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Mystery News

Review: DVRKO soars on remix of Marshmello and Wiwek's 'Angklung Life' Special

Mystery producer DVRKO has remixed Marshmello and Wiwek's upbeat electronic track "Angklung Life." Digital Journal has the scoop.

Exclusive: Mystery producer DVRKO talks music, breakthrough track Special

Musical artist and mystery producer DVRKO chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about his mysterious stage name and personality, as well as his inspirations for his music.

Review: ‘Twin Peaks: From Z to A’ is the ultimate mystery collection Special

‘Twin Peaks: From Z to A’ is the definitive franchise collection in limited collectible packaging, containing every narrative and bonus feature to-date.

Review: ‘Knives Out’ keeps the mystery alive with a classic whodunit Special

‘Knives Out’ is a murder mystery with an all-star cast of suspects who all had reason to kill their family’s patriarch… but did he have reason to kill himself?

Review: ‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’ is the cutest film noir ever Special

‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’ is undeniably adorable, but it’s also an amusing mystery that everyone can enjoy regardless of their Pokémon knowledge.

Review: Jordi Vilasuso triumphs as 'Clyde Cooper' in mystery thriller Special

Emmy award-winning actor Jordi Vilasuso ("Guiding Light") stars in the new mystery thriller "Clyde Cooper," in the eponymous role.

Review: TIFF 2017: ‘Motorrad’ trails aren’t safe but no one knows why Special

‘Motorrad’ turns a leisurely bike ride through the trails into a potentially supernatural nightmare as a gang of anonymous bikers terrorize a group of young motorcyclists.

Review: ‘Inferno’ barely heats up the screen Special

‘Inferno’ is the third installment in the Robert Langdon film series, taking the scholar back to Italy but leaving his faculties elsewhere.

Metal piece found in Mozambique could be from lost plane

Sydney - A meter-long piece of metal debris found on a beach in Mozambique could have come from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Austrialian aviation officials acknowledged today in Sydney.

Bodies discovered after fire could be missing Benicia family

Garden Valley - Discovery of a third body in the gutted wreckage of a Northern California vacation home appears to solve the mystery of what happened to three missing members of a Benicia family, but doesn't answer the bigger question — why.

Review: ‘Dark Places’ is an evocative well of deceit and despair

‘Dark Places’ is another complex whodunit from the pages of Gillian Flynn, this time tackling the consequences of small town anxiety and the difficulties of facing a tragic past.

'Moving close' to solving MH370 mystery: Malaysian official

Kuala Lumpur - Investigators are "moving close to solving the mystery of MH370," Malaysia's deputy transport minister said Friday, adding that a piece of wreckage found in the Indian Ocean has been confirmed as coming from a Boeing 777.

Joke app destroys App Store charts, nobody knows how

A fake app that allows you to supposedly see which of your parents you look most like has somehow managed to rise to the top of Apple's charts despite producing completely random results and having hundreds of one-star reviews.

Computer solves 120-year-old mystery of worms in three days

A computer has solved a mystery that has been puzzling scientists for over 120 years in just three days. Using complex predictive simulation software, the system managed to explain how sliced-up worms turn into independent organisms.

Woman who left an Apple-1 computer worth $200k at a dump sought

Authorities are searching for a woman who left an Apple-1 computer worth over $200,000 at a recycling depot in Silicon Valley. One of only around 200 units ever made, the ultra-rare computer dates from 1976 and is exceptionally collectible today.

Review: ‘Phoenix’ is a compelling mystery and uneasy love story Special

‘Phoenix’ takes a dual meaning when a woman is reincarnated after a disfiguring incident and finds her estranged husband employed at a nightclub of the same name.

Mystery deepens over light spots on surface of dwarf planet Ceres

The mystery of the two strange light spots on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres has deepened. New infrared images from the Dawn space craft are giving contradictory information, which has left scientists baffled.

The Apple Watch's mysterious diagnostic port is drawing attention

Rumours are flying on the Internet about the purpose of a mysterious diagnostic port on the Apple Watch that is present even on retail units. Some have speculated that it may be intended for use in the future beyond simple diagnostics by Apple staff.

Security alert prompted as man spotted on the roof of Parliament

An arrest has been made after a man was spotted pacing around on the roof of the houses of Parliament in London late last night, prompting negotiators, police and the fire service to attend the scene in England's capital.

