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Amendment to reduce Pentagon budget by 10 percent fails miserably

An amendment to make an across-the-board ten percent reduction to Pentagon spending levels authorized in the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was overwhelmingly defeated by members of both parties.

Op-Ed: Democrats try to block funding of new nuclear tests

As rumors spread that the Trump administration is thinking of taking steps to resume live nuclear testing, last done in 1992, Democrats in the House of Representatives have added a measure to a 2021 spending bill that prohibits funding of live tests.

Trump may veto suggested Senate changes to the NDAA

While the US House controlled by Democrats often challenges Trump policy in the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) it is not often that the Republican-controlled Senate does so but Senate revisions are provoking a possible Trump veto.

President Trump signs $738 billion defense spending bill for 2020

Washington - US President Donald Trump signed a huge defense bill on Friday that authorizes $738 billion for fiscal year 2020. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) grants a based budget of $658.4 billion plus $71.5 billion for overseas contingency operations.

Many disagreements between US House and Senate delay NDAA bill

Washington - Three issues are holding up a final annual defense policy bill the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA): President Trump's border wall, the Space Force, and PFAS the forever chemicals linked to cancer.

NDAA indefinite military detention of Americans on radio tonight

WCRN's the John Weston Show will discuss the law signed by Obama once again in 2014, which gives the Executive Branch the power to sweep up Americans and put them into military detention facilities such as Guantanamo.

Challenger closing on Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas Aug. 5th primary

Feeling a wave of anti-incumbent fervor taking hold in primary races across the nation, 18-year incumbent Senator Pat Roberts, Republican of Kansas, has been polled as losing ground to a doctor and political newcomer.

Congressmen who voted for NDAA detention face voters on Aug. 5th

A round of primary elections is scheduled to take place on August 5th in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, and Washington.

Post-Brat earthquake, more primaries to test anti-incumbent fever

After pollsters wildly missed the mark by dismissing Dave Brat's candidacy as doomed, further primaries are imminent in New York, Oklahoma, Utah, Michigan, Missouri, Washington, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Florida, Rhode Island, and Louisiana.

Op-Ed: Authoritarian fascist Obama gives high ground to Tea Party

With the new fresh-faced challenger being outspent 26 to 1, the message couldn't be clearer. Challenger Dave Brat spent a whopping $40,000 to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's $2.5 million in Citizens United money.

Tea Party rides anti-NDAA sentiment to victory in Virginia

In a stunning upset which pitted a much better financed incumbent against a newcomer, pro-Bill of Rights candidate Dave Brat defeated seven-term House Majority Leader Eric Cantor last Tuesday in Virginia.

Joe 'you lie!' Wilson gets challenge from anti-NDAA vet

Seven-term South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, who made national headlines when he shouted "You lie!" during Obama's 2009 State of the Union speech, is facing a primary challenge from a career US Army Sargent.

Obama confirms new law passed to deprive citizens of jury trial

As reelection nears for the 350 congressmen who voted in favor of continuing a new law commonly referred to as "NDAA," President Barack Obama confirms in an interview that the law allows US citizens to be detained by the US military indefinitely.

Review: Captain America vs the New World Order Special

If you can't say it in non-fiction, say it in a movie. "Captain America: the Winter Soldier," a fictional (?) movie puts the blame for America's greatest catastrophes of the last 70 years square on the back of a secret U.S. government agency.

Op-Ed: Should Obama be tried for treason after his NSA speech on Friday?

Floating an administration source's trial balloon on just where Obama is trying to go on this NSA thing, the New York Times has divulged that Obama is seeking to declare the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution null and void once and for all.

Pro-Constitution truckers scold DC riot police

In a remarkable scene which unfolded last weekend, truckers and their supporters with Ride for the Constitution faced off with riot police who had marched into their midst, and insisted that there was no need for them.

Activists announce call campaign to repeal NDAA with truckers Special

Washington - With truckers vowing to "restore the Constitution" due to start arriving in the nation's capitol today, anti-NDAA activists have announced a call campaign to Congress to demand it enact one of the truckers' principle demands, repeal of the NDAA.

Trucker convoy demands arrest of congressmen who disobeyed oath

[UPDATE OCTOBER 8, 2013 - Ride for the Constitution has issued a stern disavowal of some of Mr. Conlon's remarks to US News and World Report, and affirms that he is not a spokesperson for the organization.

Rejecting NDAA, California bans indefinite detention

Sacramento - California's governor signed into law a measure banning indefinite detention in the state, as well as state cooperation with federal government attempts to detain people under the highly controversial National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Op-Ed: Why Rand Paul was not being 'ridiculous' about drones, Mr. McCain

Americans responded overwhelmingly to the first major push-back by a US senator against the gradual overturn of the Bill of Rights since 9/11. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was joined by Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, in an historic filibuster.

Anti-NDAA bill in MA would punish officers, treat NDAA as illegal

A group of Massachusetts citizens have filed an active bill in the state legislature which would impose fines and penalties on state and federal officials who enforce Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 within MA.

President Barack Obama signs NDAA 2013 into law

Washington - President Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2013 into law in spite of his earlier threat to veto the bill that includes a section allowing the military to indefinitely detain American citizens on suspicion of terrorism.

Op-Ed: US Congress passes $633 billion defense budget for 2013

Washington - The U.S. Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013 that authorizes spending of $633 billion. The final bill makes no attempt challenge the bill's language allowing for indefinite detention of Americans arrested in the U.S.

Senate bans indefinite detention of Americans-- with major caveat

Washington - The US Senate voted Thursday to ban the indefinite detention of Americans and lawful US residents on domestic soil, but not of foreigners or Americans detained abroad in the War on Terror.

Citizens seek secession; states work to nullify federal laws

Although many suppose the secession movement is backed only by angry Romney fans, petitions in some states target both parties’ agendas, and many nonpartisan state legislators--in a parallel movement--seek to nullify the TSA, NDAA and other federal laws

Video: Rudkowski — Obama supporters hate Obama's policies

New York - In a case of sheer irony, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change got out on the streets in New York City, interviewing Obama supporters in a slightly underhanded way about the NDAA, the Patriot Act, Drone Wars and the "Kill List."

DNC Chairwoman doesn't know about President Obama kill list, NDAA

Denver - Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was unaware that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and President Barack Obama's "kill list" existed. This is why she would only take "serious questions."

House nominee Kurt Haskell speaks out on NDAA, GMOs, TSA and more Special

Kurt Haskell, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. House in Michigan's Seventh District, called out corruption in both major parties and challenged the status quo on several key issues in an exclusive interview with Digital Journal.

Mississippi passenger detained, stranded in Hawaii by No-Fly List

A Mississippi man flying to visit his wife in Japan on Monday was detained during a stop in Hawaii and has been barred from reboarding his flight - or any other flight - because his name came up on the U.S. No-Fly List, leaving him stranded on the island.

Federal court affirms NDAA indefinite detention provision

Washington - A federal appeals court has extended a temporary stay of a lower judge's injunction against a controversial law authorizing the indefinite military detention without charge or trial of anyone, including Americans, suspected of being or aiding terrorists.
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