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Nader Makes 21 Speeches in 15 Hours, 'Massachusetts Marathon' Breaks Guinness Record

Ralph Nader made 21 speeches in 15 hours, travelled 365 miles through MA in what has been dubbed the "Massachusetts Marathon".The 74 year old independent presidential candidate dedicated the Guinness Record breaking run to childhood hero Lou Gehrig.

Presidential Campaign 'MoneyBomb Architect' Maps Third Party Debate Access Initiative

On the heels of the formation of the liberal and conservative-backed Open the Debates Coalition, comes an an additional coalition of 10 pro-democracy groups headed by money-bomb mastermind Trevor Lyman to push for a fully inclusive debate.

Bob Barr: 'I am not Ralph Nader'

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr of Georgia has said that he is not the same as Independent candidate Ralph Nader.

Barr Could Be Potential Election Spoiler To McCain

With Bob Barr running as the Libertarian candidate for the US Presidency, many within the GOP fear that he will be a spoiler for presumed GOP nominee John McCain.

Nader Attacks Obama For Being a Flip-Flopper

Consumer advocate and Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader has attacked presumed Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama of Illinois’ rejection of public funds.

Poll: Nader Is 'Gaining Strength'

It has been since quite a while since news came of Ralph Nader making another bid for the United States presidency. It seems that Nader’s campaign is getting stronger.

Ralph Nader Finds VP Running Mate In Matt Gonzalez

CBS News blogger Michelle Levi posts in her “From The Road” blog from Washington, DC where she covers consumer advocate Ralph Nader who had recently announced his presidential bid on Sunday’s “Meet The Press” on NBC.

Nader Attacks Clinton and Obama, Defends His Presidential Candidacy

Ralph Nader, who made his bid as a third-party candidate for the 2008 elections, has received backlash from the Democrats. In return, Nader attacked back while defending himself.

Clinton Attacks Obama On Healthcare & Inexperience, Addresses Nader's Candidacy

CBS News blogger Fernando Suarez posts in his “From the Road” blog from Providence, Rhode Island where he follows the campaign trail of US Democratic presidential hopeful and frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Ralph Nader Could Possibly Announce Third Presential Run On Sunday

The consumer advocate, Ralph Nader has given the possibility that he will make a third run for the US presidency. Ralph Nader has run for office in 2000 and once again in 2004. If he does run, he will run for the 2008 presidential elections.

Drugs flushed weekly, billion$ wasted

Although I wrote this story last year, the practice continues today in nursing facilities and even restricted age developments around the nation. It boggles the mind.

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