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Alabama jail forced to release prisoners after it ran out of food

Fairfield - If you can't feed em, set em free. An Alabama jail was forced to release some prisoners in its care after running out of food. The released were guilty of committing only minor crimes.

Tehran's notorious Evin Prison may become public park

Tehran - It is Iran's most notorious jail, renowned for housing political activists, but if Tehran's mayor has his way Evin Prison will close and be transformed into a public park.

30 prisoners killed, 40 escape in Iraq jail break claimed by IS

Baghdad - Dozens of people were killed and 40 inmates escaped in a bloody prison break north of the Iraqi capital for which the Islamic State jihadist group claimed responsibility on Saturday.

Indonesia says to ease Papua reporting curbs, frees prisoners

Indonesia - Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Saturday decades-old reporting restrictions for foreign journalists in Papua would be lifted and ordered the release of a group of political prisoners in the insurgency-hit eastern province.

Two dead, 21 injured in Athens prison fighting

Atenas - Two inmates were killed and 21 others injured during fighting that broke out in an Athens prison on Sunday, the justice ministry said.

Russian MPs back mass prisoner amnesty for WWII anniversary

Moscow - Russian lawmakers on Friday backed a mass prisoner amnesty proposed by President Vladimir Putin that could free thousands ahead of next month's World War II victory anniversary.

Egypt jails top Morsi aide for abuse of power

Cairo - A Cairo criminal court jailed deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi's former chief of staff for three years Wednesday after he was convicted of abusing his powers, an official said.

U.S. man exonerated after 30 years on death row

Washington - A man in Alabama who has been on death row for nearly 30 years for murder and robbery charges will be released after his case was dismissed, lawyers said Thursday.

French court summons ex-Guantanamo chief in torture probe

Paris - A French court on Thursday summoned former Guantanamo prison chief Geoffrey Miller over accusations of torture by two ex-detainees, in a move their lawyer said would open the door to further prosecutions.

Jailed Greek ex-minister's wife escapes from detention

Atenas - The wife of a prominent Greek ex-minister jailed for corruption early on Thursday escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Athens, a police source said.

'Worst' serial rapist in Honduran history captured in Mexico

Tegucigalpa - A Honduran man serving time for raping more than 40 woman and under-aged girls has been captured in Mexico after escaping from prison in his country.

A conversation with actress Danielle Cormack Special

An award-winning actress in her native New Zealand, Danielle Cormack is now garnering acclaim internationally for her starring role in the hit Netflix series 'Wentworth'.

Woman who spent 23 years on U.S. death row cleared

Washington - A woman who spent 23 years on death row in the United States over the killing of her young son saw her murder charge dismissed and the case against her closed.

Bulgarian prison conditions prompt German extradition refusals

Sofia - German courts have declined to hand over inmates to Bulgaria due to concerns over dire prison conditions in the European Union's poorest country, authorities said Monday.

Alleged Venezuela protest organizer commits suicide in prison

Caracas - A man accused by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro of helping mastermind anti-government protests in early 2014 committed suicide early Friday in an intelligence service prison, his lawyer said.

Three dead, 32 hurt in Honduras prison riot

Tegucigalpa - Three inmates were killed, including one who was shot in the head, during a riot at an overcrowded Honduran prison that left another 32 people injured, authorities said.

Three killed, 15 hurt in Honduras prison riot

Tegucigalpa - Three inmates were killed, including at least one who was fatally shot, during a Honduran prison riot that also left seven prisoners and eight guards hurt, authorities said on Wednesday.

'On the brink': Ukrainian pilot ends hunger strike in Russia jail

Moscow - Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko has ended a more than 80 days hunger strike in protest at her detention in Russia after her health came near to collapse, her lawyer said on Friday.

Two men lynched over alleged sex assaults in India

Dimapur - Indian police were on Friday investigating two separate lynchings in which men were beaten to death by frenzied crowds in anger over alleged assaults on young women.

Hunger-striking Ukraine pilot drinks soup as health fears soar

Moscow - Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko agreed to drink chicken broth Thursday as concerns mount over her health on the 83rd day of a hunger strike in a Russian jail which has seen her lose over 20 kilos (44 pounds), her lawyer said.

Mexico inmates decry worms in food, dirty conjugal beds

- Some of Mexico's notorious criminals are complaining about "inhuman" conditions at a maximum-security prison, claiming they find worm in their food and deal with dirty mattresses in the room for conjugal visits.

Dutch, Norwegian convicts angry over 'luxury' cell deal

Den Haag - Dutch prisoners who currently enjoy countryside views and can cook their own food are suing the government over a deal for Norwegian convicts to take over their "luxury" cells.

Fears grow in Denmark of jails as radicalist breeding grounds

Copenhage - Something happened in prison to Omar El-Hussein, the 22-year-old identified by police as the gunman who killed two people in a weekend shooting spree in Copenhagen.

Woman forced by court to write letters to ex who beat her

A domestic abuse victim was told she had to write her attacker, her ex, letters while he is in prison, or face possible jail time.

Palestinian schoolgirl freed after six weeks in Israeli jail

Tulkarem - Israel freed on Friday a 14-year-old Palestinian schoolgirl, whose jailing six weeks ago for planning to attack Israelis became a focus for anger over the arrest of children in the occupied territories.

Man tries to fire cellphones over prison wall with a crossbow

Tavda - If there was a category for the crime that this man allegedly committed, perhaps it would be called the "What was he thinking?" category. That's because he was arrested after trying to launch 18 mobile phones, batteries, and earpieces over a prison wall.

Op-Ed: Many Americans in prison due to weak job market, tough hiring

Why are so many Americans in prison? Many factors are to blame, but one thing that likely keeps offenders returning to lockup is the new, weaker economy that makes it tougher for one-time offenders to find decent jobs.

Egypt reporter to stand trial alone as foreign colleagues freed

Cairo - With Australian Peter Greste freed and a Canadian colleague close to release, the other Al-Jazeera journalist arrested in Cairo faces languishing in jail for an indefinite period because he has only Egyptian nationality.

U.S. contractor wants Abu Ghraib lawsuit scrapped

Alexandria - A US defense contractor that provided interrogators to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq sought to have a federal judge dismiss a lawsuit because its employees were working under military control in wartime.

U.S. mass murderer Manson, 80, not marrying after all

Los Angeles - U.S. mass murderer Charles Manson is not getting married after all -- at least not with the wedding license he secured late last year, a prisons official said.
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