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Namibia News

Namibia's pride paraders call for legal protection

Windoek - Scores of people waving rainbow flags peacefully paraded through the streets of Namibia's capital Windhoek on Saturday, calling for better legal protection of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in the largely conservative country.

Off Namibia, an underwater diamond harvest

- A vast mechanical monster rises from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia, leaving a huge swell in its wake as seawater pours off its surface.

Namibia genocide victims battle for compensation

L - On a thin strip of land at the bay of Luederitz in southern Namibia are dozens of gravestones bearing the names of each German soldier killed during a largely forgotten colonial war.

Namibia indigenous groups sue Germany over 'genocide'

New York - Representatives of two indigenous groups have filed a class-action suit in New York against Germany seeking reparations for the genocide of their peoples by German colonial rulers over a century ago in what is now Namibia.

Op-Ed: Hungarian delegation visits South Africa and Namibia Special

Midrand - Three countries — South Africa and Namibia on the one hand, Hungary on the other — separated by language, culture, history and most of all, geography, renewed their ties last week on both the official and the unofficial level.

First UN Mandela prize awarded to Portuguese ex-leader, eye doctor

New York - Portugal's former leftist president Jorge Sampaio and Namibian eye specialist Helena Ndume were awarded the first UN Nelson Mandela Prize on Monday for their work to better humanity.

Namibia leader wins $5m Mo Ibrahim African leadership prize

Nairobi - Namibia's outgoing president was on Monday named winner of the Mo Ibrahim Prize for "good governance" in Africa, the world's richest award that has seen a dearth of worthy candidates.

Namibian PM wins presidential election landslide

Windoek - Namibian Prime Minister Hage Geingob and his SWAPO party won a landslide victory in presidential and legislative elections billed as Africa's first e-vote, the electoral commission said Monday.

Voting extended in Namibia election

Windoek - Namibian voters cast their ballots late into the night Friday, as general election organisers ordered polling stations to extend operations until thousands still waiting had their turn.

Namibia prepares for Africa's first e-vote

Windoek - Namibia will vote in Africa's first electronic ballot Friday, a general election that will usher in a new president and quotas to put more women in government.

Citizen science project will benefit Africa's giraffes

With its' long, graceful neck and elaborately patterned hide, the giraffe is truly an iconic symbol of Africa. Like seemingly every other wild animal in the world, they are in decline.

Namibia expects more oil prospectors to follow Shell

Windhoek - Namibia's government said Tuesday it would soon accept more major oil companies into the country, a day after Shell announced it had bought two offshore blocks.Petroleum commissioner Immanuel Mulunga told AFP the government was in the process of approv...

Auction winner of rhino hunt fears he's the endangered species

Chris Knowlton looks forward to facing and becoming intimately involved with a black rhino. He's the lucky winner of an auction that gives him a permit to legally shoot one of the endangered beasts. Now he fears for his life, right in his own backyard.

Op-Ed: Killing the Black Rhino is no way to save them

There are only about 4,000 Black Rhinos left in the wild, down from over 60,000 in the 1960's. There are an estimated 1,800 in Namibia today. Poachers have decimated Rhino herds, in search of their horns, a valuable commodity on the international market.

Women protest mini-skirt ban in Windhoek, Namibia (video)

Windhoek - Namibian women were out in the streets of Windhoek in their hundreds, protesting over police intentions to arrest women wearing mini-skirts for "indecency."

Namibian man arrested for allegedly raping dog

Walvis Bay - A Namibian man was arrested and arraigned on bestiality charges after police allegedly caught him having sexual intercourse with a dog.

Vast water source found in Namibia could last for centuries

A water source that was discovered in Namibia may have a huge impact on development that takes place in the driest country located in sub-Saharan Africa.

Namibia: Tempers flare at town meeting over donkey meat delicacy

Rehoboth - Organizers of a community meeting in Rehoboth, Namibia, who tried to encourage attendance at the meeting with a promise to serve free barbecued donkey meat, faced a protest walk-out when they failed to fulfill their promise.

Strange metal ball drops from space in Namibia

Windhoek - Namibian police have been scratching their heads in puzzlement over a metallic ball that fell from space and landed in a remote grassland area in the northern parts of the country, 480 miles from the Namibian capital Windhoek.

Floods drive thousands from their homes in Mozambique

Thousands of Mozambicans were forced to abandon their houses and flee for higher ground on Wednesday and disaster management workers were put on high alert because of rising flood waters.

Fake bomb found in Namibia said to be test device from USA

Windhoek - After Namibia airport screening procedures turned up a suspicious suitcase with bomb components inside, a German investigation has concluded the case was a test device sent by the United States.

Unusual little fish helps to recover severely damaged ecosystem

Oslo - A unique fish species has adapted to a hostile environment, poisonous to most other marine organisms, becoming an important part of a food chain that includes other fish, birds and mammals in the coast of Namibia.

Meeting the enchanting Himba tribe and their Herero ancestors Special

The Himba are an enchanting tribe in Namibia who differ greatly from there Herero ancestors. I had the privilege to come face to face with both tribes in Namibia and discover their culture for myself.

Cheetahs seen in southern Angola for the first time in 30 years

Otjiwarongo - A wildlife conservation group has reported the first cheetah sighting in southern Angola in more than three decades. The animal’s habitat was devastated during Angola’s civil war between 1975 to 2002.

Namibian Party Calls for National Reconciliation

In Namibia, a political party, The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) has called for the establishment of a South African-type Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Namibia: $3 million for Victims of Torrential Floods Needed

Over $2,700 000 dollars is urgently needed to support the Government of Namibia in responding to the plight of up to 350,000 people hit by widespread floods.

Botswana's unique Kgalagadi Game Reserve faces mining threat

One of the world's largest wildlife reserves. located in Botswana, will soon host mining activities, after its government granted 112 exploration licences to 14 foreign firms for diamond, uranium, coal and base metals exploration in central Botswana.

Canadian uranium search will kill off the last Bushmen of Africa

A Canadian company this week was granted exclusive uranium-prospecting licenses in two ecologically very sensitive nature reserves in Namibia in the Namib Naukluft Park. The local Nama tribal chief warns that mining would destroy their desert homeland.

Death of Richard Wood, former Anglican bishop

Richard Wood, former Anglican bishop suffragan of Namibia, died on 9 October 2008 at his home at Itchen Abbas, Hampshire, England.

Namibia: Kavango River Risks Contamination

In Namibia, The Kavango River may be in danger of being contaminated by leakages of highly toxic sewage from the Rundu Sewerage Ponds.
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It has been suggested that instead of Namibia killing old rhinos  they could try ecotourism. It woul...
It has been suggested that instead of Namibia killing old rhinos, they could try ecotourism. It would be a better way to fund conservation efforts.
Paul Williams
This Rhino is also known as the Hook-Lipped Rhino. Both Black and White Rhinos both graze and browse...
This Rhino is also known as the Hook-Lipped Rhino. Both Black and White Rhinos both graze and browse, however the White Rhino is much larger, and the Black Rhino tends to hold it's head up, while the White Rhino keeps it's head lower
Laurens/Crazy Creatures
Women in Namibia sitting by a hut
Women in Namibia sitting by a hut
Women protest Namibian police intention to arrest girls wearing mini-skirts.
Women protest Namibian police intention to arrest girls wearing mini-skirts.

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