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Dutch, Norwegian convicts angry over 'luxury' cell deal

Den Haag - Dutch prisoners who currently enjoy countryside views and can cook their own food are suing the government over a deal for Norwegian convicts to take over their "luxury" cells.

Fears grow in Denmark of jails as radicalist breeding grounds

Copenhage - Something happened in prison to Omar El-Hussein, the 22-year-old identified by police as the gunman who killed two people in a weekend shooting spree in Copenhagen.

Woman forced by court to write letters to ex who beat her

A domestic abuse victim was told she had to write her attacker, her ex, letters while he is in prison, or face possible jail time.

Palestinian schoolgirl freed after six weeks in Israeli jail

Tulkarem - Israel freed on Friday a 14-year-old Palestinian schoolgirl, whose jailing six weeks ago for planning to attack Israelis became a focus for anger over the arrest of children in the occupied territories.

Man tries to fire cellphones over prison wall with a crossbow

Tavda - If there was a category for the crime that this man allegedly committed, perhaps it would be called the "What was he thinking?" category. That's because he was arrested after trying to launch 18 mobile phones, batteries, and earpieces over a prison wall.

Op-Ed: Many Americans in prison due to weak job market, tough hiring

Why are so many Americans in prison? Many factors are to blame, but one thing that likely keeps offenders returning to lockup is the new, weaker economy that makes it tougher for one-time offenders to find decent jobs.

Egypt reporter to stand trial alone as foreign colleagues freed

Cairo - With Australian Peter Greste freed and a Canadian colleague close to release, the other Al-Jazeera journalist arrested in Cairo faces languishing in jail for an indefinite period because he has only Egyptian nationality.

U.S. contractor wants Abu Ghraib lawsuit scrapped

Alexandria - A US defense contractor that provided interrogators to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq sought to have a federal judge dismiss a lawsuit because its employees were working under military control in wartime.

U.S. mass murderer Manson, 80, not marrying after all

Los Angeles - U.S. mass murderer Charles Manson is not getting married after all -- at least not with the wedding license he secured late last year, a prisons official said.

N.Korean 'Camp 14' gulag survivor admits parts of story untrue

Seoul - A North Korean gulag survivor whose torture and daring escape were detailed in a best-selling book has admitted that parts of his story are untrue, and said Sunday he may end his campaign against human rights abuses.

U.S. sends five Guantanamo prisoners to Oman, Estonia

Washington - The United States has transferred five men from its Guantanamo Bay prison, the Pentagon said Wednesday, in a renewed push by President Barack Obama toward closing the controversial jail.

Attacks highlight problem of radicalism in French prisons

Paris - At least two of the gunmen who unleashed terror on France are believed to have been radicalised in prison, a fertile ground for extremism that authorities are struggling to contain.

Kremlin critic openly at large after skipping house arrest

Moscow - A Russian court on Tuesday refused to take legal action after top opposition leader Alexei Navalny defiantly cut short his house arrest by snipping off his security bracelet.

Fugitive radical planned attack on Greek prison: police

Athens - A fugitive ex-member of a notorious Greek radical leftist group was planning an armed attack on Greece's main prison when he was captured this weekend, police said Sunday.

Notorious Greek fugitive arrested on bicycle

Athens - A notorious Greek fugitive who absconded while serving a life sentence for acting as a hitman for an extreme left group was caught Saturday as he rode a bicycle while armed with a loaded pistol, police said.

Rapist 'to be euthanised in Belgian jail on January 11'

Bruges - A convicted serial rapist who had long asked to be allowed to die on psychological grounds will be euthanised in Belgium on January 11, a newspaper said Saturday.

US releases five Guantanamo inmates to Kazakhstan

Washington - The United States has sent five detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay to Kazakhstan, marking a renewed push by President Barack Obama to close the controversial jail.

Seven held hostage in latest Brazil prison uprising

Rio De Janeiro - Inmates at a prison in southern Brazil have taken seven staff hostage in the latest in a series of mutinies at penitentiaries in recent months, Brazilian media reported.

Norwegian jail blocks 220 letters from mass murderer Breivik

Stockholm - Norway's prison authorities said Monday they had seized over 200 letters from mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik to prevent him from setting up a network outside jail.

Pakistan hangs four more militants after school attack

Lahore - Pakistan on Sunday executed four more militants after ending a six-year old moratorium on the death penality following a Taliban school attack that killed 149 people, officials said.

Philippines orders crackdown on privileged jailbirds

Manila - Philippine authorities have given privileged inmates in the country's main prison until Christmas Eve to turn over their hidden guns, drugs and other contraband or the notorious facility will face a major shakedown.

Prison sex, drugs and bribery scandal shocks Philippines

Manila - A sex, drugs and bribery scandal at the Philippines' main prison, where a raid uncovered drug lords "living like kings" in luxury cells with stripper bars and jacuzzis, has shocked a country inured to tales of official corruption.

Kerry slams Iran over reports U.S. journalist charged

Washington - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday he was "deeply disappointed" by reports that a U.S. journalist jailed in Iran had been charged and denied bail more than four months after his arrest.

U.S. reporter's detention in Iran extended

Washington - The detention of the Washington Post's bureau chief in Tehran has been extended for up to 60 days, the paper said Wednesday, quoting his family.Jason Rezaian and his wife Yeganeh Salehi, also a journalist, were arrested in July.

Op-Ed: One man makes a difference Special

In 1974, crop-duster Bob Howe flew his plane into a power line while flying low over fields. Miraculously, he and his plane came through unharmed.

Death toll soars in Venezuela prison poisoning: lawmaker

Caracas - The death toll from the mass poisoning this week of inmates at a Venezuelan jail has risen to 35, a lawmaker said Friday, though prison officials insisted the tally was far lower.

Hunger-striking inmates die of poisoning in Venezuela

Caracas - As many as 25 Venezuelan hunger striking inmates have died, a rights group said Thursday, after they drank what prison authorities said was a cocktail of prescription drugs and grain alcohol.

Thirteen inmates dead of poisoning in Venezuela: Government

Caracas - Thirteen Venezuelan inmates who had been on a hunger strike over prison conditions died after drinking a cocktail of prescription drugs and grain alcohol, the government said.

Romania ex-prison boss 'must pay' for deaths: Inmate

Bucharest - The last surviving inmate from a notorious communist-era Romanian prison told a court Wednesday its one-time boss "must pay" for his cruelty at the jail where at least 14 died of cold and hunger.

Mass murderer Charles Manson to marry in prison

Los Angeles - He may not be everyone's idea of a good catch, but mass murderer Charles Manson has been granted a marriage license to wed a 26-year-old woman who has been visiting him in prison.
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San Quentin state prison sign
San Quentin state prison sign
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The prison cell where Ashley Smith committed suicide.
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San Quentin state prison sign
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