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Nanny state News

Op-Ed: Obesity worse than smoking? New study may change laws

The National Cancer Institute has found that obesity can be worse for your lifespan than smoking. Will this prompt changes in legislation?

New York City will ban delivery of 2-litre soda with pizza

New York - As the March 12 start date of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on soda served in containers larger than 16 ounces approaches, details are emerging about what exactly is being prohibited.

Denmark: men's and women's haircuts must cost the same

Copenhagen - The Danish Board of Equal Treatment, the government body tasked with ensuring equality, has issued a ruling requiring hair salons to charge men and women the same amount for haircuts.

N.Y.C. Board of Health approves supersize sugary drink ban

New York - The New York City Board of Health approved a controversial motion today to ban large-sized sugary drinks in restaurants, movie theatres and other public venues.

Op-Ed: Remember to light up for 'No Smoking Day'

Wednesday, March 14 is No Smoking Day 2012. Be sure to light up a symbolic cigarette or cigar to show the nanny state what you think of it.

Op-Ed: Will the sale or use of tobacco in Washington become a felony?

Tobacco-Free Washington has obtained approval of a new citizens initiative seeking to make the sale, possession or use of tobacco in Washington State a felony.

Op-Ed: Political and social concepts that have destroyed the West

Democracy can at best be considered a work in progress, at any time in the last few thousand years. The hijacking of representative government by bizarre concepts coupled with corruption has added elements which are about as anti- democratic as possible.

Op-Ed: War on Obesity or High Calorie Nanny State?

New York is enacting the newest stage of their Nanny State legislation as regards food along with what and how New Yorkers decide what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Nanny State in UK Has New Plan to Combat Sodium Intake

At least six borough councils in the United Kingdom have taken part in an effort to lower the sodium intake of their constituents by reducing the number of holes in salt shakers from the traditional 17 to 5.

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It doesn t really matter which way hot air blows. It matters who suffocates as a result.
It doesn't really matter which way hot air blows. It matters who suffocates as a result.

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