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Health service partners with Alexa to provide medical support

The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) is to partner with Amazon’s Alexa in order to provide health information. This is being piloted as an alternative to medical advice helplines and to reduce the number of medical appointments.

How digital transformation can help the U.K. health service

London - The ‘Five Year Forward View’ and ‘Personalised Health and Care 2020’ plans outline the commitment by the health and care system and the U.K. Government to use information and technology to transform the country’s health services.

Is the U.K. ahead with the digitalization of healthcare?

London - The British health service continues on its path towards digital health, with a new round of leading health trusts being named. The digitalization project presents opportunities for technology companies.

Digital health lessons from the NHS

London - Despite the recent cyber-attack ransomware attack on the U.K.'s National Health Service, the reliance upon digital data remains vital for the healthcare sector, according to the Head of NHS Digital.

Op-Ed: Naylor Report spells bad news for the UK health service

London - In March 2017 the Naylor Review was published. It outlines plans to fund the U.K. health service through asset stripping and property selling. This week Theresa May announced plans to adopt it.

NHS hit by massive cyberattack, PCs are 'under their control'

The UK's National Health Service (NHS) has been targeted by hackers in a major cyberattack this afternoon. According to unconfirmed reports, the perpetrators have control of NHS computers. The organisation is diverting emergency patients away from A&E.

Blind NHS patients to receive bionic eyes

The NHS, England's national healthcare system, will pay for 10 blind patients to have bionic eyes. The eyes will treat them for an inherited form of blindness.

NHS email knocked offline as test message sent to every employee

A test email accidentally sent to every NHS employee in England has managed to crash the health service's email system. The problem was worsened by some users complaining with the "reply all" button. Doctors have warned there could be a risk to patients.

Op-Ed: UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt gambles his future on the NHS

When Jeremy Hunt, British Health Secretary and member of the Tory Party, took to parliament on 11 February to announce the imposition of a contract on junior doctors, he cited high-level support he did not have and risked his future in politics.

Op-Ed: Strike action threatens the NHS in UK

The UK is justifiably proud of the NHS, created by the National Health Service Act 1946 and initiated in July 1948. 2015 strikes and financial cuts could signal further demise of this national behemoth.

Promoting safety in U.K. hospitals

London - The U.K. government has recently launched a new health and safety initiative across the U.K. National Health Service. The new program is called “Sign Up to Safety.”

Op-Ed: UN Sustainable Development Goals - death targets

Sonora - One person in the UK is upset at what the UN calls Sustainable Development Goals and which Prof. Peter Lloyd-Sherlock calls death targets.

Hospital crisis stokes anger in pre-election U.K.

Stafford - The protest tents are being taken down but resentment burns on in Stafford, where the hospital is a notorious example of a healthcare crisis roiling the U.K. ahead of May's general election.

NHS anti-obesity campaign gears up

In an effort to prevent the threat of diabetes, the NHS has announced a new program of “proper support” for thousands of Britons.

Leading pharmacists debate hospital infections Special

Warwick - This week the leading pharmacists in the U.K. congregated in Warwick for the NHS QA Symposium. A number of measures to protect patients from infection were discussed, and Digital Journal was in attendance.

Elderly patients in the U.K. 'need their own healthcare budgets'

London - The head of health in England has said that frail elderly, people with disabilities and those with serious mental health problems should be given money from the government and council-run social care services.

British surgeon accused of branding initials on liver of patient

Birmingham - A British surgeon has reportedly been suspended from work following allegations that he 'branded' the liver of a patient whilst the man was under-the-knife.

UK: Asian bone marrow donor register increase following appeal

Tipton - Personal tragedy often leaves to inspirational behavior. The Bains family in the UK are in that unique, but tragic, position now — ethnic origin matters.

Op-Ed: UK NHS under further attack from Tory led government

Kingston Upon Hull - Saturday news that UK Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is to announce jail terms of up to five years for doctors, nurses and NHS managers who are found to have willfully neglected or mistreated patients paints a terrible picture of the NHS.

