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Hurricane names retired after deadly storms

Geneva - The Atlantic hurricane names Dorian, Laura, Eta and Iota are being retired due to the trail of death and destruction left in their wake, the UN's World Meteorological Organization said Wednesday.

Brazil's leftists rename themselves 'Lula'

Bras - If Brazil's right-wing politicians thought they'd seen the last of Lula with his imprisonment, they couldn't have reckoned on running into more than 60 new "Lulas" popping up in Congress on Wednesday.

Rich and famous in the Paradise Papers

Paris - Apple, Bono and Queen Elizabeth II are just a few of the big names and companies revealed in the Paradise Papers leak to have shifted money across the globe to cut tax.

Do we look like our names? Psychologists think so

If you look at a person you’ve not met before how many times do you try to guess their name, or are at least unsurprised when you’re told the person’s name? It seems that humans are very good at predicting the names of people they have not met befor

Italian mums win court battle on children's surnames

Rome - Italian rules which mean children of married couples are automatically given only their father's surname are unlawful, the country's constitutional court ruled Tuesday.

Health insurer loses hard drives with data on 950,000 customers

In the world of mistakes, there are those that qualify as little "oops" or big "oops." Forgetting to change your clocks in daylight savings times is a little "oops." Misplacing six hard drives with information on 950,000 customers is a huge "oops."

Best way to remember someone's name revealed

Montreal - It's happened to all of us. We see a familiar face but we can't quite place the name of the person, sometimes leading to embarrassment. Researchers have pinpointed the best way to put a name to a face.

China deletes over 60,000 online accounts ahead of new regulation

Some of China's largest online companies have been forced to delete over 60,000 accounts registered on their services ahead of the upcoming date for the introduction of new censorship and regulation of names used online.

Sophia and Noah take the spot as most popular baby names 2013

Recently released federal data shows that the names Sophia and Noah made the top list of most popular baby names for 2013. Sophia has held the top spot for three years but this year Noah bumped out Jacob and Michael, top names since 1961.

What's in a name? Dummy candidates confuse Indian voters

New Delhi - Indian politician Chandulal Sahu, standing for the second time for a seat in parliament, was irritated but not surprised when he saw he was running against seven competitors who share his name.

Sandy Hook shooting: Authorities release names, ages of victims

Police have released the full list of the names of the victims of the Sandy Hook School shooting. The list includes 20 children, 12 girls and eight boys, all six or seven years of age. Six adults are also included in the list.

Can your first name hurt your chances in online dating?

If you're one of the millions of people who use dating sites to find a potential partner, beware, according to a new study by German researchers. Your name could be hindering your chances of finding "the one."

Op-Ed: The weirdest, funniest, and most bizarre town names in the U.S.

The following fifty town names can be found in almost all fifty states in the U.S. They are the weirdest, funniest, and most bizarre in the entire nation.

Trivia You Can't Live Without: How Hurricanes are Named

Today, June 1, 2009, marks the opening of this year’s hurricane season, which runs through the end of November. Of all the information that can be sought about hurricanes and preparedness, the most trivial question is near the top of the list.:

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. PETA Renames Fish Sea Kittens

Fish. We think they are slimy and "ichy", but PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) thinks that if fish are renamed Sea Kittens, people will think they are cute and fluffy and not want to eat them.

Child called Hitler taken away from parents

A boy named Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sister Aryan Nation have been taken from their parents by child welfare staff.

How To Pronounce Foreign Names Correctly

Do you have trouble with pronouncing foreign names? If yes, then a website helps you how to pronounce it correctly with an audio file.

Traditional names 'dying out' in England and Wales

Names such as Edna, Gertrude, Walter and Percy have become a rarity in England and Wales, despite being popular more than 100 years ago. Some worry such names will never come back.

Google: No You Can't Have

Pingdom, a website monitoring tool, has found Google in possession of a number of domain names to protect its property from others.

A Country By Any Other Name: How Some Places Got Theirs

How did some of our countries and other famous places get their names? Was there a method to the madness of someone in authority or was it just a fit of inspiration? Read on, you lector, you, or whatever else you call yourself these days

Op/Ed: Then Naming of the Cat

The naming of cats is a difficult matter, It isn't just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I'm mad as a hatter When I tell you a cat must have three different names. -T.S. Elliot

Remains of 3 Babies Found in Austria

A resident undergoing renovation of a multi-family building found plastic bags filled with the remains of three infants in Innsbruck. The bags were found in the basement.

Days of the Week & How They Got Their Names

The history of the days of the week is an interesting and peculiarly human one. It is closely intertwined with the advancement of mankind through the centuries.

HIV Patient Names to be Tracked in All 50 States by Year's End

By the end of 2007 the names of all people in the United States infected with the HIV virus will be tracked and recorded by federal health officials. This news comes as a defeat for AIDS advocates that wanted patient names kept confidential.

The Cuban's Win The Major League On The Name Game

Strange, and very hard to keep a straight face when your are a sports announcer, yet the Cuban athletes who are set to play in baseball next season in the Major League will have you clutching your sides

Girl says all the President's Names Faster than Anyone

A girl says very fast all the names of the US Presidents .

Ben & Jerry’s names new Ice Cream Flavor for Stephen Colbert

Ben & Jerry introduced a new ice cream flavor today in honor of Stephen Colbert. It is called Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but ...

names will never hurt me. At least that's what the adage says. But how true is that?

Names on Licence Plates

Are you a collector i.e. of things with some value and not just the usual household junk we can't seem to part with?

Brand names vs. knockoffs

You can save a lot of money by going for the usually cheaper knockoff.
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