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South Carolina school bill mandates NRA-approved gun education

Columbia - South Carolina state legislators have proposed a bill that would force the state's public schools to spend more time teaching National Rifle Association-approved pro-gun material than some high schools spend teaching about the Civil War or World War II.

Op-Ed: American Mothers vs the American Gun Lobby

For many years, the NRA has raised the specter of 'liberal' government suppression of civil liberties. Since the advent of Obama's administration, this tactic, with the help of a $250 million budget, has been a very effective one..

NRA 'Killer Cop' competition prompts outcry over police violence

Albuquerque - Beginning Sept. 15, the National Rifle Association will host its annual National Police Shooting Competition (NPSC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The competition is expected to draw more than 500 police officers from law enforcement agencies nationwide.

How smart guns change the gun control debate forever

Smart guns have ignited a firestorm of debate between both sides of the gun rights conflict. Now tensions are rising and citizens are calling for action on smart gun laws.

Next on the NRA agenda: Firearms for the blind

In a video posted on the National Rifle Association’s news website, an NRA commentator asserts that blind people should be allowed to carry any kind of firearm as a constitutional right.

James S. Brady, symbolized the fight for gun control, dies at 73 Special

Chicago - James Brady, the former Press Secretary under President Ronald Reagan, passed away today at the age of 73. Brady retained the title of Press Secretary throughout the eight years of the Reagan Presidency, after he was shot in the head on March 30, 1981.

NRA's top lawyer was allegedly convicted of gun crimes in 1964

Fairfax - Bob Dowlut has been the general counsel for the NRA across several years. Now the man stands accused of hiding a past of violence. According to reports Dowlut murdered multiple people with a gun during his youth.

Op-Ed: NRA opposes Rep. Robin Kelly on outlawing marketing guns to kids

Chicago - The National Rifle Association (NRA) and its monopoly on the "final word" on guns and the Second Amendment, coming to an end thanks to Rep. Robin Kelly's emergence on the national stage as an articulate national spokesperson for "common sense" gun reform.

Op-Ed: Obama worst president ever, including future

Chicago - The pathetic failures of the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama, probably will mean he is not only the worst president the country has had, but the worst one it will ever have.

NRA changes its mind on open carry

Following a backlash from its supporters, the National Rifle Association has retracted its statements regarding open carry groups in Texas.

NRA blasts group for restaurant gun displays

Fort Worth - Tactics used by Open Carry Texas are being outlawed by six national restaurant chains and criticized by the original pro-gun National Rifle Association following recent demonstrations by the group's San Antonio chapter at local Chili's and Sonic chains.

The NRA squares off against ... gun owners?

A very controversial topic has left the gun community divided as the National Rifle Association takes some heat from its own supporters.

Op-Ed: Waterboarding is how Sarah Palin would baptize terrorists

Indianapolis - Never one to shy away from controversial one-liners, Sarah Palin made her latest gaffe at the 2014 National Rifle Association's Stand and Fight rally at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis Saturday.

American politics: A gun tale

Denver - In Colorado’s state capitol building, a Democrat was being sworn in as the newest state senator. A few miles to the south, a teen gunman wounded two people with a shotgun before blowing his brains out.

Op-Ed: The people's teeth: why guns are a necessary evil

Here is a concise commentary on the core beliefs of gun rights advocates. Hopefully this will clear up some of the misconceptions, and replace them with logical and reasonable truths, all of which point to guns being a necessary evil.

Op-Ed: How to end school violence — close schools

Sacramento - What would Gulliver say if he were to stumble upon a gun crazy country with kids being killed in schools? Perhaps he would say close them.

Accidental gun deaths of children under-reported across America

The New York Times yesterday highlighted shocking under-reporting of accidental gun deaths of children in America. The newspaper compiled a report on this problem going back to 1999 which highlights inaccuracies in official statistics quoted.

Op-Ed: If Abrams tanks are outlawed, only outlaws will have Abrams tanks

Washington - People wonder why they call them "gun nuts." According to the website Right Wing Watch, a right wing radio show host said, basically, no limits on the 2nd Amendment means, no limits!

