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8 common auto insurance myths you need to know now Commissioned

Being aware of some common myths and popular beliefs about auto insurance can help save you money. From knowing how accidents affect coverage to finding out more about using rental cars, here are eight myths debunked.

Mangy coy-dogs raise specter of Chupacabras in Hood County Texas

Cresson - Two weird dog-like creatures were killed earlier this week in Hood County, Texas. One of the reportedly "ugly" hairless animals was sent for DNA testing to determine its species.

Mobile Q&A Service Clears the Air on Long Held Celebrity Myths

Did Walt Disney really have himself frozen? Did Tom Jones have his chest hair insured? - These are just some of the questions that Britons have always wondered about celebs. Some of us have too.

Op-Ed: Five Myths Plaguing Barack Obama He Must Undue

The upcoming debates will test Barack Obama’s ability to connect with voters outside of his party, the ones who will largely determine victory or defeat.

Op-Ed: Time To Set the Record Straight

The notion that the Falastinians, aka; “Palestinians” are a people is a lie that has lived on through the ages perpetuated by world leaders, the so called main stream media, and our own government.

Op-Ed: The Myth of the American Empire

Donald Douglas penned a piece at the end of November 2007 entitled Putting the "American Empire" Meme to Rest. As I, Donald Douglas has grown weary of this meme but, I would add that it is an unsubstantiated meme and disingenuous.

Top 7 Medical Myths Unveiled

The British Medical Journal recently conducted a survey of the top 7 medical myths. Apparently you can read in dim lighting, turkey doesn't make you sleepy, and you use more of your brains than you think.

The United States Was Not Started As A Christian Country

Although it's what we are lead to believe the United States was not founded by a rock of Christians. The pledge of allegiance didn't include God until the 1950's. Religious freedom is quickly going into the hamper.

Myth Busters

Today has been a myth busting type of day. In that line of reasoning it's time to burst some more bubbles from years gone by. First fact up for bid is extremely simple. Who was the first President of the United States?

Penis Myths Debunked

When it comes to penises, length matters more to men than to women, according to a new study that reviews more than 60 years of research and debunks numerous sex myths.

Some Myths About Sexual Assaults

In our lifetimes, the chances of ever seeing sexual assaults become a thing of the past is slim. Sexual assaults are getting to be more prevalent, and the statics are astounding.

Special Report:Teen Suicide: Part One- The Myths

I will be doing a week long special report on child and teen suicide. With the recent "suicide pact" of school children in Barrie, On. it's time to focus on the causes of one of the most preventable teen deaths.

Busted! Nutrition Myths Exposed for National Nutrition Month

Make this the year to "Be 100 Percent Fad Free," enourages the National Dietetic Association.

14 Biggest Gaming Myths Exposed

Consider these gaming myths officially busted!

Top 10 iPod Myths

Some interesting iPod myths that are debunked and even proven in some cases.

Salary Secrets and Myths

Employers seem to have the better hand in pay negotiations. But here are 6 ways to better read the cards they hold.

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A new study strikes down the misconceptions we have held about Vikings. They traveled with their wiv...
A new study strikes down the misconceptions we have held about Vikings. They traveled with their wives to colonize new lands.
screen grab
An illustration called  A Viking Foray   from the book   Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sa...
An illustration called "A Viking Foray," from the book, "Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas."
Guerber, H. A. (Hélène Adeline) (1909).

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