Mystery of 16ft python found dead in British canal

A 16ft-long reticulated python has been found floating in a canal in Lancashire, England, leading to a police appeal for information on how the dangerous animal came to be in the water.

New York subway infested by deadly bacteria and mystery DNA

New York - Researchers have found that the New York City subway system infested with dangerous microorganisms and bacteria, some potentially deadly to human beings.

Does this mystery tomb contain Alexander the Great’s mother?

The discovery of five skeletons in a vast tomb near Thessaloniki, Greece, has scholars debating whether the 60-odd-year-old female skeleton is that of Alexander the Great’s mother, Olympias.

Mysterious 'encryption key' appears on Pirate Bay website

The closed-down torrent site The Pirate Bay appears to be returning to life as a mysterious string of text, believed by many to be an encryption key, has appeared on the site's homepage, accompanied by a digital clock of the time since the site closed.

Tunisian 'mystery lake' baffles, concerns officials

Gafsa - A lake which has mysteriously appeared in the middle of a Tunisian desert has authorities concerned and searching for an explanation.

'Woman in Black' creates Internet mystery

A mysterious woman in black is walking from state to state in America. Due to technology thousands of fans eagerly await the next pictures and news.

The search for a mystery wedding ring's rightful owners

On Facebook, Lynne Ames recently posted a photo of a man's wedding ring found on a Mattapoisett, Massachusetts beach in the United States. Ames is asking the public to help locate the rightful owner.

New Canadian Author Salutes Sherlock Holmes Special

Fans of mystery fiction have a new hero to investigate: Portia Adams. Created by ex-CBC producer Angela Misri, Jewel Of The Thames (Fierce Ink) pays tribute to the work of Arthur Conan Doyle while being infused with a deep love of history and character.

Mysterious tipper leaving thousands in tips across the US

A tipper, whose identity has not been revealed, has been leaving thousands of dollars for bartenders, servers and golf caddies across the USA.

Missing: Amelia Earhart’s bones

Suva - The mysterious disappearance of famous 20th century aviatrix, Amelia Earhart, has taken an intriguing turn. Why are researchers now scouring Fiji for her remains?

Dozens of birds mysteriously fall and drop dead in Canada

We all heard of raining cats and dogs, but what about raining birds? Earlier this week in Winnipeg, Canada, more than 50 birds began to drop dead from the skies.
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Kavan The Kid
BBC Home Entertainment
A passageway in Gilmerton Cove.
A passageway in Gilmerton Cove.
John Dale, Aberdeen, Scotland
A scene from  Knives Out
A scene from 'Knives Out'
Mongrel Media
BBC Home Entertainment
Bowl carved into one of the long tables. Could this have been a Baptismal font?
Bowl carved into one of the long tables. Could this have been a Baptismal font?
A scene from  Phoenix
A scene from 'Phoenix'
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Mystery writer  Simon Hall s  Justice Mirror  is set for release this April.
Mystery writer, Simon Hall's "Justice Mirror" is set for release this April.
Steve Bradburn, courtesy of mystery writer Simon Hall
The cast of ITV drama Broadchurch
The cast of ITV drama Broadchurch
Shaw Media
Inferno: A mystery thriller novel by American author Dan Brown
Inferno: A mystery thriller novel by American author Dan Brown
Random House
Margot Robbie stars in  Terminal
Margot Robbie stars in 'Terminal'
RLJ Entertainment
John Cho stars in  Searching
John Cho stars in 'Searching'
Screen Jems
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
These images  from Dawn s visible and infrared mapping spectrometer (VIR)  highlight two regions on ...
These images, from Dawn's visible and infrared mapping spectrometer (VIR), highlight two regions on Ceres containing bright spots. The top images show a region scientists have labeled "1" and the bottom images show the region labeled "5." Region 5 contains the brightest spots on Ceres. VIR has been examining the relative temperatures of features on Ceres' surface. Preliminary examination suggests that region 1 is cooler than the rest of Ceres' surface, but region 5 appears to be located in a reg
BBC Home Entertainment
Fox Home Entertainment
Kavan The Kid
First massive plume spotted on Mars in 2012
First massive plume spotted on Mars in 2012
Grupo Ciencias Planetarias (GCP) - UPV/EHU

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