New lung cancer awareness campaign kicks off

A new campaign centered on the risks associated with lung cancer has been launched this week by the U.K. government. This is part of a series of events taking place this year focused on cancer awareness.

New government strategy to improve disease diagnosis

London - The U.K. government has announced a new research funding scheme that aims to improve the diagnosis of a number of serious diseases.

Mortuary van heads for garage repairs — complete with corpse

Aberdeen - A Scottish health authority have said they are investigating what they term a “serious incident” when one of their vehicle fleet was taken to a local garage for vehicle repairs. The NHS Grampian health authority van contained a dead body.

NHS pays for breast implants, while kid with cancer goes without

An aspiring model was able to get a state funded breast job because she was emotionally distressed, while the NHS (National Health Service) refused to fund treatment for a child with cancer.

Op-Ed: Britain's National Health Service reform

The NHS used to be called the "Pride of Britain". In recent years it has faced reform after reform and news of its failings have shocked the nation. Can the NHS endure the coalition's planned reforms and become a better service?

British Health Secretary claims failing NHS bosses will go

As a report into failing standards, at one UK hospital trust, is about to be published, UK Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, claims that failing bosses in the NHS will go.

NHS patients treated like 'battery hens', says MP

Ann Clwyd, a Labour MP and Chair of the Human Rights parliamentary group, accused the National Health Service (NHS) of inhumane treatment and fears the normalisation of cruelty is now rife.

Video: Massive crowds hit UK streets in anti-austerity protest

London - It was the UK's turn to hit the streets on Saturday in protest against austerity measures and budget cuts. Tens of thousands participated with a wide range of different groups involved.

NHS in Olympic ceremony angers UK conservatives, vexes US media

London - The prominent inclusion of Britain's National Health Service (NHS) in the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics has angered conservative politicians and perplexed many American observers.

Rally to save the NHS in UK gets massive Twitter response

Thousands of NHS workers and patients marched through London and held a rally in Westminster tonight, protesting against the UK Government's Health Reform Bill. The message was "Save Our NHS". Many thousands more, who could not attend, chose to tweet!

NHS refuse operation to remove excess skin on former fattest man

Ipswich - The world's former fattest man is in the headlines again. This time he is complaining that the NHS has refused to perform an operation to remove the unsightly vast swathes of loose skin he was left with following a gastric bypass operation.
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NHS Image

The garage repair shop in Aberdeen  Scotland where workers were surprised to find a corpse in an NHS...
The garage repair shop in Aberdeen, Scotland where workers were surprised to find a corpse in an NHS Grampian vehicle taken in for repairs.
Google Maps
Jeremy Hunt speaks to the NHS Confederation.
Jeremy Hunt speaks to the NHS Confederation.
NHS Confederation
Junior Doctors strike for better working conditions and to oppose introduction of a bad contract  Fe...
Junior Doctors strike for better working conditions and to oppose introduction of a bad contract, February 2016.
Garry Knight
File photo: Britain s Prince William (R)  president of the Royal Marsden NHS (National Health Servic...
File photo: Britain's Prince William (R), president of the Royal Marsden NHS (National Health Service) Foundation Trust, watches as head surgeon Pardeep Kumar (L) performs surgery for the removal of a bladder tumour on a male patient during a visit to the Royal Marsden hospital in London November 7, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Lefteris Pitarakis
Staffordshire hospital
Staffordshire hospital
Alistair Rose
NHS trains health workers to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone
NHS trains health workers to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone
UK Department for International Development
The Redwing in Victoria showed himself again today (Dec 23) as did the Yellow-breasted Chat. (Victor...
The Redwing in Victoria showed himself again today (Dec 23) as did the Yellow-breasted Chat. (Victoria NHS/Twitter)
Victoria Natural History Society

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