles the capacity of lithium-ion battery anodes.

Dar es Salaam government invests 130 million dollars in nanotech Special

Dar Es Salaam - The Dar es Salaam government has announced an investment in nanotechnology, focusing on health care, energy, agriculture and forestry, and technology commercialization.

France toughens laws on nanomaterials in consumer products

Nanomaterials, the result of nanotechnology, using extremely small objects, are becoming common in everyday life but the unseen use of nanomaterials in goods from cosmetics to paint is causing concern that there is little research into their effects.

Researchers working on 'smart paint'

To provide a simpler, lower-cost method of ascertaining the safety of large structures, researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland developed a high-tech paint capable of detecting microscopic manufacturing defects and stress flaws.

A Tiny Box With A Lid, Made Of DNA

A team of Danish scientists have built a miniscule box, complete with solid six faces and a hinged lid, using DNA—the genetic material that is present in every cellular nucleus.

Nanotech thermoregulator fabric developed

Cool.. I wouldn't mind be a Constant Temperature no matter what time of year or climate I'm in...

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Speakers or headphones with magnets are becoming old school now  researchers from Tsinghua Universit...
Speakers or headphones with magnets are becoming old school now, researchers from Tsinghua University in Beijing have created earphones that looks pretty ordinary, but doesn't contain those previous technology, these earphone are made up of many strings-like carbon nanotubes (CNT) thermoacoustic chip which can only operate on 60mW of power. This chip is extremely thin and vibration and magnetic free. Yet this technology is now incompatible with the conventional audio output but the scientists ar

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