Republican buys suspended 8-year-old lifetime NRA membership

Eight-year-old Josh Welch was suspended from his Maryland school allegedly for eating his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun. Republican Nicholaus Kipke of the lower house of the state's legislature decided to help Josh - by buying him a NRA membership.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg targeted with ricin letter

New York - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appears to have been the target of a ricin attack after a letter his office received tested positive for the deadly toxin.

Op-Ed: 3-D printed guns will literally blow up

If you still think gun control isn't a problem, it's about to get a whole lot worse. As 3D-printed gun blueprints continue to circulate, they will cause more harm than good.

Op-Ed: Fatal shooting stirs debate about parental responsibility

Burkesville - Parents across the country are asking, Why was a child allowed to play with a loaded rifle unsupervised in the first place?

NRA speaker Rob Pincus advises parents to keep guns in kids room

A seminar on "Home Defense Concepts" at the National Rifle Association's Annual Meeting, taught by firearms instructor Rob Pincus, has stirred a controversy after the advice that parents should keep guns in their children's bedroom for home defense.

NRA's Jim Porter: Civil War was 'war of northern aggression'

The NRA selected a new president earlier this week, a Birmingham, Alabama attorney Jim Porter, 64. Porter will take over from David Keene at the NRA's annual convention this weekend in Houston.

Op-Ed: Gun Right advocates need to stop invoking Godwin's Law

The push for gun control has taken the political center stage in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre. Hopes for reform took a setback when the Senate failed to pass new gun control bill.

Mayor Bloomberg joins Newtown's outrage over NRA robo-calls

Newtown - New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined Newtown residents on Monday in slamming the National Rifle Association’s robocall campaign to residents against any new gun restrictions, saying the NRA “ought to be ashamed."

Fox News' Chris Wallace attacks NRA chief Wayne LaPierre (Video)

Fox News’ Chris Wallace won praise on Sunday for grilling National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre on gun control, at one point saying: “That’s ridiculous and you know it, sir."

Op-Ed: Arming teachers, a law enforcement and educators' perspective Special

Shortly after the Sandy Hook School shooting, some gun advocates suggested having teachers carry guns in the classroom, a prospect some educational organizations, teachers and law enforcement officers don't support.

NRA initiates fund raising campaign

In response to President Obama's 23 Executive Orders addressing gun law reform the NRA has begun a fund raising drive by contacting members via email.

Firearms instructor hired as school guard leaves gun in restroom

Lapeer - A retired police firearms instructor hired as an armed guard by a Michigan charter school left his gun unattended in a school restroom.
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A Code Pink protester at the NRA press conference
A Code Pink protester at the NRA press conference
File photo: The Secret Service is investigating after Ted Nugent said at a NRA meeting that he would...
File photo: The Secret Service is investigating after Ted Nugent said at a NRA meeting that he would be "dead or in jail" if Obama is re-elected
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The head shot competition trains police officers to perfect their skills at shooting a suspect in th...
The head shot competition trains police officers to perfect their skills at shooting a suspect in the head.
The NRA s Natonal Headquarters Building
The NRA's Natonal Headquarters Building
NRA s Jim Porter
NRA's Jim Porter
NRA s Stand and Fight ad
NRA's Stand and Fight ad
Depending on the NRA response this could become a major scandal for the organization.
Depending on the NRA response this could become a major scandal for the organization.
Don O'Brien
NBC’s David Gregory interviews NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre about his organization’s stance on gun v...
NBC’s David Gregory interviews NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre about his organization’s stance on gun violence in America
NRA Commemorative Coin
NRA Commemorative Coin
Gun control advocates protesting in front of the NRA s Capitol Hill office in Washington DC
Gun control advocates protesting in front of the NRA's Capitol Hill office in Washington DC
In this exercise  police officers are expected to shoot numerous targets.
In this exercise, police officers are expected to shoot numerous targets.